Random Life Update: 2-22-12

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Hello, my pretties!

Sorry (again) to have disappeared for a while. I have been going through some extremely rough and scary times lately with my health and it’s been super hard to concentrate on much of anything but snuggling with my dogs and watching bad movies with my best friend all day or zoning out playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3… Oh, and obsessively clean and organize my house (weird).

On a lighter note, the scare that I went through is nearly over. I have one week until I see my surgeon again for a follow-up, but I imagine that I should be in the clear… Long story short, I noticed a lump, like a peanut sized (the whole nut, not unshelled) lump, in my right underarm/breast area. It was there for a month before I saw a doctor, constantly on my mind and worrying me. As soon as I saw a general practitioner, he sent me to a surgeon, who then sent me to get an ultrasound. My momma is a breast cancer survivor, so there was the concern that this could have been breast cancer presenting itself in my lymph nodes. LUCKILY IT WASN’T! I had my ultrasound done today and I am absolutely healthy! Well, except for the fact that I gained a lot of weight way too quickly and some extra breast tissue wandered up to my armpit area and made a wee little lump that scared me half to death. It was hardly noticeable to anyone but me but it made me so anxious.

Lesson Learned Number One:   Don’t skip self breast exams. If you have history of breast cancer in your family, take care of those boobies. Even if not, take care of those boobies! Boobs are awesome and we should all love ours! I found out today that it’s recommended that if your mother had breast cancer, you should get your first mammogram 10 years prior to when your momma was diagnosed. If you find anything weird, see your doctor as soon as possible. There are so many nearly harmless things that can cause lumps and bumps but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lesson Learned Number Two:   I need to take better care of myself in general. I let myself go because I got bummed out for stupid reasons and turned to food for comfort, when I should have been turning to healthy food and exercise. It’s a proven fact that a good diet and regular exercise are natural anti-depressants! I now have a diet and exercise plan all figured out so I can feel healthier and more comfortable in my own skin. And no, I am not by any means saying I am fat or ugly the way I am, I just know it’s not healthy for my body type and I felt better when I was a healthy weight and fit.

Lesson Learned Number Three (Most Important of All):   I have amazing people in my life that I appreciate so much. My boyfriend is my rock and no matter what has ever happened, he’s been there for me, even if he’s halfway across the world or country at the time. Heart you, nameless boyfriend!!! My best friend is rad and drove 1500 miles to come stay with me and help me get my head on straight again and I am really thankful for that. It’s hard for me to make friends out here in California, so it’s nice to know that one will come all the way out here to watch bad reality tv with me and play video games all day to cheer me up. Also, my parents are the coolest. I miss them so much but I’m grateful to know that I can always lean on them and they will never let me end up in a bind and they will always be there to pick me back up when I fall. They never fail to answer their phones at 4am when I just need to talk, so that makes me feel pretty special.


If you even read all of that, you are also a sweetheart and a caring person who I’d like to thank for listening to my ramblings. There probably won’t be many of those, as I’m a private person the majority of the time, but I just needed to get some things out.

Last but not least, there will be tons of new posts from the MAC Vera and Shop MAC, Cook MAC collections up this week now that I have time and I can think straight again. I can finally get back to being makeup-obsessed and creative again!! Thanks for reading and being patient. Loves ❤

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