MAC Pro Longwear Lipglasses: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are not many cosmetic companies that make long wearing lip glosses that actually last, but MAC has managed to do that!!

Pro Longwear Lipglasses are not transfer-proof, but they do offer about 6 hours of wear before they start to fade, with darker colors lasting slightly longer. These are all nicely pigmented with some being more opaque than others. The texture of Pro Longwear Lipglass is what turns some people off… They are thick, sticky, and can feel a little difficult to spread onto your lips at first BUT they do not feel quite so thick and sticky once they start to warm up on your lips. If these didn’t have that consistency, they wouldn’t wear as long! Once on the lips these feel more comfortable and creamy. I have not had many problems with these feathering or smudging around, except with the deeper colors. However, that’s easily fixable by layering these over a liner. What I like to do is apply Prep + Prime Lip, then use a liner (I prefer the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils) to line and softly fill in my lips. After that, I apply the Pro Longwear Lipglass and it wears really well!

These apply evenly for the most part, but because of the thicker consistency, if you apply too much product then rub your lips together it can cause the product to sort of stick to itself and make the color look uneven. That’s pretty easily avoided if you don’t over apply this product. These are highly pigmented and quite shiny so you don’t really need to apply much anyway! The high shine factor that you get with these lasts about 4 hours before it starts to just look creamy. I do notice that sometimes I will get that weird “slime line” along the inner part of my lip when I wear these, but it seems to happen most often if my lips are dry or I don’t use a primer underneath. These do tend to cause that more than other lip glasses do, but that’s about the only down side I can think of!

Since all nine of these are permanent, they are always available at your local MAC counter, store, or online at for $19.50.

As you can see from the photos below, the applicator for this is not your typical doe-foot applicator found in other MAC Lipglasses. This one is flatter, sort of bendy, and has a more dense type of fuzziness to it. I believe that the flat, bendiness of it helps when applying the product. You can really press down on it to spread the thicker Lipglass on your lips, but since it bends you can’t press TOO hard, wiping the product right back off again. The denser (is that even a word?), fuzzier applicator also helps apply this thicker product too since the fuzziness can hold onto the product more. The color featured in these photos is Whoops!.

***   click any of the photos to enlarge for more detail   ***

Whoops!, Show Me!, Ready Or Not!, Patience Please, Infinitely Likable, Full Speed Ahead, Driven By Love, Lasting Achievement, Dark As Night

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC15 skin.
Whoops!, Show Me!, Ready Or Not!, Patience Please, Infinitely Likable, Full Speed Ahead, Driven By Love, Lasting Achievement, Dark As Night

Photo taken indoors with natural light + light from my OttLite makeup mirror.

Whoops!:   Whoops! is a “bright coral” that looks more orange in the tube, but is definitely coral on the lips. It’s not 100% opaque, but almost. It’s creamy and shiny but contains no shimmer. If you want to bring out the orange or make this look bolder, you could lightly apply the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil What A Blast! with this. If you want something that matches more closely, you could Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil.

Show Me!:   Show Me! is referred to as a “mid-tone neutral plum” on the MAC website, although I don’t see any plum in there! To me, it’s more of a medium, neutral, brownish peachy-pink. It’s one of those “your-lips-but-better-and-brighter” kind of lip glosses. It’s creamy and lacks any shimmer but still has shine. The color payoff is great and it applies opaquely with little product. If you want to use this over a liner, you could use any neutral/pink lip pencil (my staple is Subculture). To increase the longevity of this Lipglass, you can layer it over a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil like Staunchly Stylish, Etcetera (this will lighten it), or Nice ‘N’ Spicy (if you want to darken it or have a medium dark-dark skin tone).

Ready Or Not!:   Ready Or Not! is a “neutral light coral with slight pearl”. To me, it’s more of a light, peachy nude but it does contain some pale pearly bits. It definitely doesn’t look as brown on the lips as it does in the tube! Ready Or Not! is almost opaque but not quite, and doesn’t seem to apply as evenly as most other Pro Longwear Lipglasses. If you want this to look more like a light nude, you can apply it over the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Saunter (if you have it), which came out with the Hey, Sailor collection. If you would like to deepen it a bit, Etcetera would also work. Otherwise, any neutral lip pencil will be suitable! I recommend this for fair to medium or medium-dark skin… This may make anyone with a deeper skin tone look slightly washed out.

