MAC and Beth Ditto – Nail Lacquers: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are three new Nail Lacquers and one that’s part of the permanent line, which is being repromoted with this collection. The three new ones are, of course, limited edition, so get them while you can! I think they’re all be pretty popular since they’re bright, but soft, and the yellow one is pretty unique. This collection was released yesterday, Thursday, June 7th, so it’s available now at any MAC counter, store, or online at Nail Lacquers sell for $16.

All of these have Cream finishes and MAC’s new, jelly-like, high gloss formula, which seems to wear better and stay glossy looking longer than their past formula a few years ago. They also contain moisturizers so they won’t leave your nails feeling dried out. These Nail Lacquers also help protect your nails and the skin underneath from UV rays.

As with all MAC Nail Lacquers, I get about 4-5 days of wear without much chipping or tip wear. With a topcoat like MAC’s Overlacquer, they tend to last closer to a week. I also like to apply a base coat under these to make sure they go on as smoothly as possible. This will also make them wear slightly longer.

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Life and Beth, Near Beth Experience, Nocturnelle, Vagabondage
Please ignore the “Frost” part printed on the bottom of Nocturnelle It’s from years ago and was a misprint, as it’s actually a Cream finish.
Life and Beth
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. I have self tanner on so pardon how orange my knuckles look lol

Life and Beth:   Life and Beth is a “milky peach” with a Cream finish. It’s a light to medium, warm peachy color that reminds me of a creamsicle something-or-other, or an orange dream machine smoothie from Jamba Juice (which I am addicted to). Anyway, this gives good color payoff and opaque coverage BUT it took three thin coats to achieve that. It looks very streaky until you get to the third coat. I was worried at first that this would be a miss more than a hit, but after figuring out the trick to get the best color payoff and coverage, I’m very happy with this Nail Lacquer. It’s so warm and feminine that I think it would be flattering on everyone of any age.

Near Beth Experience

Near Beth Experience:   This is a warm “light yellow” with a hint of lime undertone and a Cream finish. Like Life and Beth, I also had some initial streakiness with this Nail Lacquer. After three thin coats, it looked even and shiny, but maybe not 100% opaque at some angles and in bright lighting. Despite that, I think that Near Beth Experience is a unique color that is worth working with to get the payoff that you want. Since yellows can look a little off on some people with very fair or cooler toned skin, you may want to try this on before you buy it. However, it did look good on me and I have both cool and fair skin, so maybe this is the exception!


Nocturnelle:   You probably recognize Nocturnelle since it’s been repromoted with several collections over the past few years, or because it’s part of MAC’s permanent line of Nail Lacquers. Nocturnelle is a “black-as-night black” with a Cream finish. It takes three thin coats of this to give totally opaque, blacked-out coverage, since this color can be slightly thin at times. It’s a very nice, deep, true black nail polish that’s very creamy and smooth, so it looks pretty and glossy instead of “goth” and flat. If you have never tried black nail polish before, this is a good one to start with since it’s high quality and looks nice with everything!

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight.
This two coats of Vagabondage, plus one layer of Overlacquer. Still looks great after 5 days!

Vagabondage:   Vagabondage is a creamy “midtone lavender”, although I see this more as a midtone, cool pink. It’s similar to Saint Germain from the Fashion Sets collection, launched last month, but not as bright. Pinkly Fresh from the Chen Man collection is also a similar cool pink, but it’s lighter than Vagabondage. This gave me opaque coverage in two coats, unlike Life and Beth or Near Beth Experience, so it has them beat on color payoff and opacity. Since this is a medium, girly kind of pink, it’s flattering on everyone!

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