MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipstick: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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Pro Longwear Lipcreme is MAC’s version of a long wearing lipstick. They are my favorite long wearing lipsticks of all time! I love these so much that after I bought two when the Styledriven collection came out, I bought nearly every other color… Except Goes and Goes, which is a really pretty lipstick, but lilac isn’t really my thing, so that one is the only permanent color that is missing from this post.

These wear for 8-12 hours before touch-ups are needed. Using a lip pencil, especially the Pro Longwear type, to line and lightly fill in the lip will increase the longevity of this product. I never have issues with these feathering into the fine lines around my lips, no matter how dark the color is. These are also transfer-resistant… They will still transfer a little if you kiss someone, take a drink from a cup, or rub your lips, but they do not transfer easily. I never have much lipstick left on my straw and I can gently dab my mouth with a napkin during a meal without getting lipstick all over the place. Since they aren’t transfer-proof, they will smudge if you wipe your mouth, and they don’t like to easily come off of your skin, so be careful if you’re wearing a bright color and nomming a big cheeseburger!

What makes Pro Longwear Lipcreme stand out to me is the texture and finish… These feel creamy and never look dry, even after they’ve been applied and have “set”. They retain moisture well so they won’t make your lips appear dry, chapped, or chalky like so many other long wearing lipsticks do. The majority of Pro Longwear Lipcremes have a shine that gradually starts to dull after about half the time they wear for… So if it’s a satin finish, it will start to look more creamy or semi-matte after around 4 hours. If it’s a cream finish, it will start to look less creamy and more semi-matte after around 4 hours. Even when these begin to dull, they still look smooth and will keep their color and brightness nearly the entire time they’re on.

All 18 of the colors in this post are permanent and are available for $17 at any MAC counter, store, or online at

I am dividing these into three groups so it’s easier to read and figure out what’s what. I tried to arrange them by color family (sort of), so hopefully that helps out a little too!

***   click on any photo to enlarge for more detail   ***

 My apologies if some photos are weird angles or fuzzy, it was my first day with this lens and lighting setup! I may end up redoing some of these.

Good To Go, Made To Last, So Very Good, Sweet Ever After, To The Future!, Overtime

Photo taken with studio lighting + some indirect natural light.
Photo taken in direct sunlight.
Photo taken indoors with some natural light + light from my OttLite makeup mirror.

Good To Go:   Good To Go is a “loudmouth orange”. It’s a bright, bold orange that’s actually VERY close to Neon Orange Lipstick. It’s also similar to Morange but more neon. Good To Go is lighter than both of those Lipsticks. I like oranges on every skin tone, especially this summer! If you want a good liner for this, I suggest What A Blast! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil or Entertain Me Lip Pencil, which is limited edition but has been released several times… Most recently with the Beth Ditto collection. Good To Go is nearly opaque with one layer, but not quite. If you want this to be totally opaque you may need to make several passes as you apply.

Made To Last:   Made To Last is a “deep plumy brown”. It’s mostly just a reddish brown with a touch of plum. It also contains a warm type of shimmer. This looks really similar to Retro Lipstick but deeper and with shimmer. Made To Last offers opaque coverage and good color payoff. This is a really pretty color but to me, it looks best on medium-deep skin tones. A good lip pencil to wear with this Lipcreme is Absolutely It Pro Longwear Lip Pencil. If you have deeper skin tones or want more contrast, you could use a darker, more brown liner like Morning Coffee or Bittersweet.

So Very Good:   This Lipcreme is a “mid-tone plum with pearl”. It’s a medium plumy pink with a warm, pearly shimmer. It gives opaque, even coverage and applies smoothly. A good liner to use with this Lipcreme is Staunchly Stylish Pro Longwer Lip Pencil or Absolutely It if you want a deeper liner with more contrast.

Sweet Ever After:   Sweet Ever After is a “copper frost”. This Lipcreme is a warm, peachy brown with coppery shimmer. It has a frosty finish and retains this finish well the whole time it’s on. I like to use a neutral liner with this, so I usually reach for Subculture or Spice Lip Pencil or Staunchly Stylish Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.

