Tuesday Tip #1 – Always start with primer!

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This is a new feature I decided to have on the blog where I’ll be giving quick tips every Tuesday. Some of these will be basics and some will be pro tips and tricks to achieving the perfect look. I hope you all enjoy! If you have any ideas for tips you’d like to see, let me know in a comment!

One of the most important things you can do before you apply your makeup is begin with a primer. What primers will do, depending on their main purpose, is mattify your face if you have oily skin, fill in lines and pores, add moisture if you have dry skin or dry patches, or brighten your complexion if you feel like your skin looks dull. What ALL of them do is give you a smoother surface on which to apply makeup. They also give your foundation something to stick to so it will last longer and look fresh all day long.

Here is a list of some of my favorite primers and a description of what they do and what skin types they are best suited for. Enjoy!

  • Cargo blu-ray High Definition Mattifier:   This oil-free primer will help control oil throughout the day as well as refine lines and pores, giving the skin a more even texture and keeping you from getting shiny. It also has a hint of bronze color to give your skin a healthy glow, but it still works well for the palest of complexions (like me)! Best for: Oily skin or combination skin if you get shiny in the t-zone area.
  • Make Up For Ever All-Mat:   This is another mattifying primer. According to MUFE, “The formula is based on a oil-free and colorless powdered gel providing extreme comfort. Designed to absorb the excess of sebum, it leaves the skin soft without a hint of shine. The complexion looks healthy and fresh whatever the occasion.” Basically, it absorbs oil all day to keep you from getting shiny, while also giving you a more even looking complexion and texture, much like the Cargo primer. Best for: Oily skin or combination skin if you need a mattifier in the t-zone area.
  • Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer:   This primer is oil-free and contains spherical silica micro-particles that help fill in lines and pores and even out the skin. It gives the skin a smooth surface so your foundation won’t move all day long, and controls oil so your makeup will last without getting too shiny. It is available in a transparent “color” that is suitable for everyone, or you can pick from the 6 corrector shades that will help correct your biggest skin concerns like dullness or redness. This Primer is great, but ones that have a thick gel-like consistency and contain a ton of silicones can break me out at times, so you may want to test this out before buying if you have issues with acne. Best For:   All skin types.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish:   Smashbox’s primer is similar to the Make Up For Ever Primer, although I don’t think it makes my skin quite as “glowy”. There are several formulas of this oil-free primer… Ones to brighten, correct redness, and hydrate, as well as a Light formula that is 60% water-based so it’s better suited for acne-prone or oilier skin. I prefer that one, as the normal Photo Finish breaks me out horribly after only a few days of use. I have had very few problems with the Light formula as long as I way my face thoroughly every night. Best For: All skin types.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Skin:   Prep + Prime Skin is a fluid-like lotion that contains silicones to help fill in lines and pores and even out your skin. It helps your makeup look smoother and less shiny and helps to even out redness. Although this helps control oil to some degree, I find that it doesn’t do that effectively all day long for people with rather oily skin. Best For: Dry, Combination, or mildly Oily skin.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect:   This primer has SPF 50 so it’s great for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays that cause lines and sun spots. It’s oil-free and helps to control oil incredibly well, as well as gives the skin an even surface so your foundation will last all day long and not settle into lines and pores. I use this every day and it makes my foundation last for 12+ hours and I have combination skin with really oily areas! Best For: All skin types.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion:   If you ever feel like you need an extra bit of moisture, this is the primer for you! This is more like a serum than a typical primer, so it’s a pretty thin consistency. This isn’t going to fill in lines and pores so much but it will help add moisture and even out dry areas. If you need something to give you a more smooth texture, you may need to use another primer in addition to this. Best For: Dry skin or combination skin (on dry areas only).
  • MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother:   I LOVE this product! What this does is mattifies the skin, but still makes it feel soft. It also fills in lines, wrinkles and pores. I typically use this alone, mostly on the t-zone area, or I use it on the areas I have larger pores after applying another primer all over my face. It’s truly versatile and can even be used OVER your makeup to touch up without having to add powder. This is one of my favorite primers of all time! Best For: Combination to Oily skin.


Like I said, this is just a short list of my favorite primers, but keep in mine there are SO many out there that are all made for different skin types and purposes! If you have any questions or have any suggestions or tips about primer of your very own, please feel free to share them in comments!!

Thanks for reading!

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