MAC – Casual Colour Lip and Cheek Colour: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Not only is Casual Colour a new collection from MAC, it’s also the name of a brand new, awesome product. These can be used as both a creamy, dewy blush, or a lipstick/gloss. I love this idea since I usually like to use a lip and cheek color that go well together. These look different depending on how they’re used, but still similar so your lips and cheeks compliment one another nicely.

Casual Colours are great if you want a “no-makeup makeup” look and they’re perfect to use if you’re in a hurry. As summer draws closer, I find myself wearing less makeup than usual and focusing more on healthy, glowing skin and minimal, natural makeup. That said, these can still be used if you are going for a more made up, dramatic look… It all depends on what colors you use and how heavily or sheerly you apply them. These are all pigmented well, so they tend to look brighter on the lips and more sheer on the cheeks when they’re blended out.

These can be worn by all skin types but may fade more quickly as a blush on oilier skin. Of course everyone can use these on their lips! Casual Colours are all limited edition but can be found at your local MAC counter, store, or online at for $20 (which is a deal considering how much product you get).

*   click on any photo to enlarge for more detail   *

For Lips:   I use a MAC 318 Brush or my fingers (read tip below if you choose to use your fingers). The 318 brush will apply this product as evenly as possible and you can achieve a heavier application and greater color payoff. If you use your fingers, it will go on more sheerly.

Either way, I recommend using a lip balm or primer, like MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip, underneath so it goes on smoothly and doesn’t emphasize any dry or chapped spots you may have on your lips. This product really sets once you put it on, much like a matte lipstick, but it doesn’t look or feel as dry as one. Although it dries and sets a bit, most colors don’t seem to emphasize or settle into lines on the lips. I also like to use a lip pencil with these if I’m applying it more like a true lipstick so it wears longer and looks more defined.

When testing these on my lips I got between 4 and 6 hours of wear, depending on the color. Bolder, deeper colors tend to wear longer.

For Cheeks:   When applying this to the cheeks, make sure you do this over your cream or liquid foundation and before you set it with a powder, if you use a powder anyway. You can either use a brush or your fingers (again, read tip below if you choose to use your fingers). If you use your fingers, it will warm up the product more so it blends more evenly. What you want to do is gently dab it on the area where you want the most color, like the apples of your cheeks, then blend it out.

If you are using a brush, you can scrape out some product and put it on a palette or the back of your hand first so it will warm up and be more creamy and smooth. The brushes best suited for applying a creamy blush like this are the MAC 130 brush (great for blending and buffing), the MAC 188 brush (this will apply it the lightest), or the MAC 109 brush (for the heaviest, but still easily blendable application). Any kind of duo-fiber brush or blending brush will work, it’s whatever you prefer!

When I wore these on my cheeks without a sheer setting powder, I got a dewy finish and about 6-8 hours of wear (I have combination – oily skin). When I set these with a powder, I got a more natural, satin finish and 8-10 hours of wear.

TIP:   Since it’s a lip & cheek product and it’s creamy, you may want to watch how you apply it. Because I don’t want to add any germs or bacteria to the product (creamy products are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, eww), I use a cosmetic spatula and scrape out a teeny little bit of product onto the back of my hand or a palette before I dip my brush into it. If you do this, you aren’t double-dipping so your Casual Colour will stay fresh and last MUCH longer!! You could also scoop a little bit into a sample container if you want to have it handy to apply with your fingers and not contaminate the whole pot. I did that so I have a small, personal container of the product and I can keep the original pot of Casual Colour in my makeup kit.

Alright, enough talking already… Onto the photos, swatches and reviews!

Top: Evening Stroll, Have A Lovely Day!, Keep It Casual, Keep It Loose
Bottom: Lazy Sunday, Out For Fun, Relaxation, Weekend Getaway
click on photo to enlarge
Evening Stroll
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily          Right: Blended out sheerly

Evening Stroll:   Evening stroll, is a “violet cream” color, as you can see. It’s more purple in the pot than it is on the lips or cheeks… When applied it’s more of a warm lavender color. It looks more on the pink side if you apply it sheer enough… Like a purple-ish pink maybe? I can’t really think of anything to compare it to, made by MAC or anyone else. This is definitely a unique product and color! I think this would be suitable for all but the deepest of skintones, although it will look brighter and more purple on lighter skin.

Have A Lovely Day
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily        Right: Blended out sheerly

Have A Lovely Day:   Have A Lovely Day is a “neutral nude” that’s sort of a warm, mauve type of nude (I hope that makes sense). Basically, it’s a rosy nude so it’s not very brown. You can see from the swatch that when applied heavily, like you would on the lips, it’s more pink and less nude. I can see this becoming one of my personal go-to colors when I want a nice everyday kind of blush. Have A Lovely Day would be most flattering on fair to medium skin.

Keep It Casual
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily        Right: Blended out sheerly

Keep It Casual:   Keep It Casual is a “warm wine” color. To me, it’s more of a medium-deep berry color. On the lips it looks more berry/red, while sheered out on the cheeks it’s more of a berry pink. Keep It Casual is suitable for all skintones, depending on how lightly or heavily you apply it.

Keep It Loose
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily        Right: Blended out sheerly

Keep It Loose:   MAC describes Keep It Loose as a “warm peach”. It’s definitely a peachy color but it still has a hint of pink. On my lips it showed up more like a light pink, while on my cheeks it was peachier. I think because lips are naturally pink, any of these will look slightly more pink when worn as a lip color. Since Keep It Loose is a lighter shade, I would recommend this for fair to medium skintones.

Lazy Sunday
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily        Right: Blended out sheerly

Lazy Sunday:   Lazy Sunday is a “baby pink”. To me, this is a light, slightly cool toned pink. On both the lips and cheeks it takes on the somewhat cooler tone, although the natural pink pigment of lips make this look brighter as a lipstick. This is the lightest and sheerest of all the Casual Colours, so I would say this is suitable for people with fair to light-medium skin. This may make people with even medium skin look slightly washed out.

Out For Fun
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily       Right: Blended out sheerly

Out For Fun:   Out For Fun is referred to as a “cool coral”, and I’m assuming by cool MAC means awesome, because there is nothing but warmth with this color! To me, this is a medium orange type of coral when worn on the lips. On the cheeks, it’s a lighter, peachier coral. It’s beautiful worn both ways and it’s quite intense, so this is suitable for all skintones. I would recommend applying this lightly with something like a MAC 188 brush for those of you with lighter skin!

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily       Right: Blended out sheerly

Relaxation:   Relaxation is a “warm pink”, according to MAC… BUT when I look at this and wear it, I don’t see anything warm about it. On my lips and cheeks it’s a cool-toned, *almost* neutral pink. Even though it’s a cooler type of pink, I still find it to be very flattering on fair to medium skin when worn as a blush. This could be worn by nearly anyone as a lip color.

Weekend Getaway
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Left: Applied heavily         Right: Blended out sheerly

Weekend Getaway:   MAC describes Weekend Getaway as a “cool rose”. To me, this is more of a medium, neutral rosy pink that isn’t all that cool. Whatever it is, it’s very pretty! On the lips this is much brighter, while on the cheeks it’s more like a soft rosy color. Since this is a medium pink, it’s great for all skintones as a lip or cheek color.

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