MAC Reel Sexy Nail Lacquer: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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     Wow, MAC has really been putting out the new Nail Lacquers lately! I’m glad, because I am a total nail polish addict, which I have probably mentioned before… These three are the nicest ones out since Iris Apfel and all have great color payoff with only two coats, although it may take three coats or two thick coats to get them 100% opaque. They are all Cream finishes, so they lack any shimmer, but are very glossy looking even without a topcoat. If you add a topcoat, like MAC’s Overlacquer, you will get longer wear with less chipping or wear on the tips. Typically with Overlacquer added, I get about a week of good wear.

     All three of these Nail Lacquers are limited edition and available at any MAC store, counter or online at They sell for $16 each. Nail Lacquers never tend to sell out very quickly, so these should still be available nearly everywhere. I only have a swatch of Vivid Effect, which I currently have on my nails, but I will post photos of the other two on my nails whenever I wear them 🙂

In the Dark... Purple, Screening Room, Vivid Effect

In the Dark… Purple:   MAC describes this Nail Lacquer as a “vivid violet”. It is vivid, but still quite dark. Violet is spot on, to me, though… It’s a warmer type of purple so even on pale, cool toned skin, it doesn’t make you look washed out. I don’t think I have any nail polishes that are similar to this one, so it’s definitely work picking up if you’re into purples!

Screening Room:   Screening Room is a “bright mid-tone teal”. It’s a cool teal and has quite a bit of blue to it. It shows up more opaque on the nails than the other two Nail Lacquers in this collection. It’s a really nice teal and unlike many others that I own.

Vivid Effect (two coats with Overlacquer on top)
Photo taken in natural light. I have no idea why my hand looks so ridiculously pale though... It's not THAT white.

Vivid Effect:   Vivid Effect is a “vivid orange coral”, although it is a deeper sort of coral and has a bit of red on it (to me anyway). It’s very bright and flattering on everyone. Although it’s highly pigmented, it does not show up completely opaque in two coats, so you may need three coats to get your desired amount of coverage. I have on two coats in the photo above and I think it looks fine like that 🙂

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