MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Sooo I realize that the lipsticks have been out for a while but they’ve been recently repromoted by MAC and another color was added to the line (yay). I had a few of these a while back but I never used them much. Anyway, I fell in love with these and picked up a few more colors. I don’t have them ALL but I’ll probably get the rest for my kit eventually and add to this post whenever I have them. I will probably redo these photos eventually because the lighting really sucked that day, even with my lightbox, so they don’t seem true to color. I’ll also be adding some photos of the lipsticks on my own lips.

Sheen Supreme lipsticks aren’t as heavy or opaque as many other MAC lipstick formulas are. I really like that you can wear them sheer or build on them to make them ALMOST opaque. It’s like if a lipstick and a lipglass had a baby. I never need lip balm and other moisturizers when I wear these and the more I wear them, the healthier and softer my lips seem to be… Probably has something to do with the Shea Butter in them.  Since Sheen Supremes have moisturizing qualities and they’re slightly glossy, they won’t wear as long as something like a Matte finish lipstick, but I still get 4-6 hours of wear with no smudges or touchups. These wear longer when layered over a liner, especially the Pro Longwear lip pencils.

Like other MAC lipsticks, these are available from or any MAC store or counter for $14.50. As far as I know all shades are permanent except for the new one, Zen Rose, which I’m hoping will end up staying in the line.

Bare Again, Behave Yourself, Fashion City, Full Speed, Good to be Bad, Gotta Dash!, Happy Hibiscus, Impressive
Swatches taken outdoors on a cloudy day on NC15 skin. Bare Again, Behave Yourself, Fashion City, Full Speed, Gotta Dash!, Good to be Bad, Happy Hibiscus, Impressive
Bare Again

Bare Again:   This is a “pinky neutral beige”. It’s a very neutral color, kind of like the color of most peoples’ lips, but bolder. When I wear it, it deepens the color of my lips and adds shine without reeeeally looking like I have much on my lips. I do like to use this one with a lip pencil though, so I have some extra definition. Subculture is my go to neutral lip pencil and it looks nice with Bare Again… Perfect for one of those “no makeup makeup days”.

Behave Yourself

Behave Yourself:   Behave Yourself is a “light blue pink”. It’s a mid-tone, cool pink that kind of reminds me of Barbie… Anyway, it’s a nice, bright, girly color and I like it a lot this spring. It’s not SUPER bright. but it’s just bright enough to bring a nice pop of color to your lips. This looks nice on all skin tones and pairs up nicely with Hip ‘n’ Happy lip pencil.

Fashion City

Fashion City:   This Sheen Supreme is a “neutral coral with with pink”. On me, it looks more like a mid-tone peachy-coral and not so much pink, especially when I wear it with Subculture lip pencil. Either way it’s a pretty color and is nice on all skin tones. Since it’s Spring, I’m into brights like this right now so this is one of my current favorites.

Full Speed

Full Speed:   Full Speed is a “bright, clean yellow pink”, which means it’s a bold, warm toned pink. I LOVE this color right now, especially with Lasting Sensation lip pencil, which makes it even more bold. On my pale face, this looks like a mid-deep toned pinkish coral color. On deeper skin tones it’s still bright. Full Speed look hot on everyone and it’s perfect for all the bright trends this time of year!

Good to be Bad

Good to be Bad:   This lipstick looks waaaay darker in the tube than it really is, so don’t be scared off by it! It’s a “deep burgundy” that can be worn sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. On pale skin, it looks most dramatic but it’s perfect for a night out worn with a neutral eye and some winged liner or even a smokey eye if you really want some attention! On deeper skin, this shows up really beautifully. I like to pair this up with Beet or Burgundy lip pencil. You could even go with Currant or Vino if you have darker skin or if you want to deepen the color of this lipstick.

Gotta Dash!

Gotta Dash!:   Gotta Dash is a “pale, clean coral”, so it’s a light warm, coral color that has a hint of a yellowed pink to it. It’s not a color I have worn much yet, but it seems like it may apply more sheerly than some of the other Sheen Supremes. I’ll have to play around with this one some more before I can really judge it but I think I might like this one a lot this summer…

Happy Hibiscus

Happy Hibiscus:   Here is one of the lightest shades in the Sheen Supreme line. It is a “creamy white pink” that’s a very light, nude pink on the lips. I usually apply this one pretty lightly because it tends to make me look a little undead since I’m so pale anyway. It’s a great lip color with a smokey eye and it looks perfect with a nude lip pencil like Subculture (yeah yeah, I use that with everything), or In Synch, which is a very light pink.


