MAC Heavenly Creature Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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There are five Lipsticks in the Heavenly Creature collection. They are all softer colors, with nothing being super intense, but I think that’s kind of nice since almost every other collection lately has had mostly bright, bold lipsticks. Although these are more muted colors, they’re VERY pretty and every one of them can be worn by anyone. The Heavenly Creature Lipsticks are all warm tones that are perfect for summer. Three of these lipsticks are new, while two have been previously released. Pleasureseeker came out with the Neo Sci-Fi collection back in May of 2008, while Cut A Caper was part of MAC’s A Tartan Tale collection in October of 2010. Cut A Caper is a welcome repromote… I’m pretty sure it sold out the day it was released online!

Most of the Lipsticks in the Heavenly Creature collection are Lustre finishes, except for Pleasureseeker, which is a Glaze. All of these finishes are somewhat sheer and glossy. With Lustre finishes, I get about 4 hours of wear. The time that Glaze’s last is about the same… Maybe slightly longer since they tend to be a little creamier than Lustre’s. If you want to increase the wear longevity of these lipsticks, you can always layer them over a lip pencil. That will also give them a more defined look. If you want, you can use something that is close to the same color as the lipstick, or you can pick a neutral lip pencil that’s close to the color of your own lips. I usually reach for Subculture when I need a good neutral liner. Sometimes lip pencils can feel dry or tug when you apply them, but you can always apply something like MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip to moisturize and smooth out your lip. It will help hide any chapped or dry areas, as well as making your lip pencil and lipstick last even longer!

MAC Lipsticks have a subtle vanilla scent but no taste. These are no different. All five of the limited edition lipsticks in the Heavenly Creature collection contain the usual 3g / 0.1 oz and cost $14.50. These are available online now at, though it appears that Venus and Cut A Caper are already sold out! Have no fear… The Heavenly Creature collection is being released on Thursday, July 5th at MAC stores and counters. If there are particular products that you’d really like to get, I suggest calling ahead or stopping by your local MAC to pre-purchase or ask if they can hold onto the items you want until Thursday!

Photo taken outdoors with natural light on NC20 skin.
Cusp of Dawn
Photo taken with direct sunlight.
Photo taken indoors with a combination of indirect sunlight and lighting from my OttLite makeup mirror.

Cusp of Dawn (Lustre):   This lipstick is a “beiged pink”. It’s a light, pinky-nude beige with soft, warm, golden shimmer. It’s not opaque, even when layered, but it does mute out the naturally bold pigmentation of my lips pretty well, so I would say that it still has good color payoff. It has a sheen and shimmer, so it never looks dry. Since Cusp of Dawn is a warm neutral, I think this would be suitable for everyone. I recommend using a neutral nude or neutral pink Lip Pencil like this, such as Subculture (for lighter skin tones), Spice (for medium-dark skintones, Chestnut (for dark to deep skin tones, or maybe even Dervish (to bring out the pink).

Cut A Caper

Cut A Caper (Lustre):   Cut A Caper is a “midtone peachy pink”. It’s light-medium, warm peachy pink that’s almost like a soft coral. It has a creamier type of Lustre finish, lacking any shimmer. It’s not completely opaque, like most Lustre finish lipsticks, but it still has great color payoff. This would be a good color on any skin tone. For a Lip Pencil, if you’d like to layer underneath, I suggest using something close to your own lip color. You could also use Dervish (to bring out the pink), or Lasting Sensation (to darken, give a deeper outline and bring out the coral tones). Shore Leave would look nice too, if you have it or can still purchase it. That one is a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that was released with MAC’s Hey, Sailor collection.

Fire Sign

Fire Sign (Lustre):   Fire Sign is a “red-pink”. It’s a soft, warm, berry-pinkish, medium red with a hint of warm shimmer. It’s opaque, but not as bold as it appears in the tube. It’s like a your-lips-but-bolder type of lipstick that would flatter any skin tone. For a Lip Pencil, you can use a neutral that’s close to the color of your lips, just to add definition and give this something to stick to… Or you can use a medium-dark pinky red like Half-Red for bolder definition.


Pleasureseeker (Glaze):   This is the only Glaze finish lipstick in this collection. It is described as a “creamy peach”, which is pretty accurate, although I see some pinky tones in this lipstick as well. It’s a light, creamy shade that’s not 100% opaque, but gives good color payoff and mutes out the natural, brighter pink color of my lips quite well. Since it’s not too light or too bold and is a warm color, I think that Pleasureseeker would look good on all skin tones. For a liner, you could use a neutral… of course my choice is Subculture! You could also use a more peachy color, like Saunter, the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil from the Hey, Sailor collection. If you happen to have the limited edition Lip Pencil Mouth Off (a light, peachy coral), that would work as well. I believe that one came out with Too Fabulous collection back in 2010.


Venus (Lustre):   Venus is a “sheer yellow pink with pearl”. It’s a light-medium, warm toned pink with a beautiful golden pearly shimmer. Although it says it’s sheer, it appears to be nearly opaque to me. The color payoff is great and it applied smoothly without feeling dry, despite the shimmery particles. For a Lip Pencil, I used Dervish when I tried this on and it blended quite well. You could use nearly any medium, warm pink liner, though. In Anticipation Pro Longwear Lip Pencil would also look very nice and play up the warm, yellow-pink tones of Venus. As with the rest of the lipsticks in this collection, I think this would be pretty on anyone!

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