MAC Reel Sexy Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Last but not least for my posts over the Reel Sexy collection… I give you Lipsticks! These are the products that I was most excited about because these are all unique, bright, gorgeous lipsticks that are really flattering on everyone. It’s taken me a while to post this because I was waiting for Reel Sexy lipstick to get here… It was sold out EVERYWHERE when I went to get it the day it came out, so I had my wonderful mother hunt it down for me back in Oklahoma. Luckily, she found the last one in her area and it just got here today 🙂

MAC Lipsticks usually wear for about 6 hours on me, with Lustres needing touchups more like every 4 hours. If you layer these over Prep + Prime Lip, or that PLUS a lip pencil used to line and fill in the lips, that will help define as well as increase your wear time and prevent the lipstick from feathering or smudging. These lipsticks all have a pleasant, light vanilla scent but no taste.

As I said, most of these are sold out at a lot of stores and counters, and they are sold out online. If you can find them, they sell for $14.50. I hate it when amazing colors like this are limited edition… I wish I had stocked up on these because they’re all so great for this season!

If you find any of these at a location near you, please post where they still have them in stock in the comments section!

Heroine, Pink Popcorn, Reel Sexy, Watch Me Simmer

Heroine, Pink Popcorn, Reel Sexy, Watch Me Simmer

Heroine (Matte):   This version of Heroine is not to be confused with the lipstick of the same name that came out with the Wonder Woman collection in the past, that was more of a coppery brown. This Heroine lipstick is a “bright violet purple”. It looks different on different people but anyone can rock this lipstick! You can really alter the color depending on what liner you use with it… If you want a lighter look, use Magenta pencil and apply the lipstick lightly. For a darker, more vampy look, you can use a pencil like Currant or even Nightmoth. Heroine is a Matte finish, but it doesn’t look dry at all and is almost more like an Amplified texture to me. It is nearly opaque but not completely. It’s similar to Violetta lipstick but lacks the shimmer and is lighter.

Pink Popcorn (Lustre):   Pink Popcorn is described as a “lavender”, although I see it as a cool toned, lavender-pink. It’s a Lustre finish, so although it’s pigmented, it’s not terribly opaque. I would say it has moderate coverage though. It’s not shimmery, but it does have shine. You can use many different neutral or pink liners with this, but by favorite is Hip ‘n’ Happy lip pencil.

Reel Sexy (Amplified):   This lipstick shares the name of this entire collection… Probably with good reason too… To me, it’s the most unique product in the bunch and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Reel Sexy is a “light, bright coral” that is nicely pigmented and opaque. It’s SO pretty on everyone and I can see this becoming my go-to daily lipstick this season. I like to wear this with either a neutral lip pencil like Subculture, just so it stays on without budging or feathering, or something brighter/darker to add dimension, like Lasting Sensation or Entertain Me lip pencil. It looks really pretty paired up with some of the peachy and coral blushes from the Tres Cheek collection as well.  Since this lipstick sold out so quickly, you may want to pick up Gotta Dash! Sheen Supreme Lipstick instead. It’s incredibly similar, but a bit more shiny. Swatches for Gotta Dash! can be seen here: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

Watch Me Simmer (Amplified):   I’m sure that this lipstick looks very familiar to you if you have been keeping up with all of MAC’s collections this year… That’s because it was also released last February with the Shop MAC collection. It went over well then, so I’m glad they brought it back so quickly. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks of all time! It’s a “bright pink-orange” that looks more like a bold coral with a hint of pink to me. It’s Amplified, so the coverage is opaque. It looks perfect used with Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil and is flattering on everyone.

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