MAC PRO Lip Palettes: Product Overview

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In Fall of 2012, MAC PRO released five brand new Lip Palettes containing six lipsticks each, all of which are part of the permanent line of lipsticks. These are practically all you need in your kit to create any lip color! This post is a brief roundup of these fantastic palettes…


Pro Lip Palettes Labeled


These palettes were certainly designed with the professional makeup artist in mind… They save space in a kit or makeup bag and are convenient to use on set. You don’t have to dig around in your lipstick bag or search through tons of lipsticks in your palette to find the color you’re looking for… Each palette is arranged by color family, so you can just grab one if you need a red lip or another for a neutral brown look. These lipsticks can be used alone or mixed on a palette to create something new and unique.

As an every day consumer, you may or may not be head over heels in love with these… It’s nice to be able to grab one little palette of lipsticks and have all your pinks or reds or oranges right in front of you. The only real inconvenience I can see is that you have to apply these with a brush, but that’s usually a better, more controllable way to apply lipstick anyway! MAC makes great lip brushes that are easy to travel with, so you can toss one into you bag along with your PRO Lip Palette… You can choose between the 316 Lip Brush with a normal, removable cap, or the 318 Retractable Lip Brush that has an open end, but retracts and expands when you push or pull on it (so you can’t lose the cap, but it stays covered in your bag).

MAC Lipsticks typically wear for 4-6 hours… Longer with Prep + Prime Lip and a liner of some sort. They apply smoothly and have good color payoff. MAC Lipsticks have a faint vanilla scent and no taste.

MAC PRO Lip Palettes are available now and are part of MAC PRO’s permanent product line. You can buy them at any MAC PRO store or online at They sell for $40 and contain a total of 6g / 0.21oz of product.


For additional photos, swatches and reviews, please click the links below:

6 Editorial Reds

6 Select Plums

6 Modern Browns

6 Preferred Pinks

6 Editorial Oranges

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