Tuesday Tip #3 – It’s all about good lighting!

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Dang… This Tuesday Tip is technically being published on a Wednesday, but I swear I had it mostly written last night! I apologize for the delay but I had SO many things to take care of today! Now onto this week’s tip…

There are a few things that are absolutely necessary for applying your makeup properly and flawlessly… Of course you need the right tools and products, but you can’t even use those without light and a mirror, so this Tuesday Tip is featuring my favorite makeup mirror!

It took me years to find a makeup mirror I was completely happy with. Others I had in the past either had weak lighting that was a funny color, or the mirror was too small or not very adjustable. The little round ones with the metal base had decent lighting, but it was still weak. Small, round mirrors just don’t cut it when you need to see your WHOLE face for things like contouring and making sure both sides of your face look the same! And forget the big rectangular mirrors with several different lighting settings on them! I’m sorry but no matter where you go and what kind of lighting you’ll be in, it’s always best to start with bright, natural light. Even if you are going to be in dim lighting, you can simply make some parts of your makeup more bold and adjust it to your needs without the dim lighting of a mirror.

The best makeup mirror I’ve found for giving natural, bright lighting is made by OttLite. The most ideal lighting is always indirect sunlight, like if you sit in front of a big, bright window, but that’s not available all the time or convenient. This mirror is the closest thing you can get to that, though! OttLite bulbs are made to replicate natural sunlight. These are so close to actual sunlight that they’re used for a variety of things… From treating seasonal depression (like in the winter when days get shorter) to being used as lighting for exotic birds so they don’t get stressed from sun deprivation and pluck their feathers. (There is your random information for the day hehe).

Anyway, this makeup mirror seems insanely bright at first… you can see every little imperfection, but you want to be able to see that so you can correct it! I have noticed that I’ve become much better with blending and correcting since I got this mirror. There’s never a day when I walk outside, see myself in natural light and think “damn, what was I thinking”! If you use this you will never look orange because you can see the true color of your foundation. You will never look like you have harsh lines anywhere either, because you can see them perfectly and blend them out!

This is a medium sized table-top makeup mirror that has a base width of 11″ and depth of about 5″. It’s 13″ high and is adjustable so it can tilt backwards (this comes in handy when applying false lashes). The mirror is mounted in a way that it can also tilt from front to back so you can get a good, comfortable angle, no matter how you apply your makeup. It’s a little bulky and weighs in at slightly less than 6lbs, but the quality makes up for the bulkiness. It has a two-prong plug and takes two OttLite bulbs, which rarely need replaced. I’ve had mine for a year now and the bulbs in it are still going strong!

These come in several different colors, but I’m not sure that they are all available at stores. I have only seen black at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I know that on the OttLite website, you can get this mirror in black, white, pink, black with white flowery, swirly type of pattern, and a minty/turquoise color with a brown leafy, flowery pattern.

The OttLite makeup mirror has a suggested retail price of $99.99 but it seems like it’s on sale everywhere right now for $69.99. If you want to check out one of these, they are available at major retailers like Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I had one of those handy 20% off coupons they send in the mail and to my email once a month. If you want to get one of there mirrors, you may want to look into signing up for BB&B’s mailing list so you can get one of those coupons as well!

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