MAC – Hey, Sailor Lipglasses: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Here are three of the Lipglasses from MAC’s most recent collection, Hey Sailor. I only bought Riviera Life and Send Me Sailing. I already had Orange Tempera from a past collection. I didn’t pick up Cut Loose because it’s very milky and doesn’t look very even on the lips when worn alone. Cut Loose is best layered over something.

Update: I also got Blessedly Rich today, so I’ll photograph, swatch, and review that one this weekend!

MAC Lipglasses wear for about 4 hours on me without needing touchups… Slightly longer if applied over a Lip Pencil or Lipstick. The texture is a bit sticky, but not uncomfortable and it feels less sticky after it warms up on your lips. The tackiness actually makes the Lipglass last and not smudge or wear off easily, so it’s not a bad thing. They have a light vanilla scent but no flavor.

These are all limited edition so supplies are limited and some colors may already be sold out. They are available at any MAC counter, store, or online. Since these lip glasses have the special Hey Sailor packaging, they cost $15.50 instead of the usual $14.50.

Orange Tempera, Riviera Life, Send Me Sailing
(sorry for the bad lighting)
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Orange Tempera, Riviera Life, Send Me Sailing
Orange Tempera

Orange Tempera:   Orange Tempera is a “pale peach”. To me, it is pale and milky, but it’s not 100% peachy… it has a hint of pink to it. It’s very creamy and gives opaque coverage and good color payoff but can settle into the lines on your lips unless you wear a primer, lip pencil, or lipstick underneath… I usually solve that issue by applying a lip balm or something like MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip before I put on this Lipglass.

Riviera Life

Riviera Life:   Riviera Life is a “bright tangerine”. It’s a bold, midtone orange that has a hint of red to it and contains fine, warm toned, golden shimmer particles. It’s slightly lighter than Mornage if you want something to compare it to. Riviera Life is a little thicker than the other Lipglasses in this collection and it gives totally opaque coverage.

Send Me Sailing

Send Me Sailing:   Send Me Sailing is a “bright yellow red”, meaning it’s a bright, warm toned red. There is a hint of pink somewhere in there and no shimmer. It’s not 100% opaque but gives fantastic color payoff. The only issue I have had (and a few other people I know), is that for some reason, this Lipglass tends to feather a little bit… As in it doesn’t stay within the lip area and feathers out from around the lip line. Even with a liner and/or a lipstick underneath, Send Me Sailing still feathers and doesn’t wear as long as other Lipglasses do. It has a thinner consistency than most Lipglass and isn’t completely opaque, so maybe that causes it to be runny or something. It’s a very pretty color, but having to touch up so often when I wore this got annoying 😦

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