MAC Naturally: Product Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Yet another gorgeous collection from MAC! The colors, pigmentation and quality of these products are really exceptional. There is something for every age and skin tone in this collection. Additional/better swatches will be posted very soon, like when the sun is out and my camera battery is actually charged, so check back! Thanks for reading ❤

Some of my products look a little used… That’s because they are! I’ve been testing them so I could write reviews for my readers. I redid my product photos so they don’t look so pretty and fresh-out-of-the-package. I apologize for that but hopefully you enjoy the photos anyway!

*Not pictured: Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish. I don’t plan on adding this to my kit or posting photos of it, as I have similar products.


Fresh Air - Hot Spell - Naked Space - The Wee Coquette

Indoors on NC15 skin Fresh Air - Hot Spell - Naked Space - The Wee Coquette

These Lipglasses may not be outrageous colors or really stand out, but there is something to be said for nice neutrals. For me, it’s difficult to find neutral shades that looks like my lips but better, or colors that go along with a certain lipstick. The Lipglasses in this collection do exactly that… They compliment your own lips and skin tone as well as the lipsticks that came out with MAC Naturally. MAC Tinted Lipglass has a sticky, thick texture when first applied but it doesn’t feel as heavy once it warms up on your lips. The good thing about their thicker texture is that they wear well for about 4 hours before touchups are necessary. The Wee Coquette has been released previously with MAC Me Over last fall, but these are all Limited Edition colors and all of these sell for $14.50.

Fresh Air

Fresh Air:   This is pretty much your typical, somewhat shimmery “light pink”.  At first I was thinking meh, nothing special, it will probably sit in my kit mostly unused… I was wrong! This Lipglass lives in my purse and I use it on a daily basis. This is the perfect pink for me and it would look nice on nearly everyone. On pale-medium skin, it’s a sheer neutral that adds a hint of color and shine, while on darker skin, it would be a good pinky nude. I like to pair this up with A Perfect Day lipstick and Subculture Lip Pencil.

Hot Spell

Hot Spell:   Hot Spell is a shimmery “bronze with multicolored pearl”. On me, it’s a nice, warm, midtone brown, and the golden pearl adds to the warmth of it even more. It has adequate, nearly opaque coverage without looking uneven or streaky. This goes nicely with Beach Sand Lipstick, but that lipstick tends to make Hot Spell appear a little bit darker and cooler. That combination would make a really nice neutral for deeper skin tones.

Naked Space

Naked Space:   For a “creamy, mid-tone peach”, this lipglass provides a warm wash of peachy-ness with some light, almost pearly shimmer.  It applied well with a fair amount of coverage and minimal streaking. It looks lovely when layered over almost any of the lipsticks that came out with this collection, although my favorite combination is with Sweet Sunrise or Pillow Talk. Naked Space is somewhat similar to Illicit Lipglass, but is a bit warmer, deeper, and has more shimmer to it.

The Wee Coquette

The Wee Coquette:   I did not purchase this Lipglass when it was released with MAC Me Over last fall, but I’m glad I did this time. It’s a “naked neutral pink” that looks lovely either by itself or layered over something like Sweet Sunrise lipstick. It applies evenly and has good coverage and a creamy texture. The Wee Coquette lightens up my natural lip color quite a bit and giving me a milky nude look with a touch of white shimmer. If worn alone, I make sure I at least apply Prep + Prime Lip or Lip Conditioner underneath to make it spread out smoothly and not settle into the lines on my lips.


A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise
A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise
Indoors on NC15 skin A Perfect Day - Beach Sand - Pillow Talk - Sweet Sunrise

I am a big fan of neutral lipsticks, so I was really excited to get my paws on these. I feel like MAC catered to every skin tone and ethnicity when they designed this collection and I’m really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. Not one of them is too sheer, too thick, too washed out, or too bold. They are wonderful examples of natural looking lipsticks that enhance what you already have. I tend to get about 4-6 hours of wear from MAC Lipsticks before they start to fade or need touch ups. Layering these over a Lip Pencil will add to the wear time and keep them looking fresh and defined even longer. All of these colors are limited edition and can be purchased at any MAC location or online for $14.50.

A Perfect Day (Amplified)

A Perfect Day (Amplified):   A Perfect Day is a perfect neutral for me. “Light neutral pink” sums up this lipstick, and although it sounds simple, simple is good. I have a hard time finding a pinkish nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look washed out. Usually I use Blankety, but this is my new go-to neutral. It adds a hint more color and rosiness than Blankety. It’s an Amplified texture, so it has nearly opaque coverage and a creamy texture.

