MAC – Hey, Sailor Blushes: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are only two blushes that came out with this collection. They’re drastically different, but both very pretty. The Hey, Sailor blushes are limited edition and come in the navy blue, glossy, striped nautical packaging. As with the rest of the Hey, Sailor products, the packaging makes this blush cost one dollar more than the blushes in the permanent line. These sell for $21 and are available at any MAC counter, store or online (if they’re still in stock).

With MAC Satin finish blushes, I typically get around 8 hours of wear before they start to move or fade. These work best when applied after you set your foundation with powder. For a heavier application, I use a MAC 116, 129, or 169 brush. For a lighter application or if you’d like to slowly build up the color, you can use a MAC 187 or 188 duo-fiber brush.

Fleet Fast and Launch Away!
Fleet Fast and Launch Away!

Fleet Fast and Launch Away!
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Swatches are each blush applied heavily (left) and blended out (right)
Left: Launch Away! and Right: Fleet Fast
Fleet Fast (Satin)

Fleet Fast (Satin):   Fleet Fast is a “pinky golden coral”. It’s somewhere between pink, peach and coral, but has a slight golden glow to it… It’s a Satin finish so it has a glow without having actual shimmer or shine. It’s a really flattering color on every skin tone… From NC15 to NW50. I have used this on SO many people and it’s gorgeous on everyone!

Launch Away (Satin)

Launch Away (Satin):   Launch Away is a “true peach”. It looks extremely light, like it might be chalky in the packaging but when you put it on, it transforms into a pretty light pinkish peach color with a very subtle glow to it. This blush looks best on fair to medium skin tones and works best when applied with a dense type of blush brush, like a MAC 116 or 129.

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