Cure for the common cold: Retail Therapy!!

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Okay, so I know that shopping doesn’t REALLY cure a cold, but it helps a lot, especially when nearly everything is discounted or free! It made me feel better anyway. My camera battery died in the middle of swatches and I lost my natural light so I figured a trip to the mall sounded nice. I needed to get out of the house! I’ve been cooped up in here and sick for several days and I was starting to go a little nuts.

I am still working on reviews today, I just needed a break! Reviews of the four collections I posted yesterday will be up by tomorrow morning, I promise. Hopefully I can get to swatches tomorrow as well and have all of those up by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. I apologize for the delays!

I needed to redeem my birthday perk from Sephora and had over 200 points to use on perks. Birthday gift was two mini SPF 15 Lip Treatments from fresh… Sugar and Sugar Rose Tinted. One 100 point perk I got is La Vanila’s Vanilla Blackberry perfume. It’s a wee little thing but enough to test out. I like their other scents, plus it’s natural and not tested on animals so that’s a plus. I also got a 10ml tube of KORRES Pomegranate Face Primer. I LOVE their other primer, but this one is mattifying, which seems perfect for someone with oily skin, like me. I have high hopes for this primer so I’ll be sure to use it for a while and review it. The only thing I actually spent money on was my Bvlgari Mon Jasmine Noir Eau de Parfum. It smells a little woodsy, but still feminine and light. It’s very sexy… I’ll do a perfume review in the near future of all of my favorites so keep an eye out for that!

The MAC counter was also one of my stops… A) I wanted to see my friends there and B) I needed to get some lipsticks. I picked up Morange and Fleshpot. Since Morange is part of the Iris Apfel collection, I’ll be adding a photo of it tomorrow. Yay!

Chocolate also seemed like a good idea, and conveniently, there is a Godiva store right in between Macy’s and Sephora. $35 of chocolate for $4.90… Not a bad deal! Rewards cards, a monthly free chocolate, and my birthday chocolate gift. I am currently nomming a dark chocolate covered strawberry/banana kabob, which seems to have melted on my fingers and transferred to my keyboard. Oops…

Last but definitely not least is the GORGEOUS pair of black suede Jeffrey Campbell Supremes I brought home with me. I’ve had my eyes on these for several months. I’m weird like that. I don’t impulse buy shoes. I think about it for a long time and really consider what I can wear them with before I decide to give in and buy them. I’m glad I did. They make my legs look amazing and I am hoping that the chunkier heel and platform keeps me from toppling over. I’m normally too clumsy to wear heels. It’s a pity, since I’m only 5’4″ and I could use a few extra inches sometimes. If these work out for me I may have to go back and get the plain black suede and nude suede Supremes too. Here you go, look at them and drool. You can also squeal if you like. I know I did.

JC Supremes

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