Beach Sand (Cremesheen)

Beach Sand (Cremesheen):   This is described as a “light tan”… Yep, that’s about right. I think this color would be a nice pale nude for medium to medium-deep skin tones. It has a peachy undertone to it, so it’s not the type of tan that will make you appear to be one of the living dead. Even on my pasty, NC15 face it looks pretty, especially when I layer a lipglass like Fresh Air over it. Being a Cremesheen finish, it has good coverage and a creamy texture that holds in the moisture of your own lip and doesn’t look dry.

Pillow Talk (Cremesheen)

Pillow Talk (Cremesheen):   This is a “midtone rosy nude” that looks neutral and a bit beige on the lips. It’s neither warm of cool… It’s precisely in between, so it’s versatile and can be easily altered with lip pencils and lipglasses, which is always nifty to play around with. Personally, I like to use Naked Space Lipglass over it. The coverage is smooth and opaque, with a hint of warm sheen. Pillow Talk is suitable for nearly every skin tone and would be a lovely nude for medium to darker skinned ladies.

Sweet Sunrise (Lustre)

Sweet Sunrise (Lustre):   Sweet Sunrise is the lightest nude of the Naturally collection. It reminds me of a lighter, sheerer, warmer version of Creme D’ Nude. This is a Lustre finish lipstick, so it has moderate coverage and a touch of shine. It applies evenly and is buildable. Sweet Sunrise is best suited for light – medium skin and would look awesome with a smokey eye. Any neutral lip pencil can be used with this. My choice is Subculture. I have tried Fresh Air, Naked Space,  and The Wee Coquette Lipglasses over this lipstick and they all look great.

Mineralize Eye Shadow

Top: Cloudy Afternoon - Daylight Bottom: In The Sun - Summer Haze - Twilight Falls

Indoors on NC15 Skin Cloudy Afternoon - Daylight - In The Sun - Summer Haze - Twilight Falls

I was really stoked to see some more Mineralize Eye Shadows come out. The ones that were released with Glitter & Ice were awesome so I had my hopes up when I heard about these. The MAC Naturally MES’s did not disappoint! Mineralize Eye Shadows are versatile and buildable, so you can get any level of color and intensity that you desire. These are quite pigmented dry, and even more intense if you apply them with a dampened brush. To do that, I spray a bit of Fix+ onto my brush, swipe it on a little area of the eye shadow, then pat it onto my eyelid. To avoid dusty fallout, you want to use a Paint Pot under these. It can be a neutral color or something that helps intensify the color of the Mineralize Eye Shadow. Using a primer like a Paint Pot will also increase the wear time and prevent any creasing or smudging.

Sadly, these are all limited edition colors, so get them while you can! You can pick these up online or at any MAC counter or store for $20.

Cloudy Afternoon

Cloudy Afternoon:   MAC describes this Mineralize Eye Shadow as a “cream with gold, grey & pink veining”. The combination of all of those comes out to be a frosty, beige-ish silver. When applied damp, the beige tones appear more than when it’s applied dry. I like to use this color all over the lid or as a highlight below the brow or on the inner corner of my eye.


Daylight:   This Mineralize Eye Shadow appears to be a peach with purple, which is accurate to MAC’s description as a “peach with dirty blue lavender veining”. I even see a hint of silver in the veining in mine, but they can vary slightly. On the skin, this appears as a warm, light, peachy to rosy plum. I would say it’s like a lighter, warmer version of Circa Plum Pigment. It’s even more intense and plummier if you apply it with a damp brush, which also makes it look more metallic (so cool). I like to use this color all over my lid or in the crease to blend out a deeper color, such as Twilight Falls.

In The Sun

In The Sun:   I am in love with this one! It’s probably one of the more versatile Mineralize Eye Shadows… Not just from this collection but ever. MAC says it’s a “gold with violet veining”, but I see more than that. You can definitely notice hints of a bronze and cream in this eye shadow. It’s super intense and shimmery, even when applied dry. It’s a warm, mid-tone bronze with plummy undertones to it. Applied damp, it’s bold and intense and shows off the violet even more. The sparkly bits in this are golden and a little chunkier than the other Mineralize Eye Shadows contain, so if you use a brush that’s too fluffy with this, you may have some issues with fallout. Layer this over a primer like a Paint Pot and it will adhere to it when used dry and look it’s best!

