MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Eye Shadows: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are a whopping nine Mineralize Eye Shadows that are being released in the Heavenly Creature Collection! They look quite complex in the packaging, but they blend together into soft, shimmery shades that are universally flattering! (Get it… Universally… These have a space theme. Ahhhhahahahaha I crack myself up).

***   click any photos to enlarge for more detail   ***

MAC’s Mineralize Eye Shadows are “baked minerals refined into a powder formula providing exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.” There is nothing matte about these eye shadows. They all contain shimmer, ranging from a soft glow all the way up to an intense frosty finish, depending on how heavily they’re applied. I love how versatile Mineralize Eye Shadows are… They can be applied dry and layered, depending on how soft or deep you want the color payoff and shimmer to be. They may also be applied damp for the most intense pigmentation and a more metallic type of finish. Sometimes you can use a small brush and use these colors individually if the swirls are big enough, or at least concentrate on gathering more of one color than another.

I typically get about 5 hours of wear with Mineralize Eye Shadows before they start to crease or fade. You can extend the wear time to more like 8+ hours by starting off with a primer. Although I don’t normally use this product, I like Urban Decay Primer Potion under these eye shadows because it’s very tacky so they stay in place well. You can use it alone, or under a light, neutral MAC Paint Pot like Painterly or Soft Ochre (my favorite method). If you apply the Paint Pot over UDPP, it makes them more easy to blend. Using a primer underneath will also cut back on the amount of fallout many of these Mineralize Eye Shadows can leave behind.

Since these eye shadows are so versatile, I’m including detailed application techniques. This makes this post a longer than usual, but I want you all to know the best ways to use these! I know I felt lost and was disappointed with Mineralize Eye Shadows until I learned how to use them!

To apply dry, there are several different types of brushes you can use, depending on which area of the eye you are applying them to. For wearing them on the lid, I suggest a dense, flat shader brush like a MAC 239 or MAC 213. With these brushes, you can gently pat on the color and layer it until you get the intensity that you want. If you are applying this in the crease, you can use a MAC 286 duo fibre blending brush (this is being repromoted with this collection, but is permanent) for more intense color, or a soft, fluffy domed brush like a MAC 217 or 224 for a softer application or for blending. For dry application as a brow highlight, a 217 or 224 will apply it sheerly. Since Mineralize Eye Shadows are soft and shimmery, they’re also perfect to use on the inner corner of your eye to highlight and make you look more awake! My favorite brushes for that are the MAC 228 and 231.

To apply damp, you will need a liquid to spray onto your brush or lightly dip your brush into so the eye shadow will adhere to your brush and skin. Water will work, but I find that the eye shadow appears more intense if I use MAC Fix + Spray on my brush, and even more intense than that if I use MAC Water Based Mixing Medium (from MAC Pro). I have also heard of people using eye drops but I haven’t tried that myself. You want to get just enough liquid on your brush to slightly dampen it, but you don’t want it to be very wet. Squeeze out your brush with your fingers if you dip it in water! Even if you spray it, make sure there’s not enough liquid to drip or squeeze out. If you think it’s still too damp, gently blot it on a paper towel or tissue. After the brush is damp, swipe it across the Mineralize Eye Shadow and apply to the skin. You may want to have a designated “wet” area on your eye shadow, as swiping a damp brush across it repeatedly can sort of thicken or harden the powder. The best brushes to use with this technique are stiff, flat shader brushes like a MAC 239 or 242. Synthetic concealer brushes like the MAC 195 work really well too (that’s my favorite).

If you want to wear a Mineralize Eye Shadow as a liner there are several different brushes you can use. For intense color you want to use the damp technique. With brushes like a MAC 209210, or 211, you will get a finer line with more detail. A flat definer brush like a MAC 212 will give you a thicker, smudgier line and can be used damp or dry. A dense brush like a MAC 214 short shader brush or 219 pencil brush is best for a soft, smudgy line, which is perfect for a smoky look. Those will also work damp or dry.

All nine of these Mineralize Eye Shadows are limited edition. The Heavenly Creature collection is available online right now at On Thursday, July 5th these eye shadows, along with the rest of the collection, will be available at MAC stores and counters. If there are particular colors that you want, you may want to see if they can hold your products for you since many of these will sell out very quickly! Each Mineralize Eye Shadow contains 1.8g / 0.06oz of product and they sell for $20.

Photo taken outdoors with natural, indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.

