Schedule for new posts… Woohoo!

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Hey everyone! I apologize for being MIA lately. A few shifts came up for work so that’s what I’ve been up to. I spent today trying to relax and get over pneumonia but I’ve been hard at work coming up with ideas for new posts and an outline and schedule of when I’ll be making those new posts! I probably should have done that to begin with but I was really eager to get started… Oops!

This week there will be a big post on MAC’s Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glasses and I’ll post that on Wednesday! It will be a review, swatches and photos of all of the Viva Glam Products that I have (which is nearly every one of them). I will also be updating the photos of the recent collections I posted by adding photos of the lip products ON my lips (now that they aren’t all chapped and ugly from my cold). Famously Fab lip glass will be added to the Tour de Fabulous post too, since I finally got to purchase that one. Those should be up by Thursday evening, then everything will start as scheduled on Sunday!

There will be a big review, swatches and photos over a new, popular, or permanent line of products each Sunday… Like a new collection from MAC, a palette of eye shadows, a few lipsticks that are all corals/pinks/reds, a line of products like MAC Fluidlines, etc… In addition to that I will post a product of the week and/or look of the week on myself or a face chart sometime in the middle of the week. I’m thinking the product on a Tuesday and a look on Thursday. If I’m busy and don’t have time for both, I’ll post one or the other on a Wednesday. I’ll randomly be throwing in other nonsense like an outfit of the day or a recent purchase of shoes/perfume/cosmetics/clothes/whatever that I’m loving.

I hope that gives everyone something to look forward to and keeps you all interested! Thank you all SO much for reading, subscribing, and being patient as I get this going!




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