MAC Tres Cheek Blushes: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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   Woot! New powder blushes! I wish these were permanent because these blushes really fill in the gaps between colors in MAC’s current line of blushes. Yeah, new ones come out sometimes with various collections but I haven’t found many that I loved recently, aside from the Mineralize blushes that came out with MAC Naturally, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE these… Anyway, the Tres cheek blushes are all highly pigmented and are AWESOME colors for spring. There is something in here for everyone, so I suggest snatching these up while you can!

     These blushes are all limited edition and several have sold out at a lot of locations. I believe they are sold out online as well. If you can find them at a counter or store, they sell for $20.

Top: Full of Joy, Immortal Flower, Lovecloud
Bottom: Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal, Pink Tea

Photo taken outdoors on a cloudy day. Swatches applied moderate-heavily on NC15 skin.
Left to Right: Full of Joy, Immortal Flower, Lovecloud, Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal, Pink Tea
Full of Joy (Frost)

Full of Joy (Frost):   This is the only Frost finish blush that came out with this collection. I’l glad, because personally, I am not a fan of high shimmer on that area of the cheek, but to each their own… Anyway, MAC described this color as a “lavender”. I can see that, although it’s not as purple as I would expect a true lavender to be. On my fair skin, this shows up well and looks more like a slightly lavender tinted, cool pink. It’s really pretty and lavenders are very on-trend right now. I don’t think this would be suitable for deeper skintones but would look nice on light-medium skin.

Immortal Flower (Satin)

Immortal Flower (Satin):   Immortal Flower is a “bright peach”. Bright is accurate, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that bold or intense. You can apply it more heavily if you want intense color payoff, but when I use this blush it’s not like it’s so bright it makes me look like a clown. It’s a true, warm peach with a natural looking finish that’s not too matte or too glowy. The color is definitely buildable, as it is with most Satin finishes, so anyone from fair to medium skin could pull off this blush. This is another soft, gorgeous, on-trend color for spring and summer.

Lovecloud (Satin)

Lovecloud (Satin):   This is my new favorite blush! MAC calls this a “bright mid-tone pink”. I definitely see the pink to it, but in some lighting and on my skin, it has a hint of coral. It looks a little intense but you can apply it both sheerly or heavier. As a Satin, it has a natural looking finish that’s neither matte nor shimmery. It’s a very warm toned blush and looks great on all but the darkest of skintones.

Modern Mandarin (Satin)

Modern Mandarin (Satin):   Modern Mandarin is a “red-orange” according to MAC. To me, it has a hint of pinkish red to it, but it’s mostly an orange coral color. It’s very intense and bright and although it’s a Satin finish, it seems slightly more shimmery than the others in this collection. On my fair skin, I have to apply this very lightly with something like a MAC 188 brush, but it still looks nice. This is definitely one of the better blushes in this collection for medium-deep skintones and is very on-trend for spring and summer. Orange is in!

Peony Pink (Satin)

Peony Petal (Satin):   This is a “bright blue pink”. It is very intense and bold but so beautiful. It’s a Satin finish, but it’s nearly matte and not as shimmery as some other Satins are. Peony Pink looks good on all skintones but I would recommend applying it more sheerly to lighter skin, using something like a MAC 188 brush, or using a light hand with any other brush.

Pink Tea (Satin)

Pink Tea (Satin):   Pink Tea is a “neutral beiged pink”. It’s neither cool nor warm. It’s a very soft, almost mauve/dirty pink (not meaning it looks dirty on the skin… you get it though). This blush is surprisingly intense, even though it looks very muted in the packaging. It gives the skin a natural flush without being too bright or intense. I would say this is suitable for fair to medium skin, but may look chalky on deeper skintones.


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