To The Future!:  This Lipcreme is a “light yellow pink”. To me, this is a light, creamy, peachy/pink nude. It slightly satin and remains creamy looking even after being worn for several hours. To The Future! gives opaque coverage and good color payoff. You can use any neutral, pink, or peachy liner with this since it’s a combination of those type of colors. It really depends on what part of the color you want to emphasize most. I usually just use Subculture Lip Pencil with this. I recommend that people with darker skin tones use a deeper liner with this, like Chestnut or something that is closer to their own lip color. That way you can blend these and To The Future! won’t make you look washed out!

Overtime:   Overtime is a “light baby pink” that is a light pink… almost a neutral pink but it’s slightly warm with yellow undertones. This has a cream finish which wears well and stays creamy. Overtime gives 100% opaque coverage. It reminds me of Creme Cup Lipstick, but might be lighter. My only issue with Overtime is that it made the dry areas on my lips stand out. I didn’t try this on with Prep + Prime Lip underneath, though, so that could solve that problem! You can use any light pink or neutral liner with this but I like Subculture Lip Pencil (of course), or In Anticipation Pro Longwear Lip Pencil if I want this to look a little deeper and more pink.

Dress It Up:   Dress It Up is a “light blue-pink” with a creamy finish. It gives opaque coverage and great color payoff! It reminds me of Viva Glam Gaga, but Dress It Up isn’t as bright. Like Overtime, this can emphasize dry or chapped areas on your lips, but a little lip balm or Prep + Prime Lip definitely fixes that (I wear this one like that a lot). For a liner, you can use any kind of pink… In Anticipation Pro Longwear Lip Pencil is warmer, but will still work with Dress It Up if blended out. Embrace Me and Magenta Lip Pencils can also be used for more contrast, but these are considerably darker.

Till Tomorrow:   This is a “greyed mauve brown” that is a medium, dirty, cool pink. It’s actually more pink on the lips than it is in the tube. It has a satin-like finish that turns more creamy the longer it’s worn. Till Tomorrow will work on any skin tone. You can use something like Dervish, Whirl, or Soar Lip Pencil to line your lips and fill in with too, if you like. You could also use the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils In Anticipation (to brighten) or Absolutely It (to deepen and bring out the cool mauve tones). The coverage with Till Tomorrow is nearly opaque, but not quite.

Unlimited:   Unlimited is a “muted dirty rose” that’s a medium, slightly cool pink with a creamy finish. It’s brighter on the lips than it looks in the tube and it is a nice pink on all skin tones and for all ages! It gives opaque coverage with little product. My favorite liner to use with this is In Anticipation Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.

Soft Shell:   This Lipcreme is a “dirty neutral pink with pearl”. It’s a medium to medium-dark, neutral, rosy type of pink with a frosty pearl finish and opaque coverage. It’s a lovely color for any skin tone! There are several mid tone pink liners that can be used with Soft Shell. I like the Lip Pencils in Soar, Whirl, and Dervish, or the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in Staunchly Stylish and In Anticipation (this lip pencil will brighten it a bit).

Love Forever!:   Love Forever! is a gorgeous “bright blue pink”. It’s a cool toned, nearly fuchsia, hot pink with a creamy, almost satin finish and opaque coverage. It’s similar to Dear Diary Pro Longwear Lipcreme from the Beth Ditto collection, but Love Forever! is lighter and not as bright. It’s a lot like Pink Nouveau Lipstick. A few liners you can use with this are the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in More To Love, which was practically made for this Lipcreme, or In Anticipation (which is lighter but will blend well). You can also use the Lip Pencil Magenta to deepen the lip line, add more contrast, and bring out the blue undertones in Love Forever!.

Positively Dashing:   This is a “mid-tone berry blue red”. To me, this is something like a medium-dark berry pink with a pearly type of frost finish. This applies opaquely and actually keeps it’s pearly finish throughout the majority of the time it’s on. Once again, I’m going to say this looks good on everyone, but it really does! There are so many liners you can use with this… For Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, you can use Absolutely It if you have a darker skin tone, or even More To Love, which will look good on everyone and make this Lipcreme look a bit more bold. For MAC’s range of normal Lip Pencils, you could use Half-Red, Embrace Me, or Beet.