Patience, Please:   Patience, Please is a “light pink-blue” (I think they meant blue-pink?). Anyway, in my opinion it’s a very pale, milky, neutral pink. It has no shimmer and isn’t as shiny as some of the other Pro Longwear Lipglasses but it does apply opaquely with good color payoff. As with a lot of very pale, milky lip glosses, this settles in the lines of my lips when I wear it without my Prep + Prime Lip. It doesn’t do that so much with a primer or when worn over a lip pencil, though. If you want to layer this over a liner, any light pink or nude will work. As with Ready Or Not!, Patience Please can make deeper skin tones appear washed out.

Infinitely Likable:   This is described as a “light pink”. It’s a light-medium, neutral pink that can look warmer or cooler, depending on your skin tone. It’s a bit milky and contains no shimmer. Infinitely Likable applies very evenly, despite it’s thickness, and is totally opaque. Since it’s pretty neutral, you can use many different lip pencils with this, although I like to use the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in In Anticipation to brighter and warm this lip gloss up a little bit. The Lip Pencils Subculture, Soar, Dervish, and Whirl would also look nice.

Full Speed Ahead:   Full Speed Ahead is a “bright pink-magenta”. It’s a bold, slightly cool toned, hot pink that has no shimmer and is creamy, but also very glossy. I would say this applies 90% opaque. Although it’s bright, I haven’t had any problems with this one feathering in the lines around my lip. I like layering this over More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil if I want it to look bolder and darker. In Anticipation Pro Longwear Lip Pencil will lighten and brighten it a little. Otherwise, Embrace Me Lip Pencil is a near perfect match… That one is limited edition but has been released and repromoted several times, most recently with the Beth Ditto collection. Magenta Lip Pencil can also be used with this to bring out the cooler, more purple undertones.

Driven By Love:   This is a “red-blue with slight pearl”. To me, it’s almost a mid tone red and only slightly cool and blue-based. The shimmer in this is warm and golden (I need to get a better photo that does it justice). Driven By Love is one of my favorite red lip glosses of all time and it’s very flattering on every skin tone. It applies evenly and pretty much opaque, although it has some sheerness to it that’s more noticeable in certain lighting. As with some of the darker Pro Longwear Lipglasses, this can feather into the lines around my lips a tiny bit, so I like to use it over a liner. I usually use Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear Lip Pencil if I want to bring out the warmth, or Cherry Lip Pencil. You could even use something like Beet or Half-Red if you want to change up the color a bit or add more contrast.

Lasting Achievement:   Lasting Achievement is a “mid-tone purple with slight pearl”, which sort of reminds me of Rebel Lipglass, only warmer. To me, this is a berry-like, deep red with warm red and golden micro-shimmer. It’s very shiny but not completely opaque. Like a few of the other darker Pro Longwear Lipglasses, this caused some feathering around my lips after a few hours of wear, so I make sure I use a liner with Lasting Achievement. If you want to wear a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil with this, you can use Absolutely It (to tone it down and bring out the plummy color), or More To Love if you want to make it brighter and more pink. Unfortunately, there isn’t one of those that’s a perfect match. For normal Lip Pencils, something like Beet, Burgundy, or Half-Red would work.

Dark As Night:   Dark As Night is a “deep dirty plum with slight pearl”. It’s a dark, wine-like, blackened plum that has tiny particles of warm berry and golden shimmer. I would say this color is only about 75% opaque, and doesn’t apply as evenly as the other Pro Longwear Lipglasses do. The lack of opacity makes this a lot less intimidating than it looks in the tube, though, so that could be a good thing! Dark As Night gave me some issues with feathering around my lips after only an hour or two of wear, so I always make sure I wear this with a lip pencil. That will also make it appear more opaque. You can use so many different liners with this, depending on how you want it to look… For lighter colors, you could try the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Aboslutely It, or the normal Lip Pencils in Beet, Half-Red, or Burgundy. Some good darker Lip Pencils to use with this would be Currant, Vino or even Nightmoth.

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