MAC – Hey, Sailor Lipsticks: Photos, Reviews and Swatches

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Alright… time for MAC’s summer collection… Hey, Sailor! This collection is full of beautiful colors, both neutrals and brights… These are all limited edition and because of the nifty, stripy nautical packaging, they cost a little bit more than usual, being $15.50 instead of $14.50. All of these are available online or at your nearest MAC counter or store (if they aren’t sold out).

I unfortunately did not get every lipstick from this collection… I couldn’t really justify getting Salute! and To Catch a Sailor because I have so many neutral lipsticks already. BUT the two lipsticks that I did get are AMAZING! I’m so in love with these and they’re honestly pretty unique in MAC’s lineup of red lipsticks. Here, see for yourself…

Attention!!!   As of today, Wednesday June 13th, these are back on sale online! They probably won’t last long though so get them while you can!

Red Racer (Satin) and Sail La Vie (Satin)
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15-20 skin                                                                                    Red Racer (Satin) and Sail La Vie (Satin)

Red Racer (Satin):   Red Racer is a “bright yellow red”, meaning it’s a bold red with warm undertones. This is suitable for all skintones and can really add warmth to your look, even if you’re pasty white like I am. Since it’s a Satin finish it gives opaque coverage and is shiny, but not glossy. I get about 6 hours of wear with this color. Redd Lip Pencil looks fantastic with this lipstick, as well Throw Me a Line Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that also came out with the Hey, Sailor collection.

Sail La Vie (Satin):   This is a “bright midtone orange”. To me, it’s almost a red… Perhaps a reddish orange? Either way, it’s lovely. This lipstick is somewhere in between Lady Danger and Morange, in my opinion. Sail La Vie is also a Satin finish lipstick so it wears well, gives opaque coverage and has a bit of shine to it. You could use Redd Lip Pencil with this, or even Entertain Me or What A Blast Pro Longwear Lip Pencil if you want to bring out the orange a little more.


    1. Morange is pretty bold, but you could use either a deeper lip pencil and make it darker, or use a light, nude lip pencil and barely apply Morange. You can always use a nude gloss over it or mix it with something like Myth lipstick to tone it down too.

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