Doggy surgery… Sadface.

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My poor little bullmastiff (or not so little… 90lbs), Ava, had to have surgery today to remove some tumors from her mouth. I don’t get biopsy results until next week but I’m hoping that it’s only benign abscesses and not cancer, but I won’t know until the vet gets results back from the lab. Anyway, this pup right here is why I am a bit behind for the day and might be all weekend. I’m snuggled up next to her in her bed at the moment while she’s snoring away, knocked out on pain medicine. I hate to see my fur kid so miserable. Her “brother”, my boxer, Oliver aka Booger, is also snoring with his head on my lap. I freaking love these critters so much. They kinda sort of make my heart melt a little bit ❤

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