MAC Strength Collection Roundup

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MAC’s Strength collection brings together products that highlight the fearless, elegant, and strong sides of women. There are soft colors for cheeks, bold colors for lips, and a mixture of both for the eyes. Using these products together creates some strikingly beautiful looks, whether you go for dramatic or natural. For me, the lipsticks really stand out… I’m the type of girl who puts on a bold lip and feels like I can take on the world! I think that polished, empowered feeling is what MAC wanted to embrace with this collection, and I must say, they did a great job!

This collection was released the day after Christmas… My apologies for not getting this collection up on the blog sooner, but I was out of town for my 30th birthday!

MAC Strength Collection Image

I did not purchase the Nail Lacquers that were released with Strength, but I will include the promo image and brief description of them. I also did not swatch or review the Penultimate Eye Liner, Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Technakohl Liner, or Opulash Mascara that are repromotes with the collection, because they are all permanent products that I plan on covering in future posts.

* * *     LIPS     * * *

MAC Strength Lipsticks front

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Lipsticks swatches on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Lipsticks swatches on NC15 skin.

The Lipsticks in this collection are all limited edition products, three of which are new (Absolute Power, Firm Form, and Strong Woman) and two of which are repromotes (Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon). All five lipsticks have a Matte finish, but feel surprisingly creamy! I definitely think that these are top of the line quality and are all unique colors, so they’re worth checking out if you can find them! MAC lipsticks contain 3g / 0.1oz of product and sell for $15.

For additional reviews, photos and swatches, you can click here to read my post for the MAC Strength Lipsticks.

Strength Lip Pencils

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Lip Pencils swatched on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Lip Pencils swatched on NC15 skin.

Both of the Lip Pencils in the Strength collection are nothing new, but Embrace Me is a limited edition that you might want to get your hands on while you still can! Lasting Sensation is part of the permanent line. Both of these go well with Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot Lipsticks. MAC Lip Pencils cost $15 and contain 1.45g / 0.05oz of product.

For more photos and reviews, click here to see my post on the Strength Lip Pencils.

* * *     CHEEKS     * * *


Poised and Taupe Shape are two new, limited edition, neutral blushes that work well on a variety of skintones. They apply and blend easily and have fantastic color payoff! For powder blushes, these are great quality and are worth buying, or at least checking out! MAC Powder Blushes contain 6g / 0.21oz of product and cost $20.

For more photos, swatches, and full reviews of these blushes, click here.

* * *     EYES     * * *

There are two Eye Shadow Quads in the Strength collection. Both are neutral, but versatile enough to be used for day and night looks, whether you want something soft and natural or dramatic and smokey. The All Woman Eye Shadow Quad is the warmer of the two, while Inner Strength has slightly cooler tones. The quality is equal for both Eye Shadow Quads, with some colors seeming more dry and sheer than others… When worn over something like Painterly Paint Pot (as all eye shadows should be worn!), the Eye Shadows perform well and are much easier to work with. Layering over a Paint Pot or another primer also increases the wear time for eye shadows and prevents them from creasing, so try it out! It’s a necessity to me, both personally and professionally!

Both All Woman and Inner Strength are limited edition and contain four eye shadows adding up to 5.6 g / 0.19 US oz of product. They sell for $40, which is a steal, considering that individual eye shadows are $15 each and to make a palette containing four eye shadows, it costs $57!

For more photos, swatches and reviews of the All Woman Eye Shadow Quad, click here.

For more photos swatches, and reviews of the Inner Strength Eye Shadow Quad, click here.

All Woman Eye Shadow Quad

Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Products swatched on NC15 skin.
Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Products swatched on NC15 skin.

Inner Strength Eye Shadow Quad

Inner Strength Eye Shadow Quad Swatches

* * *     NAILS     * * *

There are two Nail Lacquers that came out with the Strength collection… Neither of which I bought… Not because I don’t love them, but because I’m running out of room for nail polish! It’s seriously an addiction. Anyway, I like MAC’s Nail Lacquer for the most part. Some can be hit or miss but they typically wear pretty well (5-6 days before tip wear or chipping) and apply smoothly. However, I can’t vouch for these because I did not test them. MAC Nail Lacquers contain 10ml / 0.34 US oz of product and cost $16.

On the left is Triumphant, a “midtone cool brown” and on the right is Muscle Tone, a “pale neutral nude”. Both of these have a Cream finish.

MAC Strength Nail Lacquers


  1. This collection terrifies me, well the lips do. I’m very intrigued though and I’m so excited to pick up Taupe! I hate that the good contours are always LE. Great swatches and review 🙂

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