Cook MAC – Nail Lacquer: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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I’m addicted to nail polish so I was super duper uber happy that there were some new, bright Nail Lacquers released with this collection. I am pleased to say that they are very creamy and nicely pigmented for the most part. MAC Nail Lacquers tend to give me about a week of wear, but I always make sure I use a top coat of MAC Overlacquer to keep it from chipping or getting as much wear at the tips of my nails.

As with the rest of this collection, these are limited edition and are available at any MAC store, counter or online at for $16. Fortunately, Nail Lacquers do not tend to sell out as quickly as a lot of the other limited edition products, so you might still be able to get your paws on these!

Salad Dressed - Al Fredo - Kid Orange

Swatches taken outdoors in natural sunlight with two coats applied, no topcoat. Top to bottom: Salad Dressed - Al Fredo - Kid Orange
Salad Dressed

Salad Dressed (Cream):   This is a beautiful “midtone dirty aqua”. It’s definitely a midtone turquoise color… I guess the “dirty” part of the description comes from the muted, perhaps grayish undertone is has to it. Basically, it’s not super bright. It is, however, highly pigmented, opaque and goes on with great coverage in a mere two coats, though it can appear streaky at first. This is a pretty trendy color this season… It even looks good on me, which is rare, because blues and greens typically make me look even paler than I already am and a bit on the undead side. For that reason, I am head over heels for Salad Dressed!

Al Fredo

Al Fredo (Cream):   Out of these three Nail Lacquers, I find Al Fredo to be the hardest for me to wear. It looks a little weird on my NC15, pasty skintone. However, I have seen it on people who are light/medium-dark skinned and it looks fantastic on them. I would said it’s best on warmer complexions for sure. Yellows like this tend to wash out already cool-toned people. Unfortunately, this was also the most difficult of the three to apply. It was a little streaky and didn’t apply opaque after two coats, and I imagine I would still have been able to see my nail-line after three coats (my hugest beauty pet peeve EVER). I may have to try this over a base coat of white and see how it shows up then… It sucks because this color is unique and I am in love with it, but personally, I don’t feel like I can rock it! I will leave it up to you tan ladies to look hot in this Nail Lacquer this spring and summer!

Kid Orange

Kid Orange (Cream):   Love love love this color! Supposedly it was permanent back in the day, but that must have been before I got into MAC. I wish it still were! This is the perfect red-orange “coral” color. It’s flattering on every skintone and gives everyone a great, warm pop of color. I LOVE wearing this when I’m wearing lipsticks like Lady Danger, Morange, or Scarlet Ibis (from the Iris Apfel collection). It applies smoothly and evenly with minimal to no streaking and is opaque in two coats. I am totally crazy about Kid Orange. I need like, 5 more bottles of this because I can see myself wearing this ALL summer long, every summer, for the next few years haha.

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