MAC and Beth Ditto – Pro Longwear Lipcremes: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Pro Longwear Lipcremes are some of my favorite lip products from MAC or any other brand, so I’m really happy they came out with a few new ones for the collection they did with Beth Ditto. There are bright colors, nudes, and one darker color, so there’s something for everyone. These are all limited edition so you may want to get them asap… I see Booyah!!! and Dear Diary selling out the fastest since bright colors are trending for summer and Dear Diary is VERY close to the lipstick Candy Yum Yum that was released with the Quite Cute collection a little over a year ago. Candy Yum Yum was extremely popular! There are still people trying to hunt that one down… Crazy!

What I love about Pro Longwear Lipcremes is that they aren’t drying, which hard to find with long wearing lipsticks. Even though these wear for about 8 hours, they never look or feel dry or emphasize the drier areas on my lips (not much anyway, unless my lips are in really bad shape). Most long wearing lipsticks are matte finishes, but not Pro Longwear Lipcremes! Most of these have a semi-matte to satin type finish to them. As time goes by, they can look more matte and lose some of their shine, but they never look dry. The majority of these give completely opaque coverage with one good layer.

The Beth Ditto collection came out today, Thursday, June 5th, and is available at any MAC counter, store, or online at Pro Longwear Lipcremes sell for $17.

Please forgive the super chapped appearance of my lips in these photos. These lipsticks actually don’t emphasize dry areas much but my lips are in bad shape after having to breathe through my mouth with a cold for the past 5 days ūüė¶

*   click any photo to enlarge for more detail   *

Booyah!!!, Dear Diary, Heart Hangover, Love Long Distance, You’re Perfect Already

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin
Booyah!!!, Dear Diary, Heart Hangover, Love Long Distance, You’re Perfect Already
photo taken with studio lighting and indirect sunlight
photo taken with direct sunlight
Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

Booyah!!!: ¬†¬†Booyah!!! (I can’t get enough of typing all those !!!) is a “bright orange” with a satin finish that turns more semi-matte as the day goes on. It’s not as bright as Morange or Neon Orange and not as dark as Good to Go Pro Longwear Lipcreme. Although this is a very bright color, it’s not so bold on the lips as it is in the tube. It’s a very warm toned orange and would look really pretty on any skin tone. Entertain Me Lip Pencil goes well with this and was repromoted with the Beth Ditto collection. Unfortunately, it’s limited edition. If you can’t find that one, What A Blast! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, which is permanent, would also look good with Booyah!!!

Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

Dear Diary: ¬†¬†Dear Diary is a “bright neon pink” with a satin finish which turns more semi-matte later on in the day. It’s nearly identical to Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (from Quite Cute), but maybe not as bright. Dear Diary has some magenta-like undertones in certain light and on some skin tones. Even though this is a very bright color, it looks nice on anyone I’ve seen wear it, from fair to deep faces. Embrace Me Lip Pencil looks nice with this lipstick and was repromoted with this collection. Since it’s limited edition, it may sell out quickly but don’t worry, More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil is also a great liner to use with Dear Diary and it’s part of the permanent line.

Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

Heart Hangover: ¬†¬†Heart Hangover is a “deep purple” with some reddish brown undertones and a semi-matte finish that only looks satiny at first. I can’t really think of any lipsticks that are similar to Heart Hangover, by MAC or any other brand. It’s a pretty unique color. Although this is a darker lipstick, it’s flattering on a wide range of skin tones, even fair skin. I think it’s more a matter of if dark lipsticks are your thing or not! On dark to deep skin, this is stunning. Nightmoth Lip Pencil is part of the permanent line and is being repromoted with the Beth Ditto collection, probably because it looks so nice with Heart Hangover. Another option would be something like Currant Lip Pencil, or Burgundy if you want to go lighter and bring out the red in this lipstick.

Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

Love Long Distance: ¬†¬†Love Long Distance is a “light mauve” with a frosted finish, which is different from most Pro Longwear Lipcremes. Although it’s frosty, it doesn’t lose that metallic sheen for the first few hours it’s worn, so that’s nice. It’s a cooler toned, pale pink that is somewhat sheer so it’s subtle but still feminine and pretty. I would not recommend this on anyone darker than medium or medium-dark skin, as it may make people with deeper skin tones look slightly washed out. In Synch Lip Pencil is a great liner to use with Love Long Distance and is part of the permanent line. It was also repromoted with this collection.

Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

You’re Perfect Already: ¬†¬†Not only do I love this lipstick, I love the name! You’re Perfect Already sends such a good message to people and for some reason, I felt especially pretty when I wore this today. Anyway, this is a “neutral pale pink” that’s almost a pinky, peachy nude but not quite totally nude. It is slightly warm toned and fairly light, but still creamy with a satin finish (turning more semi-matte the longer it’s been worn). It gives opaque coverage and only shows dry areas on the lips if they’re extremely chapped like mine are in the photo above ūüė¶ ¬†Since this is a rather pale lipstick, I think this would be a good nude for people with fair to medium skin. Although this lipstick did not have a matching liner repromoted in the Beth Ditto collection (maybe they were thinking In Synch would go with this but I find it to look too pink), you could use something like Subculture Lip Pencil, Naked Liner Lip Pencil (if you want something lighter), or Saunter Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that came out with the Hey, Sailor collection.


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