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The Apres Chic collection is pretty big and full of all sorts of Mineralize products. There are even two brand new products that made their debut in this collection… Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm and Pro Longwear Eye Liner. Apres Chic is my favorite collection since Heavenly Creature and let me just say, the promo image is GORGEOUS!

There are a few products that are part of Apres Chic that I will not be reviewing now… I did not purchase the limited edition Nail Lacquers, although they are nice… I just don’t feel like adding to my already overwhelmingly huge nail polish collection.

I did purchase the new 287 duo fibre eye brush but I will be including that in a brush post later on since it’s now permanent. I’m skipping a review on the 187 brush too because it will also be part of a brush post. Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara has also been left out because it’s permanent as well and I don’t have it or need a new mascara right now, so I couldn’t convince myself to buy it.

MAC Apres Chic Promo Image


* * *     FACE     * * *

Apres Chic Mineralize Skinfinishes

Mineralize Skinfinish:   These are both limited edition Mineralize Skinfinishes, but they have both been released previously with other collections. Mineralize Skinfinishes work as highlighters or blushes, giving your cheeks a beautiful, shimmery glow. The shimmery particles in both of these are very fine, so they don’t look chunky or emphasize pores like some other MSF’s do. Mineralize Skinfinish sells for $29 and contains 10 g / 0.35oz of product.

For more photos, swatches, and reviews for these Mineralize Skinfinishes, click here.


Apres Chic Mineralize Blushes


Mineralize Blush:   Mineralize Blushes are my favorite blush formula from any brand, ever! They’re glowy without being too frosted and give the face a beautiful “from within” type of radiance. Mineralize Blushes are buildable too, so you can achieve a soft natural look or apply it more heavily if you want added intensity. These three colors are suitable for anyone and can be used in different ways or even layered with one another. Alpine Bronze and Amber Glow are brand new, limited edition colors, while Gentle is part of MAC’s permanent range. Mineralize Blush contains 3.2g / 0.10oz of product and sell for $23.50.

For additional photos, swatches and reviews of these blushes, click here.

* * *     EYES * * *

Apres Chic Mineralize Eye Shadows

Mineralize Eye Shadow:   Mineralize Eye Shadows are a versatile type of powder eye shadow that can be used dry for a softer look, or applied with a dampened brush for more intensity and a more frosted finish. These are all really lovely colors and look great on anyone. All five of these are brand new colors and are limited edition. Mineralize Eye Shadows cost $21 and contain 2.2g / 0.07oz of product.

For more photos, swatches and reviews of these Mineralize Eye Shadows, click here.


Apres Chic Pro Longwear Eye Liners


Pro Longwear Eye Liner:   These are a brand new eye liner formula that will remain as part of MAC’s permanent line of products. They’re smooth and long wearing, lasting for 12+ hours on the upper lash line (on the lid) and 6+ on the waterline. There are only five colors as of right now, but I’m hoping that MAC releases more later on… I can see these becoming VERY popular! Pro Longwear Eye Liners cost $19.50 and contain  5g / 0.17oz of product.

If you want to check out more photos, swatches, and reviews of Pro Longwear Eye Liners, click here.


* * *     LIPS     * * *

Apres Chic Lipsticks 1

Lipstick:   There are five brand new lipsticks out with the Apres Chic collection. All of these are limited edition. There is plenty of variation between the Apres Chic lipsticks, so you’re sure to find one that you fall in love with. These lipsticks are are high quality and have good pigmentation and texture. MAC Lipsticks sell for $15 and contain 3g / 0.1oz of product.

To see more photos, swatches and reviews of these lipsticks, click here.


Apres Chic Mineralize Tinted Lip Balms

Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm:   These lip balms are a brand new, limited edition product (although I’m hoping that MAC will make these permanent). Mineralize Tinted Lip Balms are super nourishing and lightweight all at the same time. They’re somewhat sheer, but have a decent amount of color for this type of lip moisturizer. I put these to the test when I was out at sea whale watching, then hiking through redwood forests in really cold weather this past week… They held up well, wore for a long time and most importantly, kept my lips soft and moisturized! Mineralize Tinted Lip Balms contain 10ml / .33fl oz of product and sell for$19.50.

For more photos, swatches and reviews of these Mineralize Tinted Lip Balms, click here.


* * *     NAILS     * * *


I did not purchase either one Nail Lacquer in the Apres Chic collection because honestly, I’m running out of room to store my nail polishes… So unfortunately, I can’t give you reviews for these, but I have seen these in person and I do think they’re pretty! I like MAC’s Nail Lacquer for the most part… They typically wear pretty well (5-6 days before tip wear or chipping) and apply smoothly. However, I can’t vouch for these because I did not test them. MAC Nail Lacquers contain 10ml / 0.34 US oz of product and cost $16.

On the left is Dangerously Fun, which is a “berry tone blue red”. On the right, we have Hangin’ Loose, which is described as a “dirty pink nude”.


Apres Chic Nail Lacquers

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