Aurora:   Aurora contains a “peach, brown, and green melange”. The swirls are a warm terracotta brown, olive green, and peachy champagne. On the skin this shows up as a medium, warm toned brown with a light peachy shimmer. The color payoff is good both dry and wet, but it’s a bit on the sheer side when applied dry. If you apply Aurora damp, it will be opaque and have more of a frosty finish.

Bright Moon

Bright Moon:   Bright Moon is described to have a “grey, silver, and icy green melange”. The swirls are made up of a pale silver, a medium blue-grey, and a light, icy aqua. On the skin, this is a light, cool, blue-silver with lots of shimmer. Both dry and damp applications give good color payoff, but it will be more intense and metallic when applied damp. The only problem I had with Bright Moon is that it felt a little chunky and uneven when I tried to apply it with a dampened brush.


Earthly:   This Mineralize Eye Shadow is a “beige, peach, and cool brown melange”. The swirls are a light, soft peachy gold, a pale creamy beige and a medium-dark, cool brown. Blended together, these are a medium, slightly cool toned taupey brown. The shimmer in Earthly is fine and soft. Applied dry, this is not all that opaque, but still pretty and has good color payoff. Applied damp, it’s totally opaque and more frosty.

Photo taken outdoors with natural, indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.
Invincible Light
(This one looks a little dim… Sorry! I think a cloud was passing by.)

Invincible Light:   This is the palest of all the Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection and is an “icy white, lavender, and warm gold melange”. The swirls are a pale lavender, a light, creamy ivory, and a medium, warm gold. Although the lavender and white/ivory swirls are cooler toned, the warm golden swirl transforms this into a light, warm toned, creamy peach on the skin. When applied dry, it’s a bit sheer, but applying it damp will make it more opaque. Both dry and damp it’s quite shimmery. The shimmery particles in Invincible Light feel heavier and more coarse than the ones in some of the other Mineralize Eye Shadows. This made it more difficult to blend or apply when damp, as it got kind of chunky and did not to spread out evenly without some effort. Because of that, I prefer to use this eye shadow dry as a sheer lid color or highlight.

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction:   Magnetic Attraction is an “orange, pink and gold melange”. The swirls are a light, yellow gold, a medium, coppery orange, and a medium-dark, plummy pink. When applied dry, this is a medium coral with reddish-pink undertones and a coppery sheen. If applied damp, it looks more like a medium, coppery-pink coral with golden frost. Both dry and damp this gives amazing color payoff!

Neo Nebula

Neo Nebula:   This eye shadow contains a “cream, warm amethyst and warm pink melange”. The swirls are a light, champagne-pink, a medium, warm pink and a darker, warm plum. On the skin it’s a medium, slightly warm plummy pink. It’s pretty sheer when applied dry, but still has quite a bit of shimmer. If you apply this damp, it will darken Neo Nebula and make the finish much more metallic. It’s very soft and easy to apply, both wet and dry.

Photo taken outdoors with natural, indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.

Sky:   Sky is described as a “green gold, turquoise and cobalt melange”. The swirls are a medium, bright blue, a deeper cobalt blue, and a light-medium, tarnished, green gold. Blended together on the skin, these appear as a very pretty, light to medium turquoise-blue with golden shimmer. The shimmer shows up well both dry and damp, but the color payoff is very sheer when applied dry. If you apply Sky damp, it’s slightly more opaque, but not totally. Like Bright Moon and Invincible Light, I had some trouble applying this damp because it got a bit chunky and didn’t want to blend out. That seems to be a trend with all of the Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection that contain larger, coarser bits of shimmer.

Universal Appeal

Universal Appeal:   Universal Appeal is a “gold, bronze and violet melange”… Really? I can see the violet, but the other swirls are more of a greenish gold and dark brown to me! On the skin these make a very pretty, warm, medium mauvy, plummy brown with golden shimmer. When applied dry, Universal Appeal is a little bit sheer, but has good color payoff. Applying this wet makes it more opaque, deeper, and more frosty. This Mineralize Eye Shadow applied smoothly both ways.


Water:   This Mineralize Eye Shadow is a “yellow, lime green and blue melange”. I was hoping mine would contain more green and it does, so I’m really excited about this one! It’s made up of a bright, neon yellow-green, a light, shimmery, minty-limey green (which reminds me of mojitos… yum), and a dark, shimmy navy blue. When blended together these make a cool toned green. It’s VERY sheer when applied dry and appears as more of a light, cool olive green with golden shimmer. You almost have to use Water with water (ha!), to do it justice. When applied damp, it’s a gorgeous medium, cool toned, smoky green with a golden sheen. Although the color payoff kind of sucks with a dry application, it works if you want a very sheer wash of color. Even though it has that little fault, I still love this eye shadow!

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