MAC Fashion Sets – Brief Update

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Well poop. I got way behind for several reasons, which I apologize for…

1)   Items were sold out locally

2)   UPS did not get all of my products from the Fashion Sets collection here until today, a week after the collection was released (shame on you, UPS)

3) I’ve been working (yay!)

4) I’ve been having taking some time away from a computer and living my life and reading and playing with my dogs and exploring and all sorts of fun stuff

I did not get ANYTHING that’s Chestnut or Spice and I didn’t get Russian Red or Rebel Nail Lacquer, so I hope you aren’t anxiously waiting to see those on here.

That said, I will hopefully have the majority of the posts for Fashion Sets up tomorrow night (Friday, May 11th). I still have to take swatch photos and play around with a new camera a bit to redo some product photos, but I’m working on reviews tonight!

I will be publishing all of these posts in sets arranged by color (like one for Angel, one for Ravishing, etc…) and I will also be doing a collective summary with everything grouped by product type (Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer).

Check back tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have everything finished. Thanks for reading ❤

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