Skincare: MAC Lightfully New with Marine-Bright Formula… UPDATED!

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I feel like my skincare routine needs updated so I’m giving MAC’s Lightfully New with Marine-Bright Formula line a shot. Although none of my skincare or makeup products have changed, my skin is freaking out and I’m hoping this will fix it right up. I have combination-oily skin but lately I have these horrible areas with little blemishes all over, then in my t-zone, which is normally super oily, I have dry, flakey patches that look awful with makeup over them. I’m thinking it’s more of a change of weather and diet that’s making my skin look so bad, but with how Lightful products work, I’m hoping they’ll help to even everything out.

Lightful has been around for a while, but what MAC has done is add their Marine-Bright Formula, which contains three different types of seaweed extracts that help to brighten your skin and add luminosity. Basically, this whole line is designed to even out, nourish, hydrate, deoxidize your skin. It also helps fortify against things like free-radicals and excess melanin. It also contains MAC’s Super-Duo Charged Water, so it when you apply these products, they soak in quickly but the moisture actually stays in your skin and will appear and become healthier and have that fresh glow.


          This cleanser seems perfect to use with my Clarisonic brush (amazing little thing)! I usually use the MAC Makeup Remover Wipes and Cleanse-Off Oil before washing my face, but I’m hoping this cleanser will take off everything easily and I can skip a few of those steps sometimes. Lightful Cleanser “actively cleanses, rebalances, refreshes, hydrates and brightens the skin”. It’s also supposed to remove most makeup, including longwearing, but I shall have to test that out. It’s definitely supposed to be gentle, so if it can do that, that will make me a fan for sure!


          At the moment, I’m using an uber vitamin c serum from another company, but I think it’s too drying for me. The Lightful Essence kinda has the same effect as my current serum, so I’m excited to see how it works. It’s a “lightweight serum which now acts more powerfully to moisten, condition and plump skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel”. It will take time for the radiant, brightening effect (as in minimizing the look of dark spots and UV damage) to kick in, but over time I’m hoping this helps out. I spent way too much time in the sun when I was younger and it shows 😦

Softening Lotion:

          I got to play with this a little bit and fell in love! It absorbs really quickly and leaves your skin feeling nicely hydrated, without residue or a heavy layer of product left on the surface. It’s really perfect for daytime when you feel like you need a little bit more moisture but you don’t want your moisturizer to leave you shiny or greasy. I typically use the MAC Oil Control lotion during the day, so I’m going to try this underneath and see how that works for me. The Softening Lotion “conditions the skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel”. Like the Essence, it takes time for the radiant effect to really show up.

Moisture Creme:

At the moment, I’m using MAC Complete Comfort Cream at night, which I love, but I’m almost out of it soooo I figured I would switch to Lightful. This Moisture Creme is a “lightweight, gel-style moisturizing cream that works hard to boost skin’s moisture while instantly, and over time, making the skin more luminous”. It’s not a heavy moisturizer, so for those if you with drier skin you might need something thicker at night, but I’m thinking this is going to be perfect for my combination-greaseball skin.

I’m going to try this out day and night for a solid 2-4 weeks, then write up a review for you guys.

Here’s my little plan:


Lightful Cleanser, Fast Response Eye Cream (as usual), Lightful Softening Lotion, possibly Lightful Essence, then my daily application of Oil Control Lotion and Prep + Prime Face Protect before I apply my makeup.


Makeup Remover Wipes and Cleanse-Off Oil (if needed), Lightful Cleanser along with my Clarisonic brush, over-priced eye cream that shall remain nameless at this time because I’m a little unsure of it, Lightful Softening Lotion, Lightful Essence, Lightful Moisture Creme.

If any of you have tried any of these products or have any suggestions or input, let me know!!

Update:   So far, so good! It seems like using all of these products together are making my skin more even, brighter and glowy. I haven’t been using it long enough to see complete results yet, but so far I’m really liking the improved Lightful line. It’s made a slight difference with brightening up the areas I have some sun damage… The spots don’t seem quite so noticeable any more, but maybe that’s because my skin looks more even overall? I’m not sure. It’s doing something awesome though… My super critical, brutally honest best friend asked me if I was wearing makeup the other day when I wasn’t and had just crawled out out bed 🙂

The Cleanser takes a VERY small amount rubbed all over my face to get my skin squeaky clean. Keep in mind, I use it with a Clarisonic face brush, which helps remove makeup tremendously. I considered trying it without it for a while to see how the cleanser does alone, but I can’t bear to stop using my Clarisonic ever night. It has a thick texture but gets nice and foamy as you start to rub it in. Remember that smelly old Noxema brand cleanser that came in the blue tub? If you’re at least in your mid twenties you probably do… Anyway, it’s kind of like that texture, which I love.

The Softening Lotion is slightly annoying as far as packaging goes. I feel like I splatter or drip a bit of the product when I’m trying to squirt it into my hand, but it’s not enough that it makes it not worth using. This stuff is AMAZING if you just feel like your skin is tighter than normal. It’s helped with my dry patches tremendously. I usually only apply this in the daytime, before (and sometimes after) I apply my Oil Control lotion, and off and on on my no-makeup days when my skin starts to feel dry from the heater running constantly.

The Essence/Serum is really cool… I have stopped using this at night, just to spare product since I still have a little bit left of my old serum… Anyway, I either mix this in with my Studio Fix foundation (if that’s what I’m wearing that day), because it adds a hint of a glow to a liquid foundation and thins it out to make it look more natural. If I use another type of foundation, I apply this after my moisturizer and before my primer.

The Moisture Creme is really nice. I’ve been using this at night and sometimes during the days if my skin is feeling drier than normal. You don’t need to apply a lot of this to get a good amount of moisture. Your skin will most likely suck it right up and it will leave little to no residue or stickiness, which is awesome! I have found that on my super dry skin days, I have to layer this over Comfort Creme because the gel-like formula isn’t quite heavy enough at times. After a few days of using only the Moisture Creme when it was cold out and my heater was on a lot, I noticed some flakey patches coming back but the addition of the Comfort Creme made this disappear right away.

Overall, I think this is an awesome line and is great for most people, probably more so for people with normal to oily skin types. It’s going to take some more time for my skin to get used to this line, and I think it may be better for me in the summer when my skin isn’t so horrible dry and irritated all the time, but we shall see! I’ll keep you all updated!

P.S. It smells AMAZING and fresh and it makes me look forward to washing my face every night 🙂


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