Impressive:   Impressive is a “neutral gilded plum”. On the lips, it shows up more like a mid tone, neutral, warm mauve. It’s kind of like your lips, but deeper and with a hint of plum. This is suitable for all skin tones and looks nice as an every day lipstick or with a bold or smokey eye. I like to use Whirl lip pencil with this lipstick.

Left to Right: Insanely It, Korean Candy, New Temptation, Quite the Thing!, Royal Azalea, Supremely Confident, Tea Ceremony, Ultra Darling
Swatch photo taken outdoors on a cloudy day on NC15 skin. Left to Right: Insanely It, Korean Candy, New Temptation, Quite the Thing!, Royal Azalea, Supremely Confident, Tea Ceremony, Ultra Darling, Zen Rose
Insanely It

Insanely It:   Insanely It is a “watermelon pink”. It’s a medium, warm, bright pink that’s very pigmented and a perfect color for summer! It’s great on all skin tones and makes for a really nice bold, sexy pout. I like to wear this with More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil.

Korean Candy

Korean Candy:   This is a “bright orange-red”. It’s a little more on the warm, orange/coral side on my own lips, but it kind of changes depending on who is wearing it. It’s like the sheer, glossy offspring of Lady Danger and Morange. Orange is in right now, for all skin tones and ages, so Korean Candy is definitely in demand for spring and summer. It looks great with What A Blast Pro Longwear lip pencil or Lasting Sensation or Entertain Me lip pencil. You can really alter the way this color looks just by changing up the lip liner.

New Temptation

New Temptation:   New Temptation is a “vivid blue red”. When most people think of reds, this is what comes to mind. A classic, mid tone cool red that’s universally flattering on everyone. It’s bright, but not so bold that it’s overpowering. It looks great with Redd or Cherry lip pencil for a defined, sexy red pout.

Quite the Thing

Quite the Thing:   This lipstick isn’t as deep on the lips as it is in the tube. It’s a “deep blue plum” that actually a bright, blueish purpley plum on the lips. Although I usually think of colors like this as fall or winter colors, I can see this being one of the popular brights this summer. I haven’t worn it much myself, but I have used it on clients and it looks nice on everyone I’ve seen wear it. It’s a little more bold on paler skin. I wear this with Magenta or Just Wonderful lip pencil, although deeper skin tones could go with something more like Currant.

Royal Azalea

Royal Azalea:   Royal Azalea is a “bright mid-tone pink”. It reminds me of Saint Germain or Viva Glam Gaga. It’s almost a pepto-bismol sort of pink and applies a bit more opaque than a lot of the other Sheen Supreme lipsticks. This is a really popular color this spring. It looks great on nearly everyone and works well with Hip ‘n’ Happy lip pencil.

Supremely Confident

Supremely Confident:   Supremely Confident is a “pale nude”. This color shows up very light on me, nearly the same color as my NC15 skin. It’s very creamy and nearly opaque. On darker skin tones, this looks a little funky sometimes, but on pale to medium skin it’s a very nice nude. It’s sort of like the glossy version of Myth or Creme d’ Nude. I usually wear this with What Comes Naturally or Subculture lip pencil.

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony:   Tea Ceremony is a “neutral beige-pink” that looks more like a warm, brownish-beige on me. I don’t love this color on myself, but I think it looks fantastic as a neutral or nude shade on medium to deep skin tones. Either Spice or Chestnut lip pencil would go well with Tea Ceremony on deeper skin, or on lighter skin, Spice, Subculture, or Etcetera Pro Longwear lip pencil.

Ultra Darling

Ultra Darling:   I have used this Sheen Supreme lipstick more than any other. It’s the perfect pink for day or night and is a nice, warm “mid-tone yellow pink”. It’s bright without being bold, if that makes any sense. It gives anyone that wears it a girly, pink pout without looking like it’s too much. Ultra Darling is suitable for all skin tones. I usually wear it with In Anticipation Pro Longwear lip pencil so I get longer wear out of it, but it goes well with nearly any pink or neutral lip pencil.

Zen Rose

Zen Rose:   Here’s the newest addition to the Sheen Supreme line… It’s a “bright, mid-tone fuchsia”. It’s bold without being over the top. It’s not quite as deep on the lips as it is in the tube, but it still shows up well as a bright fuchsia. This is a very trendy color right now and works on all skin tones, so pick it up while you can, as it is limited edition for the time being. I like wearing this with More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil.

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