MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Pencils: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Yay! Finally something new that’s going to stay permanent! These eye pencils are AMAZING, trust me! They released some Pearlglides a few years ago but they weren’t as vivid and bright and the formula seemed a lot more dry. However, these new and seemingly improved Pearlglide liners are so rad! They apply really smoothly and they’re all intense, highly pigmented, and contain a hint of shimmer. Their soft texture allows them to glide on and be smudged a bit before they set if you like, but once they set, they won’t budge! I have a hard time finding eye pencils that last all day when I wear them under my lower lashline, but these give me about 8-12 hours of budge-proof wear. Since these contain those nifty sparkly particles, they aren’t recommended for wear on the waterline, as they can maybe possibly cause some scratching and we don’t want that!

These go for $15, like most other MAC eye liners and can be found at any counter, store or online at As I mentioned, there’s no need to go snatch these up in a hurry since they will be sticking around as part of the permanent line of eye pencils!

I tried to take individual pictures of each liner but they turned out horrid with the basic lens I have… Hopefully after another paycheck or two I’ll have a new macro lens that’s better for that kind of thing!

Left to right: Black Line, Black Swan, Designer Purple, Industrial, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent
Swatches taken on NC15 skin in natural sunlight. Left to right: Black Line, Black Swan, Designer Purple, Industrial, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent

Black Line:   This is a “black with gold pearl”. It has cool brownish gray undertones and gold and copper shimmer.

Black Swan:   Black Swan is a true “black with pearl”. It’s not a super-deep black, but it’s rich and intense. The shimmer particles are very fine and have a cooler, blue-ish silver color to them.

Designer Purple:   Referred to a “iridescent violet”, this is a warm toned purple. The color payoff is awesome! The shimmer particles in here are very visible and contain silver and maybe some pinks (from what I can see anyway). It’s intense and great to wear as a pop of color under your lower lash line.

Industrial:   This is a “periwinkle grey”, so it’s basically a cool, blue/grey color… I even see a taupe-ish undertone to it at times? Sounds weird but I swear it’s there. The shimmer in this one is fine and blue/silver. It’s not as intense as the other Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners, but still unique and pretty.

Lord It Up:   Lord It Up is a “bronze with pearl”. It’s a soft bronze/brown color and doesn’t contain quite as much shimmer as the other Pearlglides do. The color payoff is nice and what little shimmer is has is a golden, coppery, pearly kind of color.

Petrol Blue:   Petrol Blue is a “deep navy with pearl”. It’s a deep, true navy blue that is intense with one swipe. The pearly look to is it very fine shimmer that’s medium to deep blue.

Undercurrent:   This is my absolute FAVORITE colorful eye liner EVER!! It’s a “teal with pearl” and it’s super intense with only one gentle swipe. The base color of this Pearlglide is cooler and more blue based, while the shimmer is warm and golden, aqua and teal. It’s different and bright and I am totally in love. It’s really flattering on everyone and especially makes blue or brown eyes pop!


  1. I have three of these already too, I absolutely love them. They go on so nicely and hold such a beautiful colour. Your swatches make me want Petrol too – stunning!

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