MAC Heavenly Creature Cremesheen Glass: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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MAC has created five new Cremesheen glasses for the Heavenly Creature collection. As with the rest of the collection, these have space-inspired names. These Cremesheen Glasses are soft, warm colors similar to the Lipsticks in this collection, so you can mix and match these for layering purposes. I love to do that and Cremesheen Glass is a great formula for layering, so I’m loving ALL of the lip products that have been released with the Heavenly Creature collection!

***   click any photo to enlarge for more detail   ***

MAC’s Cremesheen Glass formula is “soft, comfortable and non-sticky”. They do not feel as heavy as the normal Lipglass formula, and they they really are less sticky. They also seem to be slightly more moisturizing and never leave my lips dry after wearing them all day long. These don’t emphasize dry or chapped areas on my lips either. Occasionally, the lighter, milkier colors of Cremesheen Glass can settle into the lines of my lips, but this is easily avoided by priming the lips with MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip before applying the gloss. The less sticky, somewhat thinner formula of these can be less opaque than Lipglass and some Cremesheen Glasses don’t wear quite as long. I typically get around 4 hours of wear with this formula before I need to touch up. You can make these last longer by layering them over a lip pencil and/or lipstick. If you do this, you can choose a neutral liner that is close to the color of your own lips, or something that is similar to the color of the Cremesheen Glass. When you layer these, you want to apply the lip pencil first (preferably over a primer or lip balm so it doesn’t look dry), then apply the gloss.

Like other MAC lip products, Cremesheen Glass has faint vanilla scent but no taste. All five of these are limited edition. Cremesheen Glass contains 2.7ml / 0.09 fl oz of product and sells for $19.50. The price may seem steep, but one tube usually lasts me about 3-4 months! These are already available on MAC’s website at and will be released at MAC stores and counters on the official Heavenly Creature collection release date of Thursday, July 5th. I imagine that some of these will sell out quickly, so you might want to call or visit your local MAC to reserve or pre-purchase your favorite Heavenly Creature products before the 5th!

Photo taken outdoors with natural, indirect sunlight on NC20 skin.
I am going to redo these swatches in the next day or so because they don’t look right in this photo. They aren’t really this runny and thin looking! I think it may be because this was taken right after delivery and they were kind of heated up after being on a delivery truck all day long.

I apologize for the funky looking shadows on the product photos. One of the lamps for my lightbox broke so I had to put these in front of the window for light and the screen left some weird shadows on everything… Whoops! at least the bright, natural light shows off the shimmer well, though!


Astral:   This is a “bright yellow pink”. It’s a medium, warm , slightly reddish pink that contains extremely fine, multidimensional shimmer. It reflects light beautifully and makes the lips look shiny and full! Astral is somewhat sheer but still has great color payoff. As a warm, bright color, I believe this would be flattering on anyone. If you want to layer this over a Lipstick from this collection, it looks especially nice over Fire Sign or Venus.

Celestial Kiss

Celestial Kiss:   Celestial Kiss is a “pale cool peach”. On the lips, it’s a light, warm peachy nude that’s sort of milky and has very fine, warm golden shimmer. It’s rare to find Cremesheen Glasses that have this type of shimmer, but they’re SO pretty and unique. This color is slightly sheer, like the others in this collection, but it definitely covered the brighter pink pigmentation of my lips, so the color payoff is still fantastic! In this photo, you can see that alone, this settles into the lines on my lips a bit… As I mentioned earlier in this post, that’s easily fixed by layering this over a lip balm or MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip. If you’d like to layer this over a Lipstick from Heavenly Creature, I think it would look pretty over Cusp of Dawn, Pleasureseeker, or even Cut A Caper. Over a lipstick it would be more suited for a darker skin tone, but you may want to be careful wearing this alone, as it’s so milky that it could make your lips look a little washed out!

Galaxy Rose

Galaxy Rose:   Galaxy Rose is the deepest of the Cremesheen Glasses in this collection and is described as a “midtone violet pink”. It’s a warm, medium-dark, bright, berry hued, reddened pink with a very slight hint of a cooler plum tone (that was a mouthful). Unlike most of the Cremesheen Glasses in this collection, Galaxy Rose has no shimmer. It’s well pigmented and has great color payoff. It is nearly opaque, thoroughly covering the natural pigmentation of my lips. This bold, warm gloss would be beautiful on everyone. If you’d like to layer it over a Lipstick from Heavenly Creature, you could use Venus or Fire Sign… I wore this with Fire Sign the other day and got so many compliments!


Meteoric:   Meteoric is a “midtone vibrant coral” that contains some of that wonderful, soft, warm hued microshimmer! It’s less bold on the lips than it is in the tube, but is still a bright, light-medium, pinky coral. It’s semi-opaque and applied evenly with good color payoff. You know the drill… This would look good on everyone! If layering is your thing, this would look nice over some of the Lipsticks from this collection, especially Venus or Cut A Caper!

Strictly Plutonic

Strictly Plutonic:   Last but not least, we have Strictly Plutonic, which is a “midtone pink-brown”. On the lips, this isn’t as brown as it appears to be in the tube and wears as more of a medium, warm,  slightly brown, orangey-pink. Sadly, this Cremesheen Glass doesn’t have any of the microshimmer that I’m so in love with right now, but it’s still beautiful! It’s not completely opaque, so if you have very pigmented lips, your own natural lip color will slightly show through. Perhaps that’s why it looks different on everyone… I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing, as it transforms into a flattering color no matter what your skin tone is. Anyway, despite the lack of opacity, it still have wonderful color payoff. If you’d like to layer Strictly Plutonic, you could wear it over Cusp of Dawn, Pleasureseeker, or even Venus if you want to play up the pink tones in this gloss.

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