Shop MAC – Colour Added Eye Shadow Quad: Photos, Swatches, Review and Eye Charts

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Sooooo real life and lots of work got in the way of my blogging for a while but I have nearly two weeks off so I can catch up! That’s both good and bad, but I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging a lot and having some down time.

I love all of the eye shadow quads from MAC’s Shop collection. I know that a lot of people were bummed about the quality of some of the past quads from MAC last year and I feel like they listened to their customers and really gave us all something we would go nuts for. Well, we did! Being limited edition, the majority of these sold out quickly at most locations, but some still have some, especially the Colour Added one (not sure why, this is one of my favorites ever). These go for $38 at or at any MAC counter or store.

Swatches are on NC15 skin in natural daylight. Laundry Daze (Satin) - Colour Added (Veluxe Pearl) - Pre-Packaged (Veluxe Pearl) - Self-Serve (Satin)
Laundry Daze (Satin)

Laundry Daze (Satin):   This is a “light yellow”, although I see this more as a pale cream color with a hint of yellow to it. It has a sheen, being a Satin finish and works beautifully as a lid color or as a highlight on the inner corner of the eye or under the brow. It has a very creamy feel to it and good color payoff.

Colour Added (Veluxe Pearl)

Colour Added:   As the namesake of this quad, it’s definitely the most stand-out color! This “bright yellow” may look a little intimidating to a lot of people, but it is a bright, beautiful color on the skin and it’s perfect for spring and summer! It looks great on all skin tones, showing up beautifully on deeper skin tones over a Paint Pot like Painterly or Soft Ochre. I like to use this on the lid or right above the crease to blend out the deeper colors in the quad. I love the Veluxe Pearl finish because it always has fantastic pigmentation and glides on like silk.

Pre-Packaged (Veluxe Pearl)

Pre-Packaged (Veluxe Pearl):   This is a “muted turquoise” that looks more like a deep teal/navy color on the eye. It seems to look a bit darker on the skin than in the packaging. Another Veluxe Pearl, it has rich color payoff and applies very smoothly. Pre-Packaged looks great both in the crease or all over the lid. It can even been swiped under the eye for a pop of color!

Selve-Serve (Satin)

Self-Serve (Satin):   Self-Serve is a “deep gray” that’s a touch on the brown, warmer gray side and also contains a hint of iridescent, pearly sheen. it’s a Satin finish and doesn’t apply as evenly or smoothly as the Veluxe Pearl shades in this quad, but if you pat it on all over the lid with a flat shadow brush like a 239, it makes a beautiful smokey eye. You can also use it in the crease with a domed fluffy brush, like a 217 to add depth.

Eye Charts

     I figured I would whip up some quick eye charts for you all to check out. Maybe it will give you some ideas on how you can put together such bright, vivid colors if it’s something that’s new territory to you. These are not great quality, as I kind of rushed through them to get them up this weekend, but I hope you enjoy them anyway! You can click on the photos to make them larger and show more detail.

Primer:   Painterly Paint Pot

All Over Lid:   Self-Serve Eyeshadow with a 239 Brush

Inner Crease:   Colour Added Eyeshadow with a 226 Brush

Outer Crease:   Pre-Packaged Eyeshadow with a 226 Brush

Blending (Above Crease):   Cork Eyeshadow with a 217 Brush

Brow Highlight:   Laundry Daze Eyeshadow with a 217 Brush

Lower Lash Line:   Self-Serve (Outer) and Pre-Packaged (Inner) with a 219 Brush

Liner:   Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil smudged with a 219 Brush along upper lash line, as well as on the waterline.

Mascara:   Prep + Prime Lash layered beneath False Lashes Mascara

Lashes:   #4

Brows:   Carbon and Espresso Eye Shadow with a 208 Brush

Primer:   Painterly Paint Pot

Inner Eyelid & Inner Corner:   Laundry Daze Eye Shadow with a 239 Brush

Center Eyelid:   Colour Added Eye Shadow with a 239 Brush

Outer Eyelid:   Pre-Packaged Eye Shadow with a 226 Brush

Inner Crease:   Pre-Packaged Eye Shadow with a 226 Brush

Outer Crease:   Self-Serve Eye Shadow with a 226 Brush

Blending (Above Crease):   Cork Eye Shadow with a 217 Brush

Brow Highlight:   Laundry Daze Eye Shadow with a 213 Brush

Lower Lash Line:   Colour Added (Inner), Pre-Packaged (Center), Self-Serve (Outer) with a 219 Brush

Liner:   Blacktrack Fluidline with a 266 Brush

Mascara:   Prep + Prime Lash layered under False Lashes Mascara

Brows:   Espresso and Carbon Eye Shadow with a 208 Brush

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