Cook MAC – Fluidline Eye Liners: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Finally… New Fluidlines!! When I got the chance to play around with them I had to have them! They’re all unique and not too bright or dark… These are softer looking shades that are incredibly flattering with so many eye colors and eye shadow combinations. Sometimes it takes something a little different than your basic Blacktrack Fluidline to really make your eyes pop 😉

MAC Fluidlines wear for a solid 8-12 hours with no flaking or smudging. They aren’t waterproof, but they aren’t likely to move around if your eyes are watery or you get rained on, have water balloons thrown at you, or accidentally fall into a fountain. These are best applied with something like a MAC 266 Brush if you are going for a more intense, cat-eye look… or a MAC 210 Brush for a thinner, more detailed line.

These three colors are all limited, and may be sold out at a great deal of locations, but if you CAN find them, it will be at any MAC counter, store, or online from for $15.

The freestanding MAC store in the Plaza El Segundo shopping center just south of LAX airport in Los Angeles still has all of these in stock in limited numbers!

Clockwise from top: Added Goodness, Wholesome, Midnight Snack

Swatch taken on NC15 skin in natural daylight... Sorry it's fuzzy, the shimmer didn't photograph well! Added Goodness, Midnight Snack, Wholesome

Added Goodness:    This is the most unique of the three Fluidlines from this collection. MAC refers to this as a “blackened mauve”, but I see shades of plum, taupe, gray, mauve, and black all mixed together. It has a slight shimmer to it that’s really multidimensional, but it shows up more in the pot and on the swatch than on the eye itself unless you apply a pretty thick line (like with a cat-eye). It’s really cool because it’s soft, but you can still see all of the different undertones and shades this has to it when it’s applied. Added Goodness is one of my favorite Fluidlines of all time!

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack:   Midnight Snack is a “soft black”. It looks more like a very deep, slightly shimmery gray to me. It does look more black when applied though… In a way it kind of transforms depending on what color your eyes are and what colors of eye shadows you have on. Pretty rad if you ask me! I find myself reaching for this Fluidline a lot lately, since it’s Spring I’m digging the softer colors right now. Definitely another unique one… I tried to find something close to it in my collection and couldn’t. I wish I had stocked up!


Wholesome:   If Dipdown and Blacktrack made a baby, it would be Wholesome. It’s definitely a “blackened brown”. I was thinking this was close to Avenue, which came out with MAC Me Over last fall, but it’s not. Avenue seems lighter and maybe a little cooler toned. Wholesome is different from any other Fluidlines I have and I find myself using this a lot on my days off when I go for a more natural look.

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