MAC Styleseeker Mattene Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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It’s not often that MAC releases new Mattene Lipsticks, but when they do, they don’t disappoint! With Styleseeker, MAC included three new colors of Mattenes and two repromotes (Eden Rouge and Delectable). I wish this formula were permanent, and that there were more colors available! This is by far one of my favorite lipstick formulas of all time… From MAC or any other brand.


The Mattene formula is truly fantastic and unique. It’s creamy and moisturizing, gliding on easily, evenly, and giving complete opacity and high color payoff with only one layer of product. The texture isn’t 100% matte, but  semi-matte and almost velvety. As time goes on, it becomes more matte, but still does not fade. I got between 5-6 hours of wear with all of these colors. Another thing I like about Mattenes is their packaging… It’s slimmer and the more rubbery, matte feel of the packaging is really cool. Their more slender shape also seems like it gives more control when applying it.

Although I normally rate products and colors individually, Mattenes are consistent enough to rate as a group.

Overall Rating:   4.8 / 5

Application:   5

Coverage:   5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   5

Wear Time:   4

Packaging:   5

All of these Mattene Lipsticks are limited edition with the Styleseeker collection and are now available online at stores, counters, and online at Each Mattene contains 2.3g/0.08oz and sells for $15… That’s slightly less product than normal lipsticks, and for the same price, but with the high pigmentation with the Mattene formula, I believe that they’re worth it!

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC20 skin.
This is only one layer of product too… Wow! These are so pigmented!!

*** all photos may be clicked on to enlarge them for more detail  ***

Please excuse my crooked, uneven looking lips in these photos… I had just eaten spicy buffalo wings and my lips swelled up all weird haha. I won’t be doing that next time!

Photo taken with natural, direct sunlight so I could best show the texture. It got a little warm though, so that’s why there is moisture on the lipstick.
Photo taken indoors with indirect sunlight + light from my OttLite makeup mirror.

Camden Chic:   Camden Chic is a “rich brick red”. To me, it’s a warm, slightly brownish, deeper kind of red. It’s a new color and the darkest of the Mattenes from Styleseeker. Even though Camden Chic is very deep and rich, it’s still suitable for all skintones, from fair to deep. I am on the pale side myself and I think these type of lipsticks look beautiful on light skin, especially for fall and winter! I can’t really think of any MAC lipsticks that I have that are a dupe for this, although Legendary from Posh Paradise last year might be close, but I don’t have it to compare Camden Chic to… Extended Play Pro Longwear Lipcreme lipstick is slightly similar too, but more red. If you aren’t into Camden Chic on it’s own, try it with Restless Lipglass layered over it… It was also released with Styleseeker and they compliment each other well!

Delectable:   This Mattene is described by MAC as a “orange-beige”… Sure, I can see that. It’s a warm, medium peachy-orange beige. It’s somewhat unique, but it tends to look slightly drier than the other Mattenes from this collection and can show dry areas on the lips. Delectable was also released with Posh Paradise last year. It’s a nice color on certain skintones, but I think on fair-pale, cooler skintones this can give that sickly, zombie-ish type of nude look. That said, it can be worn by ANYONE with the right look, but maybe it’s not a perfect every day lipstick for all.

Eden Rouge:   Eden Rouge is a “bright blue-red”. It’s a medium, bright, slightly cool, blue-based red. To me, this is a perfect red! It’s bright, creamy, and totally opaque. This was also released with Posh Paradise last year, but I didn’t get it then before it sold out… I’m SO happy that I bought it this time! Maybe it’s not the most unique color of red, but the formula makes it worth buying… It feels luxurious and much more expensive than it really is. Eden Rouge is a classic red that’s perfect for all skintones and seasons. Also, if you are into layering these with glosses (not that you need to), Ready to Roam Lipglass that came out with this same collection would look nice.

Fashion Nomad:   This is by far my favorite Mattene from Styleseeker. Fashion Nomad is a “bright red orange”, meaning that it’s a vivid, medium orange with red undertones. Again, this isn’t a super unique color, as it is similar to Morange and Neon Orange lipstick, and Good to Go Pro Longwear Lipcreme. However, like Eden Rouge, it’s the Mattene formula that makes Fashion Nomad stand out. It’s so creamy and pigmented that I would pick this over any other orange! Since this is bright, it looks especially bold on paler skintones, but as I have said before, I dig that kind of thing. If you are into layering, Eclectic Edge Lipglass that also came out with Styleseeker works well with Fashion Nomad!


Fun Finds:   Fun Finds is a “light nude pink”. It’s a pale, neutral pinky beige that is MUCH more matte than the rest of the Mattene lipsticks in the Styleseeker collection. It’s still opaque and feels creamy when applied, but does not have the velvety, creamy sheen of other Mattenes. It can show the chapped or dry areas on your lips too… However, this looks great with C-Thru Lipglass layered over it, which was repromoted with Styleseeker! On fair-pale skin, this can make you look washed out if you don’t wear this lipstick with the right type of look… Like this would work with a smokey eye just fine, but not if your eyes AND lips are light. On dark-deep skin tones, this can appear chalky and washed out. If you are interested in Fun Finds, you may want to try it on first and see how you really like it. Also, if you have something like Myth, Creme D’ Nude, or a light nude like that, you may just want to skip Fun Finds all together.



  1. I havnt tried these, they look very tempting. I love a Matte lipstick, but love they they a a little creamy. I’m really loving delectable.. On the shopping list!

  2. I’m pale as well amd I’m trying to find enough reasons to stop buying Camden Chic. I should save :p But it’s being a very very hard mission because everybody agree that pale skins nee it!! 🙂

    Very nice review. Thanks! 🙂

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