MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadows: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Pro Longwear Eye Shadows are some of my favorite eye shadows from any brand! The quality is great, color payoff and pigmentation are fantastic, and I LOVE the texture! All of these eye shadows feel almost creamy… They have a smooth, silky, luxurious texture to them. The finishes are also great. It tends to vary from one color to the next, with some being more like a satin finish and some being more frosty, but they’re all gorgeous. Pro Longwear Eye Shadows are very easy to blend and you can build on the color without the product looking heavy. Best of all, they really do wear for 8 hours, just like MAC claims. If you wear a Paint Pot or other primer underneath, they will wear for more like 12-14 hours… It’s awesome!

These come in the same size pots as Cream Colour Base, so you get a TON of Eye Shadow for a very good price. MAC’s normal Eye Shadows contain 1.5g of product for $15, where Pro Longwear Eye Shadows contain 3.4g for $20… That’s over twice the amount of product for only $5 more and they’re longer wearing, so one of these will last you a very long time! All of these colors are permanent and can be found at any MAC counter, store, or online at

I have divided these into three groups so it’s a little easier to look at and sort through without having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to look back at photos and swatches!

***   click on any image to enlarge for more detail    ***

Photo taken outdoors with indirect sunlight on NC15 skin

Make Your Mark:   Make Your Mark is a “dark chocolate” color. It’s a warm, deep brown with a subtle warm shimmer to it, although it’s still less shimmery than some of the other Pro Longwear Eye Shadows. I would say it’s similar to a velvet finish. The color payoff is good, though maybe not 100% opaque with one quickly applied layer. It’s very easy to add more and make it opaque without looking heavy though. I suggest using a dense, flat brush like a MAC 239 to apply this heavily.

Lie Low:   Lie Low is a “dark frosted golden brown”. It’s slightly lighter than Make Your Mark and warmer, with some definite reddish and bronze undertones. The texture is very soft and it’s definitely one of the more frosted colors, but it’s still not quite as frosty as MAC’s normal frost finish eye shadows… This is sort of in between a satin and frost finish to me. Color payoff is great and this applies opaquely with one layer of product.

Sweet Satisfaction:   This is a “soft neutral beige”. It is significantly lighter than Lie Low. Sweet Satisfaction is a light-medium beige with a very frosty finish and leans neither toward the warm or cool side, making this a true neutral. It applies opaque with one layer of product and has fantastic color payoff!

One To Watch:   One To Watch is a “light warm brown”. To me, this is a light-medium brown with some seriously warm, orange/peach undertones. It’s has a satin finish and the color payoff is good, but it’s not totally opaque. It seems more sheer and dry than some of the other Pro Longwear Eye Shadows do, but it still layers well and blends easily.

Carefree:   This eye shadow is a “pale white gold”. It’s a light creamy color with hints of light, warm, golden undertones to it. This has a slightly frosted finish, but like Lie Low, it’s not as frosty as MAC’s normal frost finish eye shadows. It feels a bit dry and powdery but gives very good color payoff and applies nearly opaque with one layer. I like to use this on the inner corner of my eye to look more awake… It can also be lightly dusted on the top of the cheekbone with a fan brush and used as a highlighting powder on fair-light skin.

Plush:   This eye shadow is a “vivid purple”. Now for some reason, I did a really rotten swatch of this, so I will try to redo it soon! It is SO much brighter than it looks in the swatch photo, I promise! It’s a bold, true, mid-tone purple with some warm, reddish undertones. It’s has a finish that I would consider to be satin. The color payoff is good, but not as intense as it looks in the pan. It’s not quite opaque by itself, but it seems to go on more heavily if applied over a primer with a dense shader brush.

Tease With Ease:   Tease with Ease is a “bright fuchsia”. This is mid-tone, hot pink with a frost finish. It’s not super frosty, but it definitely has more of a sheen to it than most Pro Longwear Eye Shadows. It feels very smooth when applied and has nearly opaque coverage.

Pink Frontier:   Pink Frontier is a “soft golden pink”. It’s a light-medium pink with yellow undertones. It’s very shimmery and is a true frost finish. It’s soft but feels slightly dry, which may be why it doesn’t apply heavily. It takes a bit of layering to get great color payoff with Pink Frontier, or at least a Paint Pot underneath as a base.

Hot Paprika:   This is a “mid-tone burnt red”. On the skin, this is not all that red… It’s more of a burnt orange with red shimmer. Like many of the Pro Longwear Eye Shadows, it has that finish that’s somewhere between a frost and satin. It’s not super frosty but it has a definite sheen to it. The color payoff with Hot Paprika is great and you don’t need much of this product to show up well. It looks fantastic with some of the darker neutral Pro Longwear Eye Shadows like Make Your Mark and Lie Low. It also looks cool as a blending color if you put Legendary Black on the lid for a new twist on a smoky eye!

Sunny Outlook:   Sunny Outlook is a “bright golden yellow”. It’s a medium, soft, sunny yellow with a golden sheen. It has a satin-like finish and excellent color payoff. The texture of this one is very smooth so it blends beautifully. I’m not typically a big fan of yellow eye shadows, but with the warm, golden tones in Sunny Outlook, it’s flattering even on fair skin.

Fresh Flare:   Fresh Flare is a “bright kelly green”. It reminds me of fresh-cut grass! It’s a true green without looking too yellow or too blue. Fresh Flare has a frost finish and has great color payoff. It applies smoothly and opaque with very little product.

Styledriven:   Styledriven is a “pale white blue”. This is lighter on the skin than it is in the pan, looking like an icy type of sky blue. It has a slightly frosty finish, but isn’t extremely frosty. This is a really beautiful, unique light blue. Despite it’s pale color, it gives good color payoff and applies quite opaquely.

Thru The Night:   Thru The Night is a “deep navy”. I’m not sure how deep this is… To me, it’s more of a medium-dark navy. What I love about this color is that it’s not one of those dirty, gray looking navy eye shadows. It still retains the blue color, even when applied. It has a finish that’s somewhere between satin and frost and gives decent color payoff, although it’s not completely opaque. This blends well but can feel slightly dry at times. I like using this over a Paint Pot for the best color payoff and the smoothest application.

Weathered:   Weathered is a “dirty blue gray”… Yep, that’s pretty accurate! It’s a medium-dark, cool-toned, sooty gray with a frosty finish. The really cool thing about this color is that it’s not just frosty, it’s shimmery and the shimmer has this GORGEOUS purple/fuchsia/blue sheen to it. It gives fantastic coverage and color payoff too. Out of all of the Pro Longwear Eye Shadows, Weathered is the most unique!

Keep Your Cool:   This is a “dark gray brown”. It’s a dark neutral gray with deep taupe-ish undertones. It has a satiny finish that has a bit of sheen to it but is by no means shimmery. Keep Your Cool gives nearly opaque coverage with little product and has wonderful color payoff. It feels very silky and blends very easily.

Legendary Black:   This is my favorite black eye shadow of all time! Legendary Black is a “warm almost black”, meaning it’s black, but more of a medium, sooty type of black that’s not super intense. It has a satin-like finish with a warm brown, slightly golden sheen. The color payoff is amazing and it applies both smoothly and opaque. This is my favorite black for a smoky eye… Not only because it’s such a unique, pretty, soft shade but also because it wears better than any black eye shadow I’ve ever tried! This looks especially gorgeous if you use a Paint Pot like Constructivist underneath as a primer to bring out the warm brown undertones.

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