MAC Glamour Daze Fluidlines: Photos, Swatches and Reviews

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I know this is a little late, considering the Glamour Daze collection was released on Thursday, but I’ve been working all weekend! On the plus side, that’s given me a chance to play with these products on lots of people so I have a much better feel for the makeup than usual!


Since Glamour Daze has some softer colors and more glowy, shimmery products than usual, the shimmery, more muted shades of Fluidlines go well with the rest of the collection. Initially, I thought the shimmery bits in these liners made them feel more like Paint Pots (like the ones the came out with the holiday collection last year), but after working with them I see that they’re versatile and serve a purpose as both a liner or eye shadow base. They wear as well as every other Fluidline, although they may not be as deeply pigmented or opaque. To me, that’s not a bad thing though! It’s a nice change from the usual Fluidline texture and finish.

MAC Fluidlines are gel-based, smudge-proof, and long wearing, typically lasting for 10-12 hours before they start to fade or move around. They apply smoothly with a brush, giving a defined line and clean, finished look. I like to use a MAC 266 angled brush for a thicker, defined winged look, or a MAC 209, 210, or 211 brush for a smaller wing or thinner, more precise line.

Glamour Daze Fluidlines are limited edition and available now at your local MAC counter, store, or online at They contain 3g / 0.1oz of product in a small glass jar with a screw-on lid. Since the Glamour Daze collection has special holiday packaging with a white logo (rather than the typical black text), and shiny label, these Fluidlines sell for $16.50 each, which is $1.50 more than the permanent colors.


TIP:   Store Fluidlines upside down to keep them from drying up! Also, scoop out a very small amount (only as much as you need) with a spatula and put it on a palette or the back of your hand before dipping your brush into the product… That way, you aren’t double dipping and risking bacteria growing in the pot of Fluidline, making it “go bad” much faster than usual.


Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight on NC20 skin.


Catch My Eye

Catch My Eye:   Catch My Eye is a “cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl”… It’s a medium pewter-ish taupe-grey with a shimmery, nearly metallic finish. The dazzle pearl in it gives it a nice sheen and adds a lot of dimension to this eye liner. Catch My Eye applied evenly and nearly opaque but not quite.. As I mentioned before, these double as a great eye shadow base… So you could use this under any medium to dark metallic eye shadow to intensify or transform the color. You don’t just have to use this under greys either! I swatched it under a nice, deep plum eye shadow the other day and it looked awesome! Since this is a medium, neutral kind of color, it’s suitable for all skintones and eye colors.

Overall Rating:   4.3 / 5

Application:   4

Coverage:   4

Color Payoff:   4

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

Feminine Edge

Feminine Edge:   This Fluidline is described as a “pink mauve with dazzle pearl”. It is a light, neutral pink with cooler toned dazzle pearl. Feminine Edge has the largest and most apparent shimmer particles of the three Fluidlines, which gives it a slightly rougher texture.. It’s not like a gritty, uncomfortable type of texture but it doesn’t apply quite as smoothly as the other two colors do. Feminine Edge isn’t completely opaque or even with the first swipe of product, so you may have to build on it. Since it’s  light, it may not show up very well on fair to medium skin… However, it’s much bolder on medium dark to deep skintones and looks GORGEOUS if you just pop it on with a bit of mascara! Now for the positive parts of this color… It’s GREAT to layer!! If you apply this in a larger wing, then apply a darker color (like either of the other two in this collection), inside of Feminine Edge in a smaller wing, it looks SO rad! You can also do the opposite of that, which looks equally cool. Also, Feminine Edge is a wonderful eye shadow or eye shadow base… There aren’t any Paint Pots that are a shimmery, pale pink, so if nothing else, it’s worth picking up for that!

Overall Rating:   3.7 / 5

Application:   3

Coverage:   3

Color Payoff:   3

Texture:   3

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5

Little Black Bow:   Little Black Bow is a “charcoal with dazzle pearl”. It’s a deep, almost black, charcoal grey with a mix of both warm, neutral, and cool shimmer particles that make up the “dazzle pearl”. The shimmer particles in this Fluidline are fine, but still reflective and noticeable. It goes on smoothly and opaque with one swipe and looks true to color on the skin. Since this is the darkest of the three Fluidlines of Glamour Daze, I can see it being most popular. Like the other two, it’s a great double as an eye shadow base, and is more shimmery than Blackground Paint Pot. Since it’s a darker, more neutral color it shows up well on all skintones and works will all eye colors and eye shadow combinations.

Overall Rating:   4.7 / 5

Application:   4

Coverage:   5

Color Payoff:   5

Texture:   4

Wear Time:   5

Packaging:   5


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