MAC Chenman Love and Water Collection: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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I did not purchase much from this collection at all… Why? Because by the time I got to work the day it came out, most of what I wanted was gone… Oops! I did buy the nail polishes (best pink EVER), one Lipglass, and one Lipstick. I already owned one Fluidline, the Pigment and one of the Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos.

This collection has a lot of permanents and repromotes in it, but that’s not all bad. I think it was a good thing to make people aware of some products that MAC has all the time that may be forgotten by a lot of consumers… Waveline Fluidline being one of those (I don’t have that one though, sorry). A few more that are permanent products are the 208 Brush, MAC Gloss, Brow Set (clear), and Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara. The items not included in this post are either things I don’t own, can’t seem to find in my kit, or are permanent and can be reviewed at a later date when I do something like a collective mascara or brush post.

Also, if you do not know who Chen Man is, you should google her and take a look at the videos for this collection on MAC’s Youtube channel. She’s an amazing photographer and a huge inspiration to me. Check out some of her photos sometime when you get a chance. She’s all about dimension, bold color, sensuality, contrast, detail… They’re all very powerful images but the different aspects of them softly fade into one another in a beautiful and unique way.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy what little I have to post for this collection. Thanks for reading!

Swatches taken on NC15 skin in natural sunlight Left to right: Sea & Sky (aka Love Cycle) Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo (light side/dark side), Naval Blue Pigment, Blacktrack Fluidline
Sea & Sky (aka Love Cycle) Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

Love Cycle:   You are probably wondering why the above photo is not the yin-yang design that you see on MAC’s website and in stores… Technically, that is not Love Cycle, it’s Sea & Sky from back in the day that is exactly the same eye shadow as far as I can tell (that is not a quote from MAC, just what I see). Anyway, Love Cycle is a “light blue, white, dark blue melange” on one side and a “dark royal blue” on the other. Yep, sounds about right. All that fancy talk about the lighter side translates to it showing up as a shimmery, cool, light silvery blue on the skin, as you can see in the swatch. It’s very highly pigmented and the color payoff is great. As with all Mineralize Eye Shadows, you can apply it damp if you want it to be more intense. The Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection are all limited edition and sell for $20.

Naval Blue Pigment... Old School packaging. Holla!

Naval Blue Pigment:   I have had this for years and love it. As you can tell, a little but goes a very long way with pigments, since there’s hardly any missing from the jar and I’ve used it a lot! Naval Blue is a “deep smoky blue” with a pearly finish to it. As with Mineralize Eye Shadows, pigments look more intense applied with a damp brush. If you’re using this dry, I suggest using it over a Paint Pot, like Painterly or Soft Ochre, so it has something to stick to and won’t budge all day long. Since it’s a loose powder, if you dust this on with a brush that’s too fluffy, you may have some fallout. I suggest a MAC 239 brush to pat this on the lid, and a 217 or 226 brush to blend it out with. The color payoff is amazing and this makes a GORGEOUS look when mixed with a golden shade, or even as a smokey eye simply blended out with Wedge or Cork Eyeshadow. This is limited edition with this collection but may still be permanently available from a MAC Pro store. Pigments sell for $20.

Blacktrack Fluidline (bad picture, sorry).

Blacktrack Fluidline:   If you are a MAC fan, you probably already know what this is… Fluidlines are gel-based eye liners that wear all day long with no smudging, smearing or flaking, yet they still come off easily when you’re ready to remove your makeup. Blacktrack is a permanent color and sells for $15. I like to use a MAC 266 Brush to apply this for a thicker, cat-eye look or a MAC 210 brush to get a thinner, more detailed line. Blacktrack is a “solid, flat black” and applies intensely and bold with one quick swipe. I apologize for the messy, bad photo, but it’s because I use this stuff ALL the time… Like several times a week, so it’s just well-loved, not ugly 🙂

Pinkly Fresh, Breezy Blue

     I love how many colorful, awesome Nail Lacquers that MAC has released lately! I’m addicted and these are a couple of my favorites. I usually get about a week of wear out of these, especially if I apply a top coat of Overlacquer to help prevent chips and excessive tip wear. It also adds a nice layer of glossiness! Both of these are $16 and limited edition so stock up while you can if you’re into them.

I will try to get some swatches of these up in the near future. I just painted my nails yesterday so I didn’t want to take it off and have to redo it because glitter nail polish sucks to remove!

Pinkly Fresh (Cream):   Best. Pink. Ever… Seriously. It’s SO flattering on everyone! It’s a “midtone blue pink”, but despite the cooler undertone, it makes everyone look warmer and more tan than they actually are. It’s a Cream finish, so there’s no shimmer or anything. Pinkly Fresh applies slightly streaky first coat, but will be opaque and smooth by the second or third, depending on how much product you apply. It’s a little bit like Essie’s French Affair that was out in the Spring a year or two ago, which was my previous favorite nail polish ever, but I ran out soooo I’m really glad that MAC came out with this one! I have three bottles of it hehe.

Breezy Blue (Cream):   I have probably said this before, but personally I am not a fan of blue nail polishes. 99.9% of them make me look dead or very close to it because I am pale and have cool undertones to my skin. This one doesn’t make me look as yucky as most of them do but it’s not something I see myself wearing all the time. HOWEVER, I got a TON of compliments when I was wearing it, and I think it looks fantastic on everyone but me. Maybe I just have a weird thing with blues or something… I dunno. Anyway, Breezy Blue is a “dark blue”. It’s not SUPER dark, and it almost has a purpley looking hint to it. It’s very pretty and unique. I tried to find a dupe for it at Ulta and didn’t find anything close!

Left: Budding Love Lipstick Right: Force of Love Lipglass
Budding Love (Lustre)

Budding Love (Lustre):   This lipstick is a Lustre finish, so it’s not heavily pigmented. You can apply it as a sheer wash of color or build it up to moderately opaque coverage. Budding Love is a “pale lavender” that leans a towards the pink side… A cool pink, but on my lips it shows up as a light, cool, pinkish-purple. It’s certainly unique and gorgeous, even on pale, cool skintones. There is a matching Lipglass that was also released with this collection but it was sold out everywhere when I tried to find it. Sadface! It is limited edition, so it may not still be available all over the place. It you can find it, you can get it for $14.50!

Force of Love

Force of Love:   MAC Lipglasses are fantastic and have a thick, creamy texture and nearly opaque color payoff. They are lightly vanilla scented and usually wear around 6 hours. Force of Love is a “vivid honeysuckle pink”. It’s a warm pink and has a hint of bright coral to it. There was a matching Lipstick released with this too, but it was sold out and I didn’t get a chance to buy it… I need to start pre-ordering my stuff through MAC Pro, dangit! As with the other lip products in this collection, Force of Love is limited edition and sells for $14.50.

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