MAC Vera – Aloha Crushed Metal Pigment Set: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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I was not really expecting new pigment sets to come out this Spring, as they just released them over the holidays. Apparently they went over so well around Christmas they MAC was nice enough to give us some more. I’m glad they did! These are high quality, almost creamy feeling pigments that have great shimmer and color payoff. The packaging is great too… They all screw together so it’s easy to stash in your makeup drawer or travel with.

All of these Crushed Metal Pigments will apply brighter and more intensely if you use a dampened brush. To do this, I shake a small amount of pigment onto a palette/piece of wax paper/whatever, lightly spray my brush with Fix + Spray, then dip the brush into the pigment and apply. You don’t ever want to get the pigment in the pot wet, as it will change the consistency and can become a breeding ground for bacteria (yuck).

The three limited edition Crushed Metal Pigment sets are $34 each, which is a great deal considering that it comes with four pigments per set, where normal sized pigments are $20 each! You don’t get as much in these sets, but trust me, you will probably not even use up this whole thing over the next 5 years. A little bit goes a long way! Some of these sold out faster than others, but you can get what’s still available at any MAC store, counter, or online at

Aloha seems to be the most popular of these Crush Metal Pigment sets… I’m assuming because it’s the most “normal” colors that people are likely to wear on a daily basis. I definitely use this set a lot and it’s become a staple for my natural/shimmery eye makeup looks! The colors in this set are suitable for each and every skintone.

Clockwise from top left: Shifting Sands, Lantern Light, Campfire, Aloha
Clockwise from top left: Shifting Sands, Lantern Light, Campfire, Aloha
Clockwise from top left: Shifting Sands, Lantern Light, Campfire, Aloha
Swatches taken on NC15 skin outdoors in natural light. Swatches are all applied dry. Left to right: Shifting Sands, Aloha, Lantern Light, Campfire
Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands:   This is a “metallic champagne” color and is the lightest of this set. It’s a light, warm nude/tan that has a lot of shimmer and is great as an all-over lid color, or as a highlight below the brow or on the inner corner of the eye.


Aloha:   The namesake of this set is a “dirty cocoa brown”. It’s a very buildable color so you can apply it as a midtone brown to a deep cocoa color, depending on the brush and how much product you use. It’s a cooler type of brown color with taupe-ish undertones and lots of shimmer!

Lantern Light

Lantern Light:   In the packaging, Lantern Light looks a bit coral-ish, but when applied, it’s more of what MAC says it is… A “metallic gold-bronze”. It’s a warm, midtone golden bronze that is not completely opaque, but can be deepened if applied damp. This also looks amazing over Indianwood Paint Pot!


Campfire:   Campfire is the boldest color in this set. It’s a beautiful, “rich copper”. It applies with great color payoff. I usually use this in the crease, and using a light hand and building up the amount of color. It also works great as a liner if applied with a dampened liner brush like a 209.

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