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Yay, more bright lipsticks! I am so in love with all of the lipsticks MAC has released this year. I’ve had a little bit of time to play around with these now and I can promise you that IF you can get your paws on them, do it! They’re fantastic colors and textures. As usual, they’re all available from and all of the counters and stores for $14.50. Since these are sold out at a lot of places, you may also want to check out websites for stores like Dillard’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Dish It Up - Innocence, Beware! - Naughty Saute - Quick Sizzle - Runaway Red - Watch Me Simmer

Swatches on NC15 skin in outdoor natural light Dish It Up - Innocence, Beware! - Naughty Saute - Quick Sizzle - Runaway Red - Watch Me Simmer
Dish It Up (Lustre)

Dish It Up (Lustre):     This is a plummy, “berry pink” with a lustre finish. Since it’s a lustre, it’s not completely opaque, but I find the color payoff of this lipstick to be a little better than some other lustres out there. It’s got a nice, glossy look to it and it’s versatile for all skin tones. On cooler skin tones, it looks more plummy, while on lighter or warmer skin tones, it shows up more pink. It’s not necessarily bright as in it’s like BAM POW on the lips, but it’s bright as in it gives a nice pop of color. I really like this with Just Wonderful, Magenta, or Hip n Happy lip pencil.

Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen)






















Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen):    Innocence, Beware! is a “light, yellow-pink” that’s more like a pinkish/peachy nude on the lips. It’s on the warmer side and has a hint of shine and shimmer to it with nearly opaque coverage. The great thing about nude-ish lipsticks with a Cremesheen formula is that they’re moisturizing and have a soft feel to them, so they don’t do that stick-to-every-bit-of-chapped-skin, yucky, unnatural nude lip thing. I love this with Subculture lip pencil and a bit of Boy Bait Cremesheen glass over it.


Naughty Saute (Cremesheen)

Naughty Saute (Cremesheen):   Described as a “bright pepto-pink”, this is a bright, blue based pink. Since it’s a Cremesheen, it has that nice, moisturizing, shiny finish to it with semi-opaque coverage. I would say it’s in the medium range of pinks, not being light or dark at all. Being right in between, it suits all skintones and can be worn day or night. It pairs up nicely with Embrace Me or Dervish lip pencil.


Quick Sizzle (Matte)





















Quick Sizzle (Matte):   Quick Sizzle is a “bright pink”. It’s blue based and a little deeper than a medium pink. Since it’s a Matte finish, it has totally opaque coverage, so you will really get a pop of color with this lipstick! Unlike some other types of Matte lipsticks, MAC’s Matte’s always seem to apply very smoothly and don’t look dry or chalky after a while. This finish wears a long time too… around 6 hours on me and a little longer if I line and layer a lip pencil underneath it. I like to use Magenta or Embrace Me with this lipstick.


Runaway Red (Satin)





















Runaway Red (Satin):   This color was released last fall with MAC Me Over and did really well, so I’m glad they brought it back. It’s a “rich red-blue”, so it’s a deeper, cooler toned red. It kind of reminds me of Dubonnet, but with more of a sheen. It’s a Satin finish, so that explains the healthy looking sheen to it. It’s a really pretty red for all skin tones and can be used with pencils like Brick, Half-Red, Vino… Anything in that reddish family really. The cool thing about this lipstick is that you can really change up the final look of it depending on what pencil you use it with.


Watch Me Simmer (Amplified)





















Watch Me Simmer (Amplified):   Watch Me Simmer is a “bright pink-orange” that looks more like a coral with a hint of pink to me. It’s a gorgeous, bold color that’s perfect for spring and summer and can really warm up any skin tone. Being an Amplified finish, it’s nice and creamy and gives nearly opaque coverage without feeling heavy or dry at all. It looks fantastic when used with Lasting Sensation lip pencil.

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