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It’s that time again… Real life has been taking over lately so I haven’t had much time at all for blogging. Sorry!

This weekend/early next week you can look forward to seeing photos, swatches and reviews for EVERY product in MAC’s new Lips & Tips/Fashion Sets collection… The only two sets I did not get are Spice and Chestnut, as they are not terribly flattering on me and I have similar products already. I also didn’t get Russian Red or Rebel nail lacquer because I have so many reds and deep purpley colors it’s ridiculous.

As well as that new collection, I am working some awesome new face charts for prom and wedding season. I’m also trying to group up different eye shadows, lipsticks, etc… to swatch and write about. I’m thinking I’ll try it by brand, color, formula, and so on.

What would you like to see? Should I stick with makeup or venture into the skincare/outfits/perfume/whatever world too? Let me know!!

P.S. If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a makeup artist for prom or a wedding or photo shoot or ANYTHING feel free to email me at lesleymarshallmakeup@gmail.com. I am trying to get some more freelance work lined up since I’m still relatively new to the area and trying to get my name out there.



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