MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara: Photos, Swatches and Review

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This is the newest mascara in MAC’s lineup. Extended Play Lash is long-wearing, giving me the full 16 hours of smudge-proof wear that MAC claims it gives. It’s not waterproof, but it does hold up against humidity, light sweating, and watery eyes and still washes off easily. You may still need to use a remover wipe or something like MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil if you find that it leaves dark smudges after you’ve washed your face. The color is a deep, bold, satiny black, so it looks healthy and natural. It curls, lifts, and adds volume and a bit of length. Normally I have a lot of trouble with mascaras smudging or flaking and leaving black specks and smears around my bottom lashes but Extended Play Lash has never given me any problems with that for the 3 weeks or so that I’ve been testing it… Impressive!

For me, this is more of a day-to-day, natural looking mascara. It won’t give you super long lashes but it does make them look dark and holds curl extremely well! With most mascaras, even if I curl my lashes, they won’t stay curled for more than a few hours before they start to straighten out and droop. Extended Play Lash really does lift them up and hold the curl! It curls them ever so slightly by itself, so if your lashes has some natural curl, you may not have to use a curler. Even though this holds curl so well, it’s not the stiff, crunchy type of mascara that so many other long-wearing, curling mascaras are. It still leaves the lashes soft and bendable and seems to leave my lashes moisturized.




The brush is super tiny compared to all of MAC’s other brushes and has an evenly spaced, spiraled pattern of bristles. That helps separate and define the lashes, but if there is too much mascara on the brush and you have sparse lashes, it may clump a little bit. If you wipe off any excess product as you pull the wand out, that shouldn’t be a problem. My favorite thing about this tiny brush is how well it applies mascara to the lower lashes!!! I feel like Extended Play Lash was made for bottom lashes. It wears well and applies so easily that even if I don’t wear this on my top lashes, I wear it on my bottom lashes EVERY single day!


You’re probably thinking “wtf is 2 Rand?!”. It’s South African Money lol. I couldn’t find any change in my house except this! That’s nearly the exact same size of a quarter, though!!


Since this is a more natural type of mascara, it may not be something you reach for if you’re going for a more dramatic look, but it can actually be layered over and under other products to help give you great curl and make other mascaras wear longer! This mascara layers very well with itself and any other mascara, so you can apply several coats and never have to worry about having lashes that look like the legs of a tarantula.

If you layer this over MAC’s Prep + Prime Lash, you’ll get better volume and length, but still have a semi-natural look. If you wear this under something like MAC’s Haute & Naughty Lash or False Lashes Mascara, you’ll have curl and lift from the Extended Play Lash, plus awesome amounts of volume and length from the other mascara. You can even do a layer of Prep + Prime Lash, then Extended Play Lash, then False Lashes Mascara and your eyelashes will look fake!! My favorite combination for dramatic eyes is to apply Extended Play Lash to my bottom lashes, using two coats of it… I then apply one coat of Prep + Prime Lash to my top lashes, followed by two coats of False Lashes Mascara. That look isn’t TOO over the top, but my lashes definitely get noticed!

Extended Play Lash is smaller than most MAC Mascaras, coming in at 5.6 g, compared to the 8 or 9 of others. It still costs $15 but to me it’s worth it. It’s a permanent product and is available online at or at any MAC store or counter.

I don’t have any photos of the combinations of Prep + Prime Lash with Extended Play Lash, or the other combos I talked about, but I will work on adding those next week so check back! I’ll post it on my twitter when I update so you can follow me on there! My twitter feed is to the side of this post, or you can look me up… The link is

This is my naked eye… No makeup, no mascara.
This is with two coats of Extended Play Lash Mascara after gently curling my lashes.
Sorry for the bad lighting. I’m not really orange. It was nighttime and my bathroom has craptastic lighting!
Naked lashes and good lighting
Lashes dressed up with two coats of Extended Play Lash and bad lighting!


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