MAC Prime Future – Moisture Infusion and Skin Smoother: Photos and Reviews

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     Prime Future is the newest addition of Prep + Prime Products from MAC. There are only two products in this release but they’re unique and unlike anything that MAC has out right now. Each one is meant for a different purpose, but they really do what they’re supposed to and they do it really well! One is hydrating and one is a line/pore filler. Although several of the other Prep + Prime products sort of do those things, these specialize in those areas and give great results.

    These products are both part of the permanent line now, as far as I know, and can be purchased at any MAC store, counter or online at

     Moisture Infusion sells for $40 while the Skin Smoother costs $30.

Moisture Infusion:   Mac claims that this product is “A lightweight serum that saturates the skin with a concentrated boost of hydration, making it a unique hybrid between skincare and priming. Gently soothes, revives and replenishes the skin while preparing it for foundation.”

I was a little unsure about the Moisture Infusion at first, thinking it may be thin and similar to the Lightful Softening Lotion. You have to shake it up a little before you use it, but it’s not terribly thin. It’s very easy to work with and one of the best primers I have ever used. I have combination-oily skin, with patches of dryness that can look tight and almost flakey at times, but they don’t show up at all when I use this! It doesn’t seem to make my usual oily patches any more oily either, which is nice. The moisture it gives your skin lasts all day without feeling heavy or leaving a layer of anything sticky. It absorbs quite quickly.

You can wear this alone or along with other primers, depending on your skin and your individual needs.

After I wash my face and moisturize with my Softening Lotion and Oil Control Lotion and let those soak in a bit, I apply the Moisture Infusion Primer. I then apply my usual Prep + Prime Face Protect primer so I have all that wonderful SPF50 to protect me from nasty UV rays and even out my skin even more. Lastly, I apply the Skin Smoother to the areas I have visible lines and pores, but I will explain how to use that one in a minute.

Skin Smoother:   “A velvety skin perfecting primer that instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Contains powerful anti-oxidants, evens skintone and mattifies – while softening the skin. Convenient compact makes it perfect for on-the-go moments.” That’s what MAC has to say about this product and that pretty much sums it up.

This one is a little hard to describe. It’s very smooth, but not creamy. It has a thick texture in the compact, but feels extremely light when applied to the skin and sets with a matte finish. I would compare this to something like Benefit’s Dr Feelgood, but it’s not as sticky or heavy. I tried the Benefit version and did not like it much but I am really digging the MAC Skin Smoother. It’s very versatile and can be used on nearly all skin types, although it can bring out the texture in areas where there is a lot of pitting or scarring from acne.

This is something that can be worn alone or with other primers, depending on what you need it to do. I either apply this all over my face before I put on a light foundation, or I layer it over my Prep + Prime Face Protect to the areas around my cheeks and nose where my pores stand out, or on my t-zone where I tend to get shiny. You can also just wear this by itself to even skin and control oil if you don’t feel like wearing makeup. I know a few men who have purchased this product just for that reason.

The versatility with the Prep + Prime Skin Smoother really comes in where you can apply it under OR over makeup. Like I said, you can use it under foundation, by itself OR (here’s the big surprise), you can use it OVER any makeup, liquid or powder, to touch up with during the day to control oil… So cool!!! I have started using this for touchups rather than blot powder because it’s less product I am putting on my skin and it never appears dry like a powder does.

As far as applying Skin Smoother, you have a few options… Obviously being your fingers or a brush. When I apply this as a primer under my foundation, I like to use my fingers because it warms up the product so it really smooths out easily and fills in efficiently. If I use this as a touchup during the day, I use a travel-sized MAC 190 brush from a holiday collection (they have short handles and fit in my makeup bag perfectly). The reason I use a brush for touchups is because it won’t warm up the product or your skin, which lessens the chance of actually having the makeup on your face also warm up and be wiped off by your fingers.

I hope that explained those products to all of you, since at first they can be a little confusing to know what to do with! If you have any questions or want to share your own techniques for using these, please leave me comments!

Thanks for reading ❤


  1. Hey there! I loved this product as well, and it just became one of my favorites. Do you know if this is only a special edition, or a permanent?

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