Urban Decay Naked 2: Photos, Swatches and Review

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I know I’m probably a little bit behind… I just got my Naked 2 palette last week, but I wanted to review it anyway.

Urban Decay products are good quality, convenient and affordable. For eight eye shadows, a double-ended brush and a lip gloss, $50 is a steal! The main things that made me interested in the Naked 2 palette was the fact that there are more neutral to cool shades in this palette, as opposed to the warmer colors of the first Naked palette… and the new packaging. I know some people think this palette is bulkier and more awkward to hold, but I’m a fan of the sturdy metal case. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about it getting caught on something and flipping open if I toss it in a bag. It doesn’t feel as breakable since it’s hard metal and it really stays closed and it won’t get dirty like the soft, fuzzy original Naked palette (I’m embarrassed to show you how dirty mine got… a pigment spill in my bag made it look like a fairy threw up all over it). I also like the larger mirror. I can see more of my face in it, so if I travel I don’t have to take an additional mirror with me.

With all of these shadows, one thing I noticed is that although they’re all very highly pigmented, they tend to have some fallout. Either apply them carefully and tap the excess off the brush, or do your eye makeup before your foundation and the rest of your face to avoid that smudgy, dark look around your eyes.

The brush in this palette is also fantastic, although I didn’t get a good picture of it (sorry!). One end is small and flat, which is perfect for precisely packing on color all over the lid. The other end is bigger, domed, and fluffy and can be used to blend color into the crease and soften lines. Note: After using this brush for a while, I actually prefer it as a concealer brush. I’ll stick to my 239 and 217 MAC brushes for my eyes!

Enough rambling already… Here are all of the pictures. Enjoy!!

Outdoors on NC15 skin Foxy - Half Baked - Bootycall - Chopper - Tease - Snakebite

Outdoors on NC15 skin Suspect - Pistol - Verve - YDK - Busted - Blackout

Foxy: Foxy is a light, neutral matte eye shadow with a faint yellowish tint to it. It feels a little on the dry side and almost felt chalky to me. It doesn’t have the pigmentation that some other shadows in this palette have, so I would mostly use this to soften other colors or for a matte brow highlight or all over lid color.

Half Baked: This is a frosty, golden bronze shadow. It doesn’t have much in the way of glitter or shimmer particles to it, so it applies very smoothly and opaque.

Bootycall: Bootycall is the lightest shadow in this palette. It’s a pale, creamy color with a frost finish. I like to use this shadow all over the lid, as a brow highlight, or on the inner corner of my eyes to make all of the other shadows pop. Adding a bit of light shimmer to that area of the eye also makes me look well rested and awake!

Chopper: It’s a warm, coppery color that’s frosted and contains golden shimmer. Like the rest of the frosty eye shadows in this palette, it feels soft and applies smoothly and nearly opaque with one quick layer. However, Chopper can be annoying to work with, as the shimmery particles tend to fall below the eye.

Tease: This is one of the more unique shadows in this palette. It’s a neutral to cool brown with a hint of mauve to it. It’s very pretty in the pan but as with the rest of Urban Decay’s matte eye shadows, it feels kind of dry and doesn’t apply with an opaque, deep color payoff. With a primer it shows up a little better but still has a chalky feel at times. This is great as an all over lid color, in the crease with something lighter on the lid, or used to blend out and soften darker colors.

Snakebite: Love the eye shadow, hate the name. Why? Because I’m a reptile lover and the name of this makes snakes seem like yucky, mean creatures. They aren’t… I even talk to venomous things like they’re cute little puppies. Anyway… This is a deep, neutral bronze color with a warmer frosty sheen to it. It’s highly pigmented and feels very smooth. One of my favorite colors in the palette!

Suspect: Suspect is a neutral, golden taupe-y color with a frosty sheen to it. Compared to the other metallic shadows in this palette, it felt a bit chalky and was difficult for me to get it to show up. Not too impressed with this one!

Pistol: Finally, a cooler toned neutral! Pistol is a brownish gray eye shadow with a slight metallic sheen. It’s not quite opaque when applied but it goes on very smoothly, feels soft and wears well. It’s a great color to use if you want to do a neutral smokey eye or slightly deepen the outer corner and crease area.

Verve: Verve is a light, silvery taupe with a slightly warm shine to it. It’s on the cooler side and does not have heavy color payoff or coverage. It’s great as a highlight or all-over lid color.

YDK: Yay! Another super pigmented frosty eye shadow! YDK is on the warmer side of neutrals, being a warm, coppery taupe color. It has a very frosty finish with a golden shimmer. It feels really smooth and glides on with opaque coverage.

Busted: I heart this eye shadow! Busted is a warm, plummy brown with a warm, taupe sheen. It applies smoothly and opaque. I love this color for a smokey eye. You can also use it to deepen the crease and outer corner of the eye, or even as a soft liner. Busted is one of the most unique colors in this palette and goes with nearly anything.

Blackout: As the name implies, this is a dark, blackest of black eye shadow. It’s smooth and highly pigmented. Unlike the other matte shadows in this palette, it feels soft and almost creamy. You don’t need much of this to get intense payoff. It’s perfect to darken the crease or use as a liner. If you’re daring, you could even pop this all over the lid for a super dramatic smokey eye.

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