Summer Haze

Summer Haze:   Summer Haze is a “palest gold with deeper gold veining”, which translates to a warm, mid-tone golden color when mixed up and applied to your skin. It’s metallic and has a fine, almost creamy texture for a powder. There is a light shimmer mixed in as well so this Mineralize Eye Shadow appears to have many dimensions. It will show up best over a Paint Pot and is most intense and a bit deeper when applied damp. I love to use Summer Haze all over my eyelid with In The Sun in my crease. It makes for a gorgeous, warm metallic look that would make any eye color pop.

Twilight Falls

Twilight Falls:   Here is the cool, smokey color of the collection. It’s described on MAC’s website as a “cool brown with bronze veining”, but when I wear it, I can see some plum and grey tones in there. It’s a soft, sultry color when applied either dry or wet and contains very fine, iridescent shimmer. With a damp application, this will show up relatively deep, but not too intense for any skin tone. I love to use this blended into my crease with any other the other Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection, or packed on all over my eyelid and blended out with Daylight or In The Sun.

Mineralize Blush

Clockwise from top: Early Morning - Subtle Breeze - Fresh Honey

Indoors on NC15 skin Early Morning - Fresh Honey - Subtle Breeze

Woohoo! New Mineralize Blushes!!! These are my favorite type of blushes from MAC or any other brand. They apply so smoothly and are very buildable, so even the deepest colors can be used on a pale chick like me, or layered onto deeper skin tones. I like to use the now discontinued 131 brush to apply these, but a 187 or 188 will work as well. If you want to be able to apply this sheerly to start out with, I recommend sticking with the Duo Fibre brushes. If you have darker skin and need a more bold color payoff, you could go with a more dense brush like a 116 or 168.

I’m a little bummed out that these, like everything else in this collection, are limited edition and only available until they’re gone. Super sadface! You can get your little hands on these at any MAC location or online for $22.

Early Morning

Early Morning:   This blush looks a little intense at first glance, but if you apply it with a Duo Fibre brush, it’s easy to get a sheer wash of color that’s suitable for even the fairest skin. I have been wearing this nearly every day since I got it and it goes well with so many things, not just makeup from this collection. I’ve been sick and this gives me the extra boost of color that I need to not look like a zombie. MAC calls this Mineralize Blush a “peachy pink”, which is pretty accurate, although I see a hint of rose in there. This is the deepest color of the three blushes and would look good on every skin tone. Seriously. Early Morning is the most versatile and unique Mineralize Blush that I’ve seen in a while and I plan on getting a backup of this color!

Fresh Honey

Fresh Honey:   I was a little bit scared of this color at first because I’m super fair (NC15), and on the cooler to neutral side of the skin tone rainbow. However, after playing around with it, I discovered that it made me look like I’ve been out in the sun if I lightly dust it on my cheeks. Yes, I’m so pale that it worked as a sheer bronzer on me haha. On medium and warmer skin, I believe this would show up as a natural, golden glowing pop of color. MAC refers to Fresh Honey as a “warm apricot”, which is pretty spot on. It reminds me of a deeper, less shimmery version of Nuance Mineralize Blush.

Subtle Breeze

Subtle Breeze:    This is the most neutral, natural looking Mineralize Blush that came out with the MAC Naturally collection. It’s referred to as a “blue-pink” which doesn’t sound like anything super special, but I do love this blush. It’s perfect for an every day color on most pale to medium skin tones and will give you a natural looking, glowy pop of color. I would pair this up with a pretty pink or red lip to make it stand out. In comparison to other Mineralize Blushes, this is like the slightly rosier, less shimmery cousin to Dainty.

Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish

Indoors on NC15 skin & mixed together

Redhead:   I really love this Mineralize Skinfinish powder. I actually have two of these that I purchased when it was released with the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection. When you use a Duo Fibre brush (like a 188) to swirl it together and apply it to the tops of your cheekbones as a highlight, you’ll get a shimmery, warm golden glow. I usually use this with warmer shades of blush, but don’t be afraid to lightly apply it with cooler colors too. This will REALLY make your cheekbones stand out! You can also use this Mineralize Skinfinish powder as a brow highlight or along your collarbone for sexy, glowing skin.

*** There has been no compensation or persuasion involved ***

*** I paid for all of these products myself & reviews are my personal opinions ***


  1. love your review above, so much information, thanks ! I will buy A Perfect Day, any ideas on the best MAC lip pencil for it, don’ want anything too dark to distract from the gorgeous nude colour, any ideas ? thanks

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