MAC – Casual Colour Nail Lacquers: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Casual Colour has three new Nail Lacquers and one Nail Lacquer that is being repromoted. They are all soft, feminine colors that would be flattering on anyone of any age. All of these are limited edition and sell for the usual price of $16. The Casual Colour collection is available online now and at counters and stores Thursday, June 7th.

As with all MAC Nail Lacquers, I get around 4-5 days of wear without much chipping or tip wear. With a topcoat like MAC’s Overlacquer, it will last closer to a week and be a little more glossy looking.

I will try to get swatches or photos of these on my nails as soon as I try each one out. Sorry I’m so bad about doing nail swatches but I hate redoing my nails all the time!

*   click any photo to enlarge for more detail   *

Delicate, Fiestaware, Please Me, Style Tip


Delicate:   This Nail Lacquer is described as a “pale sheer ballet pink”. Basically, it’s a sheer pink that will make your nails look shiny and healthy, but it doesn’t have much pigment to it. It does have a nice, almost gel-like look once it dries, so it doesn’t really need a top coat. I like this for days when I want a natural-but-better nail.


Fiestaware:   Fiestaware is a “mid-tone orange coral”. It’s kind of a peachy orange with a hint of coral. It’s very creamy, applies smoothly, and goes on totally opaque in two coats. When it dries it’s shiny and even and only requires a topcoat if you want it to look even glossier or to wear longer.

Please Me

Please Me:   Please me is a “mid-tone warm pink”. It’s a warm, medium pink that’s flattering on everyone. It’s creamy and opaque with two heavy coats, although the first coat may appear slightly streaky. This Nail Lacquer was also recently released with the Fashion Sets collection and matches perfectly to the Lipstick of the same name.

Style Tip
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin (with some self tanner leftover on my knuckles… Oops!)
Two coats of Style Tip + Overlacquer

Style Tip:   Style Tip is a “soft pink nude”, although to me it looks more like a warm, medium nude color. That said, most beiges and nudes are anything but flattering next to my fair skin, but this one actually looks nice! I’ll be sure to post a picture of it tomorrow. It’s creamy and went on very smoothly with minimal streaking for the first coat. After the second coat it was totally even and opaque. It was shiny and almost gel-like in appearance by itself but I put on a topcoat so it would wear longer.

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