Shop MAC – Shop & Drop Eye Shadow Quad: Photos, Swatches, Reviews and Eye Chart

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     Alrighty, I’m trying to get back on track with all of my product reviews… I wore this look to work yesterday and fell in love with it, so I figured this would be a great first post for the Shop MAC collection! I realize I’m typically behind on these compared to most beauty bloggers, but I do not receive the products until they are released, so I apologize for that! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this post!

     This is a limited edition eye shadow quad that can be purchased for $38 USD at any MAC store, counter, or on their website at It’s a great value, considering that eye shadows cost $15 individually!

Top: Sugar Snack - Hypnotizing Bottom: Power Boosted - Shop & Drop

Photo taken outdoors on NC15 skin Sugar Snack - Hypnotizing - Power Boosted - Shop & Drop
Sugar Snack (Matte)

Sugar Snack (Matte):   Sugar Snack is a “light pink” that’s a pretty, slighty yellow-pink. It’s matte, but unlike many matte texture eye shadows, this one is incredibly smooth and not chalky at all. The color payoff is not fantastic alone, but layered over a light colored Paint Pot such as Painterly or Soft Ochre, it shows up very true to the color it is in the pot.

Hypnotizing (Frost)

Hypnotizing (Frost):   You may recognize this eye shadow from MAC’s past Love Lace collection. I am thrilled that they brought this back because I was not able to get my hands on it last time it was out. It’s a lovely “frosted greyed mauve” with great color payoff. For a frost finish eye shadow, it’s not the super metallic type of frost, it’s a bit softer of a frost, which I really like. It’s a cooler toned eye shadow but goes well with so many colors… Purples, plums, browns, grays, pinks… Anything really. It also looks fantastic on all skin tones.

Power Boosted (Veluxe Pearl)

Power Boosted (Veluxe Pearl):   This is a warm “Violet” eye shadow with a pearly sheen to it. The color payoff is not as deep as you may as expect from looking at it in the packaging, but it’s still quite intense and extremely pretty. I can’t really think of many other MAC eye shadows that compare to this, especially with a Veluxe Pearl finish (one of my favorites). Power Boosted is my favorite eye shadow in this quad!

Shop & Drop (Satin)

Shop & Drop (Satin):   Finally, the namesake of this eye shadow quad! Shop & Drop is a very intense “deep blue”. It has a satin finish, so it feels very smooth and has a sheen to it without having sparkle or shimmer. It has a hint of a warm tone to the sheen of it, so it definitely has a lot of dimension. It wears best over a neutral Paint Pot and can be used all over the lid and blended up with the other colors in this quad for a really pretty smokey eye.

click this image to enlarge and see more detail

     I wore a look like this one to work yesterday and loved it so much that I thought I would share it with all of you to give you an idea of what can be done with this eye shadow quad!

All products used are MAC

Primer:   Painterly Paint Pot with a 217 brush

Inner 1/3 of Eyelid:   Sugar Snack Eye with a 239 brush

Center 1/3 of Eyelid:   Power Boosted with a 217 brush

Outer Corner of Eyelid:   Shop & Drop with a 222 brush

Crease:   Shop & Drop with a 226 brush

Inner Crease:   Power Boosted with a 226 brush

Upper Crease:   Hypnotizing with a 217 brush

Above Crease (to soften and blend):   Sugar Snack with 217 brush

Brow Highlight:   Naked Pigment

Lower Lash Line (inner to outer):   Sugar Snack, Power Boosted, Hypnotizing, Shop & Drop all softly     blended with a 214 brush

Liner (upper):   Midnight Snack Fluidline with a 266 brush

Brows:   Espresso and Carbon Eye Shadows using a 208 brush and set with Clear Brow Set

Mascara:   Opulash Optimum Black

Lashes:   #20

One of these days I will explain how to do face charts and brows and lashes and such, but it can be complicated to teach just using text, so look forward to a face chart video when I get my YouTube channel up 🙂


  1. Hi!! i’m from Spain, first of all sorry for my bad english. I would ask to you about the face charts you make, do you use any primer for the paper, I’m learning to do that in a blog that gave me in my pro store. I can’t find the adecuated product to use for prime the paper and the eyeshadow looks well.
    Thanks for your help.
    kisses from Madrid, Spain

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