Tour de Fabulous: Product Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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     Sooo… It’s about time MAC added some new Tinted Lipglasses and Lip Pencils! I’m not sure if any of these will be staying in the permanent line, but I will let you all know as soon as I do.

*Not Pictured: Famously Fab Liplass… I have not purchased this one yet but hope to later this week. I will post photos of it when I do.

Just My Type Lip Pencil… I will not be adding this to my kit or posting photos of this product.

Reviews and additional/better photos and swatches will be posted sometime before Thursday evening. Thank you for your patience! I’m a total perfectionist and I wanted this to all be easy to read and look at 🙂

Tinted Lipglass

Casual Air - Check This Out - Comfort & Joy - It's A Wow - Knockout

Indoors on NC15 skin Casual Air - Check This Out - Comfort & Joy - It's A Wow - Knockout
Real Posh - Rich Bounty - Rich & Witty - Style Packed - Tour de Fabulous

Indoors on NC15 skin Real Posh - Rich Bounty - Rich & Witty - Style Packed - Tour de Fabulous

MAC Lipglasses are a thick, tacky lip gloss that wears for about 4 hours before it needs to be touched up. They are, however, only sticky at first, until they warm up on your lips. Without a bit of stickiness, they would not adhere to your lips and wear so well, so that’s a good thing! They apply smoothly with a doe foot applicator and the majority of them have moderate to opaque coverage. There are shimmery finishes, as well as creamy ones and everything in between. They are lightly vanilla scented but have no flavor.

All of these lip glasses are limited edition (to my knowledge anyway) and can be found at any MAC counter, store, or online for $14.50.

Casual Air

Casual Air:   Casual Air is a “frosted, pale pink”. It has more shimmer than true color, but the milkiness of it is fairly opaque. The shimmery particles in it are very reflective and contain hints of gold and teal when the light hits it just right.

Check This Out

Check This Out:   This is one of the lipglasses in this collection that stood out to me. Mac says it’s a “coral with ‘transforming’ yellow-pink pearl”… It is a light shade of coral, more so on the lips than in the tube, and the pearliness has a really cool iridescent sheen to it, which I guess is the “transforming” part. It’s very warm and pretty and has fairly opaque coverage.

Comfort & Joy

Comfort & Joy:   MAC refers to this gloss as a “mid-tone frosty dirty mauve”. It is a cooler toned lipglass that  contains a decent amount of shimmer which is warmer and more pink than the mauve-y base color of this product. It’s semi-opaque, so it doesn’t look nearly as deep and plummy on the lips as it does in the tube.

It's A Wow

It’s A Wow:   It’s A Wow is considered to be a “mid-tone blue pink”, although I see it as a warm, peachy pink. It also contains some golden shimmer and has nearly opaque coverage. I wouldn’t say that there’s nothing completely different about this lipglass, but it is a really lovely, feminine pink. It reminds me of En Pointe lipglass… That was either limited or discontinued, but it was my first MAC product ever so I like It’s A Wow because I haven’t found a pretty pink lip gloss like it since I had En Pointe years ago. Anyway… moving on now haha.


Knockout:   This is one hot color! It’s a “red with pearl”, so it’s a warm, orange-red with tiny, tiny little orange/golden shimmer. It’s really gorgeous and unique and would look amazing over Scarlet Ibis lipstick from the Iris Apfel collection, or Lady Danger. It applies almost completely opaque, very smoothly and has a creamy feel.

Real Posh

Real Posh:   Described as a “deep berry, slightly pearled”, it has some rich pink tones to it, but reads mostly berry on the lips. It contains a warm pink shimmer and applies opaque and smooth without settling into lines like so many deep colors tend to. I love this lipglass with a smokey eye for a dramatic look.

Rich Bounty

Rich Bounty:   Rich Bounty is a warm, “deep red-brown with pearl”. The color payoff is very good, giving opaque coverage. On the lips, it appears as a deep red with coppery shimmer.

Rich & Witty

Rich & Witty:   MAC calls this a “neutral dirty pinked beige”. To me, it’s too warm for that description to be completely accurate. It’s a deep, neutral peachy color that also has a creamy, pearled shimmer. It’s very pretty and would be nice on every skin tone.

