Iris Apfel: Product Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Iris Apfel is by far one of my favorite MAC collections this year… or last year, or ever, for that matter. I LOVE bold lips! This colorful collection has the perfect products to get you in the mood for spring and sunshine.


Morange - Flamingo - Party Parrot - Pink Pigeon - Scarlet Ibis

Indoors on NC15 skin Morange - Flamingo - Party Parrot - Pink Pigeon - Scarlet Ibis
Outdoors on NC15 skin Morange - Flamingo - Party Parrot - Pink Pigeon - Scarlet Ibis

If you are a lover of bold lips, this collection is right up your alley! These are all beautiful, bright lipsticks with awesome texture and color payoff. The lip pencils that are part of this collection compliment the lipsticks perfectly and help them stand out and wear well. There is something in here for every age and skin tone. If I could hand-pick five lipsticks for a collection, these would be it!

These lipsticks go for $14.50 at any MAC counter, store, or from All are limited shades, except for Morange.

Morange (Amplified)

Morange (Amplified Creme):   Morange is part of MAC’s permanent line. It is a “loudmouth orange” with an Amplified Creme finish. It’s a warm, bright, true orange with a smooth texture and awesome pigmentation. Anyone who is brave enough can wear this lipstick, no matter age or skintone… And trust me, EVERYONE should at least try it on! I was totally intimidated by oranges for so many years until I tried this on. Now it’s one of my favorites to use on myself and on clients and customers. It’s bold, different, and screams “I have self confidence”, even if you don’t feel like you do, Morange will make you feel HOT! This lipstick goes perfectly with Entertain Me lip pencil.

Flamingo (Lustre)

Flamingo (Lustre):   This is a shade that can be work with any other product in this collection, whether you have on other bright colors or are going for a more toned down look. It’s a Lustre finish, so it’s not extremely pigmented. Described as a “light, milky bright coral”, it’s colorful without being too overpowering. If you aren’t a fan of a super bold lip, this would be more your style. I can see myself wearing this color frequently during spring and summer. This is a flattering color on all but the deepest, coolest of skin tones. I like to pair this lipstick up with Lasting Sensation lip pencil from the Tour de Fabulous collection.

Party Parrot (Matte)

Party Parrot (Matte):   Party Parrot is a “bright red-pink” with the ideal texture for a bright lipstick… Matte! MAC’s matte finish is the most highly pigmented and offers the mostcoverage and least amount of shine. There is no shimmer to this lipstick, it’s pure color! It works perfectly with Embrace Me Lip Pencil, which was released with this collection, along with Tour de Fabulous. Party Parrot is my favorite product out of this whole collection. It’s unique and fun and ideal for a spring or summer color. Since it’s between a red and pink, it will warm up any skin tone (and make your teeth look whiter).

Pink Pigeon (Matte)

Pink Pigeon (Matte):   This is a “bright cleanest pink”… A true pink through and through, it’s another bright, bold matte. I use Embrace Me Lip Pencil to line and fill in with, then apply Pink Pigeon over it for maximum color and wear time. Put this on with some winged black eyeliner, a pink blush, and you’re ready to walk out the door and get noticed!

Scarlet Ibis (Matte)

Scarlet Ibis (Matte):   Yet another gorgeous pop color that I fell in love with. It’s a nice “bright orange-red”, so it compliments both warm and cool skin tones. Perfect for a hot summer day or a night out. Redd Lip Pencil is my choice for a liner with this lipstick and helps intensify this color if you line and fill in the lip with it (not that Scarlet Ibis could get much more intense). With as many reds as MAC has, this color still stands out to me. I will definitely be buying a backup tube of this lipstick!

Lip Pencils

Embrace Me - Entertain Me - Redd

Outdoors on NC15 skin Redd - Entertain Me - Embrace Me

All three of these lip pencils are not exclusive to the Iris Apfel collection. Redd is permanent and Entertain Me and Embrace Me were also released along with the Tour de Fabulous collection. I am hoping that the trend in pop colors stay around, as they are truly different from any other Lip Pencil that MAC has and would be a true asset to their permanent line! All MAC Lip Pencils apply very evenly and have a smooth texture to them. They are easy to blend with a lip brush or your finger if you want a softer look.

These liners are available at all MAC counters, stores and online from for $14. Be sure to also get a good sharpener to keep these bright colors in the right shape for a precise application!

Redd:   Very bright and “clearly red”. This is a good liner for nearly all bright red lipsticks and glosses, except for the cooler, deeper shades.

Entertain Me:   “Clearly orange” and bold as can be! This is the PERFECT liner to use with Morange. It’s nearly the same color, so you can line and define with it, as well as layer it under your bold orange lipstick to intensify and increase the wear time.

Embrace Me:   Finally… The bright pink I’ve been wishing for! Embrace Me is a “vivid pinkish-fuchsia” that works well with most bold neutral to cool pinks and fuchsia colors. I wish they would have had this a long time ago! It matches and defines beautifully with the pink colors in this collection, as well as Fusion Pink (which was discontinued… sad face) and Pink Nouveau. I’m going to be stocking up on this one!

Nail Lacquers

Oriele Orange - Sandpiper - Toco Toucan

The three nail lacquers that came out with this collection are some of the most pigmented, creamy ones that MAC has ever released. It only takes two coats of each of these to achieve full coverage. You could probably even get away with one if you’re in a hurry. None of these bubble or streaked for me and applied very evenly. I pop on a topcoat of Overlacquer to make the color and shine last up to a week.

