MAC Fashion Sets – Peachstock Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer: Photos, Swatches and Review

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Fashion Sets is MAC’s newest collection featuring “sets” of matching Lipstick, Lipglass, and Nail Lacquer. The colors were chosen based on how popular these shades of lipstick are in different regions of the world. This set features Peachstock, a permanent Lipstick at MAC Pro locations and limited edition Lipglass and Nail Lacquer.

Peachstock products are available online and are part of the Asia Pacific group of Fashion Sets. These sell for the usual prices, with Lipstick and Lipglass costing $14.50 and Nail Lacquer selling for $16.00.

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left to Right: Lipstick, Lipglass, Lipstick + Lipglass layered

Peachstock Lipstick (Satin):   This Lipstick is a “creamy beige peach”. It’s a warm, midtone nude color that’s definitely peachy and beige. It’s a Satin finish so it goes on creamy and is slightly shiny on the lips. It has a thick consistency and gives opaque coverage that wears for about 6 hours before I need to touchup. Stripdown or Subculture Lip Pencils work well with Peachstock, as well as Nice ‘N’ Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.

Peachstock Lipglass:   Peachstock Lipglass matches the Lipstick of the same name quite well. It’s a thicker than normal, creamy Lipglass and gives opaque coverage, although like some other nude-ish colors, it can settle into the lines of the lips a bit.

Peachstock Nail Lacquer (Cream):   The Nail Lacquer in this set is a hint more brownish than the Lipstick and Lipglass, but still matches well. It’s very creamy and thick, so it’s opaque in two coats, although it looks a little streaky with the first coat.

As with all MAC Nail Lacquers, I get close to 4-5 days of wear without much chipping or tip wear. With a topcoat like MAC’s Overlacquer, it will last closer to a week.

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