Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: Litas, Contains, and others… Discount codes too!

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I know that most of my blog is makeup, but shoes are my other obsession/addiction! Lately I’ve been building up my collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes… Being a MAC artist, I’m always on the lookout for edgy, black shoes I can buy for “work shoes” (that’s my excuse anyway). Once I got a few pairs for work, I had to have some cute ones for summer too… Then I just kept finding more that I HAD to have hahaha.

Right now I can’t wear ANY of these because I tore all the ligaments in my ankle (sadface)… So I thought it would be fun to at least take pictures of them and share their beauty with the rest of the interwebs. I have to get use out of these somehow, right?!

I buy nearly ALL of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Joe at Gigi Shoes in Manhattan Beach, CA. He keeps SO many styles in stock, including some unique ones that you won’t find anywhere else! Gigi Shoes has the nicest employees and they can try to get you nearly any JC’s that you’re looking for, even if they don’t have them in stock at the moment. They carry a lot of other good brands too, like Frye (they have about a dozen pairs of their boots that I want) and Steve Madden, among others. Anyway, here’s a photo of their card below… If you live in the area, definitely stop by there! If you like their Facebook page, you might even get a discount when you go in and get your JC’s 😉 Be sure to tell them that you read about the shop on my blog!

My favorite online store to buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes from is Karmaloop always has a lot of new JC’s for a great price. They carry the most popular styles, as well as some of the brighter, more off the wall styles, which is awesome! I got my Contains from there for only $130!! If you order anything from Karmaloop, you can enter the Rep Code LRF405 for 20% off! They have a ton of cute clothes and jewelry too.

I hope you all dig this little post… If you want to see more shoes, fashion, accessories, outfits of the day, etc, let me know! Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to see MOST other than makeup 🙂                                                    Thanks for reading!                                                       Xo, Lesley

–   Contain   –

The Contain is my newest and most favorite of all the JC’s that I own! I got these from Karmaloop. Karmaloop has good prices, and as I said before, you can get an extra 20% off if you use the Rep Code LRF405. I was a little scared that these would be awkward and uncomfortable, but they aren’t! They feel like normal wedges. I haven’t actually worn this pair, but I have walked around in the Nightwalks, which have the same heelless design. These have an awesome non-slip sole so you won’t be sliding anywhere! Unfortunately, these got here the day after I tore ALL of the ligaments in my ankle so I don’t get to wear these for another month or so… Oops!

Anyway, the Contains come in this black distressed leather, as well as a light blue leather. Obviously I wanted black so I could wear them to work! These have a 3″ platform and 6.5″ “heels”. They have spikes AND studs, so they’re a little edgy, but still feminine and sexy. The zipper on the back makes it easy to get in and out of. The Contain runs slightly large and not true to size, so you may want to order half a size down from what you normally wear. I wear a 7 and ordered a 6, which is almost too small. I wish I’d ordered a 6.5 but they don’t have those in stock any more 😦  It’s not TOO big of a difference, I’ll still wear them once I’m able too!

–   Supreme   –

Sorry for the weird lighting… I had to redo this photo and ran out of daylight.

The Jeffrey Campbell Supreme is one of the more uncommon JC’s to find… Or they were when I was trying to hunt them down anyway! I got these black suede Supremes at Gigi, where they also have them in nude suede. These are pretty comfortable, although since the toes are a little pointy, they can feel tight if you’re on your feet in them all day. They run true to size, but if you have a problem with your toes getting pinched up, you might want to try them in a half size larger than what you normally wear, then pop a heel pad thingy in the back. I also found these to be a tad bit slippery on the bottoms, so I got some adhesive non-slip pads at Target and stuck them on the bottom! I’m clumsy, so those are a must have on all almost all of my heels!

I actually don’t know off the top of my head what the platform and heel height is for these, and I can’t seem to find a measuring tape (I’m useless)… But once I figure it out I’ll let you know lol.

–   Martini Stud   –

Why yes, Jeffrey Campbell also makes awesome flats! The Martini flats are the ones I take to work to change into after I can’t wear heels any longer haha. These are some of the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned! I like these a million times better than my Tory Burch Reva’s. I went with black leather with the small, round, pewter studs, although you can also get this style with spikes, and in white and a few other bright colors (coral, teach, and tan maybe?).

The Martini’s run true to size and are so comfortable there’s only a one or two day break in time.  Although these are leather, they still breathe and my feet never get hot in them. As with most of my JC’s, I got these at Gigi.

–   Perfect WD   –

Sorry for the bad lighting… This is another redo photo with no natural light 😦

These are my favorite summer shoes! The Perfect WD sandal has a big, chunky wooden heel, similar to the one on Litas, and tan leather with a beautiful, girly, floral crochet detail over parts of the leather. You can also get these with a more peachy/orange leather and navy fabric, or tan leather with pastel cream, pink, and light neon green fabric. I’m not sure if Gigi carries the other colors, but I know they still have some of these.

These are very comfortable and although the strap looks sort of delicate, the leather part on the side of the heel keeps your feet snugly in there! They also have a non-slip sole. The Perfect WD runs slightly large. I wear a 7 and bought these in a 6, although some people only have to get these half a size smaller than usual. Perfects have a 5″ heel and 2″ platform.

–   Lita   –

The black Lita was my second pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and is probably the ones I wear the most. They’re super comfortable and they go with everything! The Lita is probably the most popular of all JC’s and comes in I dunno… 349857349875 color, material, heel and detail combinations. Below you can see the other pair of Lita’s I have that are tan leather with an ivory crochet overlay. The Crochet Lita’s also come in many colors!

Lita’s run true to size and have a nice, grippy non-slip sole, so they’re very easy to walk in all day long. They’re a medium width and lace up, so nothing pinches or feels tight. Even though these are leather, they breathe well so my feet never feel hot. These have a 2″ platform and a 5.5″ heel. I got my Lita’s at Gigi, or course!

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