Butter London Nail Lacquer – Disco Biscuit & The Full Monty: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Hi, I’m Lesley and I’m addicted to nail polish…

When I was at Ulta I realized that I had never worn Butter London before so after trying to talk myself out of spending more money, I went ahead and got just two bottles to try. They cost a little more than Essie, less than Chanel, and about the same as MAC, at $14 a bottle. Overall I was really pleased with these nail polishes and plan on picking up a few more sometime soon.

Butter London calls these nail polishes “3 Free” because they contain no formaldehyde, no toluene, and no DBP, and never have. They claim to be the first company to sell non-toxic nail lacquer in the US, so that’s cool. Yay! Healthy nails! Butter London is also a cruelty-free company, meaning they do not test on animals, so that makes them even cooler 🙂

Disco Biscuit and The Full Monty

Disco Biscuit
Sorry for the quality, this was taken indoors and on my iPhone when my camera battery was dead 😦 I also added a top coat of Essie's No Chips Ahead for added shine and protection.

DIsco Biscuit:   This is a “Tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles.” I love that it’s a warm kind of hot pink with cooler toned glitter. They’re super tiny particles and they reflect mostly as teals, blues, and purples. However, I didn’t love that even after three coats, it wasn’t completely opaque. You can probably see in the picture that the line  of the tip of my middle fingernail is slightly visible. It’s more visible in person and that’s HUGE pet peeve of mine! Another drawback is that even over a base coat this stained my nails SO bad, even though I only wore it for 2-3 days. Like many other glitter nail polishes, Disco Biscuit is difficult to remove. I do like this color a lot though, it’s unique and bright. I didn’t have it on very long but it seemed to wear well with no chipping or tip wear. For some reason, Disco Biscuit also dries super duper fast, so that’s a plus if you’re impatient and hate waiting on your nail polish to dry.

The Full Monty
Swatch taken outdoors in natural light with two coats applied, plus a top coat.

The Full Monty:   Butter London’s description of The Full Monty is “Does what it says on the bottle. Full-on molten gold. A beautiful colour that is always classy, never brassy.” Ooookay… It is a classy, neutral type of golden color. It doens’t look too yellow or too bronze… It’s just perfectly golden with a warm reflective shimmer to it. It has that metallic finish that really adds drama to your nails and to your every day look. I really like this color and I have a feeling it’s going to become my new favorite neutral nail! It wore well for 5 days with minimal tip wear. That said, I also applied a top coat of Essie’s No Chips ahead so it would wear as long as possible. It even came off easily, even though it appears to be glittery, it isn’t I guess, it’s just super metallic, so you don’t have that scrubbing-for-20-minutes-to-remove problem like most glittery nail polishes give you. The Full Monty applies heavily and was totally opaque within two coats.

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