Oriele Orange:   A “bright orange-coral” that is the ideal shade for ANY skin tone. I’m an NC15 and this even made me look like I had some color. You can pair this up with oranges, reds, even pinks.  Oriele Orange is noticeable but still soft enough to be wearable every day.

Sandpiper:   Here’s the neutral kid of this collection, which is nice. It can be worn by anyone, with anything, any day or time of year. It’s a “creamy pale stone beige”, but it doesn’t seem cool to me as I would think a stone beige would be. I have a hard time wearing beige nails but this one looks fantastic.

Toco Toucan:   “Bright blue fuchsia” sums up this shade perfectly. Although it has blue tones to it, it can still be worn by pasty people (like me) and cooler skin tones because it’s bright enough to make up for the coolness. It’s deeper and bolder than Steamy (part of MAC’s permanent Nail Lacquer line). I already know that I will be wearing this a LOT this summer! It’s the perfect hot, girly pink!

Eye Shadows

Clockwise, starting at top left: Diamond Dove – Early Bird – Silver Gull – Howzat – Robin’s Egg
These have been swatched over Painterly Paint Pot to show their true color. Diamond Dove - Early Bird - Silver Gull - Howzat - Robin's Egg

I have not been so crazy about a collection of eye shadows in a LONG time! The products in Iris Apfel are mostly bright, bold mattes and the eye shadows don’t stray far from that trend. You can come up with so many fun combination with these colors, whether you want a soft, bright, or smokey look. As with all eye shadows, I recommend using a primer, like a Paint Pot, under all of these to make the colors appear as they do in the pot. A Paint Pot will also help them wear longer and prevent them from creasing or moving around.

All of these eye shadows are limited, although Howzat was released in another collection around the holidays. I believe it was included in the warm eye shadow palette. They are available from any MAC counter, store, or online at for $15.

Diamond Dove (Matte) – Sorry for the bad quality, I’m a noob with my camera.

Diamond Dove (Matte):   This is the darkest shade in this collection. It’s a “deep grey brown” and is pretty true to the color it is in the pot. It builds well and has a smooth feel to it. You can pack it on the lid and blend it out for a smokey look, use it as a soft liner, or blend it into the crease with a lighter color on the lid.

Early Bird (Matte)

Early Bird (Matte):   Although it’s described as a “Bright Coral”, it’s not as pigmented as I was expecting and almost has a chalky feel at first, but that didn’t discourage me! It worked best for me as a blending/crease color, or as a lid color with a light Paint Pot under it, like Soft Ochre, which really helped the color show up accurately. I also used this to soften and blend out Diamond Dove with a 217 brush. That combination made a nice, warm smokey eye with a slight pop of color.

Silver Gull (Velvet)

Silver Gull (Velvet):   This is the light, shimmery color of the bunch, which is lovely to use as a highlight or all over the lid. It’s a “blue grey with sparkle” and is a cooler shade of eye shadow. Velvet textures are very soft and almost seem delicate. If you use too fluffy of a brush with Silver Gull, you may get a teeny bit of fallout. You need to layer a Paint Pot or other primer under this for Silver Gull to adhere to so it shows up well, unless you only want a very sheer wash of color. This is a fantastic, feminine color that I adore as a highlighter or packed on as a lid color with something more bold like Robin’s Egg or Howzat blended up into the crease.

Howzat (Satin)

Howzat (Satin):   Howzat is a “deep grey with silver sparkle”. It’s very soft and gives your a nice, smokey color without being too bold. This is fabulous when packed onto the eyelid and blended out with a brighter color, like Robin’s Egg or Early Bird. It’s also a good color to use to define your crease and goes along with ANY eye shadow. It’s not really a cool or warm grey, it’s quite neutral and blends easily with a fluffy brush like a 217.

Robin’s Egg (Matte)

Robin’s Egg (Matte):   My absolute FAVORITE eye shadow out of this whole collection! It’s a “mid-tone teal” and is highly pigmented, as mattes should be. It’s soft, smooth, and perfect for blending or sweeping all over your lid. I even tried this along the lower lash line the other day with Silver Gull, Early Bird, and Diamond Dove on the rest of my eye. It adds a gorgeous pop of color with any neutral and is suitable for all skin tones. On deeper skin, you want to use a light Paint Pot like Painterly or Soft Ochre to make this color really stand out, but you can still rock it! If you pick ONE eye shadow to get out of this collection, I recommend Robin’s Egg!

Too Chic Beauty Powder

Too Chic

Too Chic:   Beauty Powders are unfortunately few and far between in MAC collections, but fortunately, they are so versatile so if you get your hands on this, you will be using it all the time. Too Chic is a “soft peachy cream with fine shimmer”, so it’s wearable by most anyone. It adds a really subtle, warm shimmer to the tops of the cheekbones, below your eyebrows, on the inner corner of your eye, or anywhere you want a soft glow. It feels silky and luxurious… Like it should cost more than the $23 it goes for. This is a limited product so stock up on them if you’re a fan of highlighters! This will most likely disappear quickly!

*** There was no compensation or persuasion involved ***

*** I paid for all of these products myself & reviews are my personal opinions ***

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