Perpetual Flame, Prolong, Extended Play, Endless Drama, Faithfully Yours, Soulfully Rich

Perpetual Flame:   Perpetual Flame is a beautiful “pink cranberry”. I LOVE this color! It’s a medium-deep, warm, bold berry pink with a satin finish. This gives amazing color payoff and opaque coverage. I think this looks wonderful on all skin tones, but it’s one of my favorite Lipcremes to use with fair skin! The Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that works best with this is More To Love, which is bright, but still blends well. Other Lip Pencils that can be used are Half-Red, Beet, or even Burgundy. Burgundy is much darker but on deeper skin tones, and blended in, it looks pretty!

Sorry about the fuzz and weird dark speck on there!! I had the window open right next to where I was taking photos. These are all sanitized before they go back into my kit!
Oh cool, the weird dark speck ended up on my lips. Eww! Totally didn’t notice until I edited the photos.

Prolong:   This is a bold “true red” with a shiny cream finish and 100% opaque coverage. This is such a beautiful red color that’s universally flattering… All ages and skin tones can wear this with confidence! It has a hint of blue undertones to it, so it’s the type of red that helps your teeth look whiter. It’s not as deep or brownish as Viva Glam I, and is similar to Russian Red, but a little bit lighter. Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear Lip Pencil works with this, although it’s slightly warmer. Personally, I like to use Brick Lip Pencil with this to make it look more defined, but you could also use Half-Red if you want to have a softer line, or Burgundy for a deeper type of definition or if you have a darker skin tone.

Extended Play:   Extended Play is a “blackened brick red” with a creamy finish and opaque coverage. It’s a deep red with slightly blue undertones, but just enough to darken it a little and make teeth look nice and white! I have fair skin and this is one of my absolute favorite reds. There’s something about it that makes me feel like a pin-up girl or starlet from old Hollywood! Extended Play is very, very close to Viva Glam I, but maybe not as deep. Brick Lip Pencil looks perfect with this Lipcreme, or you can use Burgundy or Mahogany if you have a deeper skin tone, just be sure to blend those so there is no harsh line!

Endless Drama:   This Lipcreme is a “deep berry blue red” with a warm, red, pearly shimmer that gives this a more frosted finish. The pearly frost that Endless Drama has lasts nearly the whole time this Lipcreme wears for. It has completely opaque coverage with not much product, so it gives great color payoff without looking thick or heavy. Beet, Brick, and Half-Red Lip Pencils will all work with this on fair to medium skin, while Burgundy and Mahogany look lovely with Endless Drama for deeper skin tones.

Faithfully Yours:   Faithfully Yours is a “blackened dirty purple” with a cream finish and nearly opaque coverage. It’s like a deep, dirty, mostly neutral plum with some cool undertones. I do like this lipstick on my fair skin, but only for certain looks. I guess this type of purple isn’t really my thing… To each their own, though! This is a great color for darker skin tones and doesn’t look so cool on medium-dark to deep-dark skin. Absolutely It Pro Longwear Lip Pencil looks great with this Lipcreme. You could also use Lip Pencils like Vino or Nightmoth and blend either one of those around the lip line for added drama!

Soulfully Rich:   This is the deepest of the Pro Longwear Lipcremes and is a “deep dirty plum with red pearl”. It’s a rich, blackened brown, plummy wine color with some warm, berry hued shimmer and a slightly frosted finish. It’s very similar to Prince Noir Lipstick, only lighter and with pearl. It does not have completely opaque coverage, despite how dark it is and I had some difficulty getting Soulfully Rich to apply evenly. It does apply better over Prep + Prime Lip or with a lip pencil layered underneath. If you want to use a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, Absolutely It will work for layering purposes, although it’s lighter… It will bring out the plum hues a bit. Bittersweet is another Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that looks alright with this Lipcreme and will bring out the blackened brown colors. It’s quite dark, though, so if you have a light-medium skin tone, you will definitely have to blend that one with your finger or a brush! If you want a lip liner that is a closer match, I recommend using the Lip Pencils Currant, Vino, or Nightmoth.

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