Update: MAC Glamour Daze collection and Pro Longwear Products coming right up!

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I was not able to make posts for MAC’s Glamour Daze collection by release day (thanks, late UPS man)…  BUT the posts will be going up this weekend! Hopefully all of them will be complete by Saturday night. I have work events all weekend for this collection release or they’d be up sooner! On the plus side, that will give me a chance to play with the products all day long and give you all fair reviews 🙂

Anyway… for the Glamour Daze collection I’ll be doing photos, swatches and reviews for the following products:

  • Extra Dimension Skinfnish
  • Extra Dimension Eye Shadows
  • Powder Blushes
  • Nail Lacquers
  • Fluidlines
  • Lipsticks
  • Lipglasses
  • Kohl Power Eye Pencils (all but Mystery… though I may purchase it later)

So yeah… Lots of fun stuff from MAC’s Holiday collection!

As you may know, MAC also added more permanent Pro Longwear products not too long ago with the Office Hours collection… You also may know how much I LOVE Pro Longwear anything, so naturally I’ll be doing reviews, photos, and swatches of the new Pro Longwear:

  • Lipglasses
  • Blushes
  • Eye Shadows

There’s definitely something for everyone with the extension of the Pro Longwear line, but I really love the eye shadows because they’re matte/satin rather than frosty/shimmery like the first generation of Pro Longwear Eye Shadows. Those posts should be up sometime next week!!

I won’t be taking another break from this blog anytime soon, I promise! Thank you for sticking around and reading 🙂

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