Style Packed

Style Packed:   Style Packed was at the top of my list when I saw that the Tour de Fabulous collection was coming out. Although there are other gloss formulas from MAC that have bright pinks, nothing really compares to this “bright, vivid fuchsia”. It’s a cool, blue based pink that’s highly pigmented and looks creamy and opaque on the lips.

Tour de Fabulous

Tour de Fabulous:   Gorgeousness!! This is one of my favorite lip glosses EVER! It’s referred to as a “clean/bright yellow-pink with pearl” on MAC’s website, which I can see, but on the lips it reads more of a pinky coral with a creamy texture and pearly white shimmer. It’s not quite opaque but the color payoff is fantastic.

Lip Pencils

Embrace Me - Entertain Me - Have To Have It - Hip 'N' Happy - Just Wonderful - Lasting Sensation - What Comes Naturally

Taken Indoors on NC15 Skin Embrace Me - Entertain Me - Have to Have It - Hip 'N' Happy - Just Wonderful - Lasting Sensation - What Comes Naturally


I am SO happy that MAC finally came out with some new, brighter lip pencils! There are also a few neutral and pinks that fill in some gaps that their lip pencil line was lacking, so these new addictions are very welcome. I hope that they remain in the permanent line, but I’m not sure if they will. I’ll let you know when I find out more information about that.

MAC Lip Pencils are highly pigmented and work very well to keep your lipstick or lip gloss from feather or moving around. I like to gently line my lip, sort of using the side of the pencil rather than the point, then fill in before applying my other lip products. If your lips are dry, make sure you first apply a lip conditioner or Prep + Prime lip before using a pencil so it won’t pull, look uneven, and be difficult to put on. That also helps prevent the chapped lip look! Lip Pencils are $14 and available at all MAC counters, stores and online.


Embrace Me

Embrace Me:   This is a “vivid pinkish fuchsia” that is a slightly bluish pink and very bright. It’s almost a magenta but not quite. It’s a really pretty color and works well with a lot of the brighter MAC lipsticks… I use this with Pink Pigeon from the Iris Apfel collection as well as Girl About Town and Fusion Pink.

Entertain Me

Entertain Me:    “Clearly orange”, Embrace Me is a color that MAC desperately needed. This goes perfectly with colors like Morange and can even been used to lighten red/orange lipsticks like Lady Danger. Really awesome, bright color.

Have To Have It

Have To Have It:   This lip pencil is a really nice neutral. It’s somewhere in between Subsulture and Soar or Whirl, so it’s not quite like anything that’s part of MAC’s current line of lip pencils. It can be used with nearly any lipstick or gloss, as it’s a “soft warm beige” and is easy to blend with any color to give the lips a natural, finished, but not extremely defined look.

Hip 'N' Happy

Hip ‘N’ Happy:   When I think of a pink lip pencil, this is the color that comes to mind. On MAC’s website, it’s described as a “dirty blue-pink”, so it’s on the cooler side, but it’s very bright. This pencil goes perfectly with lipsticks like the original Viva Glam Gaga, Snob, and Saint Germain.

Just Wonderful

Just Wonderful:   Just Wonderful is a neutral, rosy pink that’s almost a berry color but not quite. It’s a touch deeper than most people’s natural lip color, and on the lips it looks cooler than it does as a pencil. MAC calls this pencil a “dirty mauve”, which sums it up pretty well. It’s a little bit lighter than Red Dwarf, the Pro Longwear Lipcreme lipstick that came out with the Daphne Guinness collection, but I like to use those two together.

Lasting Sensation

Lasting Sensation:   This pencil is a “bright coral” that looks something like a soft orange-red when you apply it. It’s the perfect color to pair up with Scarlet Ibis lipstick from the Iris Apfel collection, and is in between enough that you can use it with nearly every coral or orange-red lipstick that there is.

What Comes Naturally

What Comes Naturally:   Woohoo! A new nude lip pencil! What Comes Naturally is a “pale peachy beige” that falls right between Naked Liner and Subculture. It’s warmer than a lot of nude liners are, so it won’t make your lips look all washed out and undead, but it’s still nice and light. I like to use this with Fleshpot, Myth, and Creme d’ Nude lipstick and Boy Bait creme sheen glass for the perfect nude lip.


*** There has been no compensation or persuasion involved ***

*** I paid for all of these products myself & reviews are my personal opinions **

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