MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Blush: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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MAC’s Mineralize Blushes are a baked mineral formula. These are some of my favorite blushes of all time, so I was really excited to see that they were coming out with new ones for the Heavenly Creature collection! They’re very well pigmented, yet buildable. They have a beautiful, soft shimmer that’s more glowy than metallic. Most of MAC’s Mineralize Blushes are universally flattering and can be worn by any skin tone, depending on how sheerly or heavily you apply them, which holds true with the four in this collection.

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Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight

The formula of these blushes is a very soft, easily blendable powder. It’s shimmery but the shimmer is also buildable… If you apply a little bit it appears as more of a soft glow on the skin. If you apply more of this product, it builds up to a heavier, slightly metallic type of shimmer. Like all blushes, these are most easily blendable when applied over your setting powder, so you get an even application without random, heavy bloches of color. These wear longest on dry to normal or combination skin, giving about 8-10 hours of wear before fading. However, I have combination skin with some oily patches and I still get 8 solid hours of wear before my blush starts to move around or fade. On oily skin these may wear for more like 6-8 hours… Mineralize products tend to slip around on more oily areas and can appear blotchy as your skin produces oil throughout the day. The shimmer in some of these (typically the ones with larger shimmer particles) can emphasize pores, but as long as you make sure not to apply to areas with enlarged pores, these blushes will look fine!

If you have lighter skin, some of these may seem intense and intimidating, but I promise that they aren’t! There are several different ways to apply these so they will work for you, whether you have a fair or deep complexion! The lightest application of these will come from something like a MAC 184 duo fibre fan brush, or any medium to large sized fan brush. For an easily buildable, light to moderate application you can use a fluffier brush like a MAC 187 or 188 duo fibre brush. For the heaviest type of application, if you want bold color payoff and the most intense shimmer, you can use a dense blush brush like a MAC 116. Keep in mind that the Mineralize Blush you get may not look exactly like the ones I have… They all differ to some degree. It all depends on how much of what color gets poured into each blush, so some swatches may appear lighter or darker, or have more shimmer particles than others.

All four of the blushes in the Heavenly Creature collection are limited edition. They are already available online at, but I see that Supernova says that it’s sold out… Sadface! This collection goes on sale at stores and counters on Thursday, July 5th, but you may want to reserve the products you want ahead of time because this type of product tends to sell out quickly! These Mineralize Blushes contain 3.2g/0.10oz of product in each pot and sell for $23.50.

Photo taken outdoors with indirect sunlight on NC20 skin
Left: Applied heavily                            Right: Blended out
Ring of Saturn

Ring of Saturn:   Ring of Saturn is described as a “terracotta and gold melange”.  The lighter swirl is a peachy-pink champagne color, with the darker swirl being a medium-dark, slightly plummy red. On the skin this is a warm, medium toned pinkish coral with a golden sheen. The shimmery bits in Ring of Saturn aren very, very small, so this Mineralize Blush feels soft and wears well. Since it’s an intense color, if you have fair skin you may want to apply this sparingly and gradually build on the color until it’s as bright as you like. This is wearable by everyone, though, and looks especially good on medium to dark skin!

Solar Ray

Solar Ray:   This Mineralize Blush is a “peach and gold melange”. There seem to be even amounts of each swirl in the blush that I got but I’m not sure if they’re all like this. The lighter shade is a light-medium peachy-pink that contains a very soft shimmer, while the darker is a medium, yellow-orange gold with slightly larger, more intense golden shimmer particles that are borderline glittery. The texture of this blush felt more coarse than Ring of Saturn, but it was still easily blendable. On the skin, this is a light-medium, orange-coral peach with intense golden shimmer. If you apply this heavily, it’s very frosty! This is suitable for all skin tones, but on deeper skin it may show up more like a metallic, slightly peachy, golden type of blush or highlight.

Photo taken outdoors with indirect sunlight on NC20 skin
Left: Applied heavily                            Right: Blended out

Stratus:   Stratus is described as an “amethyst and gold brown melange”. Mine contains more of the lighter color, which is a warm, coppery peach. The darker swirl is a dark reddened plum. On the skin this is a warm, pinky plum with a very soft, golden-coppery sheen. The shimmery bits in this blush are so small that it gives more of a glow than an intense shimmer. This is the boldest shade of the Mineralize Blushes in this collection, so it’s definitely best for medium-dark to deep skin tones, but is still wearable by everyone. If you have pale to light skin, you definitely want to apply this with a fan brush, or using a very light hand with something like a MAC 188 duo fibre brush. The deeper your skin tone is, the more of this you can apply but you still may want to build up the color slowly!


Supernova:   MAC calls Supernova a “magenta and burnished gold melange”. The bright swirl in this is a super bold, hot pink magenta, while the other swirl is a bright, orange-ish, coppery peach that contains the majority of the shimmer. The texture of this blush is very soft and blendable, which is nice since it’s so bright! On the skin, this is a medium-dark, slightly cool toned, bright berry tinted pink with a warmer, soft golden shimmer. The warmer tones of the shimmer even out the cooler undertones in the blush, so this is suitable for everybody. The shimmery particles in Supernova are very fine, so it gives more of a glow than a heavy shimmer. Since this is such a bright color, you will want to apply this with a light hand and gradually build up the color, especially if you have pale or light skin! When I checked on the website earlier, I saw that Supernova is already sold out online. You might want to reserve this one ahead of time if you plan on picking it up at a store or counter when it’s released on July 5th since it seems to be so popular!

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